How to upholster a non removable chair seat
Kristina Davis

Purchasing a chair set might get you wondering how to upholster a non removable chair seat.

The need to upholster a chair set will rise eventually, but how do you handle a non-removable chair seat?

Changing the fabric and cushion of a non-removable chair might seem like a lot of work and requires a professional. 

But I will show you how you can upholster a chair all by yourself. 

Simply remove previous upholstery and pad the chair with cushion, foam, or batting. Afterward, cut and attach a new fabric before finishing up the edges, and your chair is set!

Why You May Need To Upholster A Chair

why upholster chair

Upholstering a chair involves changing the necessary things in the chair that make it comfortable and attractive.

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Listed below are a few reasons one may need to upholster a chair.

New Look

You can always change things such as the cover fabric, the cushion and foam, and the springs if it has any. 

Chair fabrics are bound to get dirty and lose touch. Plus, it is lovely to give the chair a new look from time to time.

It gives your home the feeling of change without you having to change the entire furniture. 

So, when you feel the need to change your chair cover for whatever reason, then go ahead to upholster.

Old Cushion

old cushioning

Another reason why you should consider upholstering is when the cushion in the chairs are old and worn out.

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At any point, you would want your chair to be comfortable while sitting on it. 

A chair that isn’t comfortable can give you body aches. The cushion and elastic bands in a chair are what give the chair its comfort.

And they are bound to wear out due to constant use over time. 

The cushion loses its soft and thick nature, or the band goes beyond its elastic limit. Making the chair a sinking chair, one that seeps right at the moment you sit on it.

At this point, the chair isn’t convenient at all. Then you need to consider upholstering the chair.

Tip: Upholstering a chair that has no band would still give as much comfort as one with the band would have.

Can A Non Removable Chair Be Upholstered

non removable chair

Having a non-removable chair has a lot of benefits. Especially if you have kids at home, it makes it difficult for them to pull out the cushion. 

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They are also good chair options if you want to maintain a good sitting posture. These, amongst others, are the reasons why non-removable chairs are a go-to.

At times they come in regular chairs for relaxing and entertaining guests. They are also used in offices as they come in a more leather look.

Whatever the design or purpose, having non-removable chairs is a great choice. As they offer a lot of comforts

Yes, a non-removable chair can be upholstered. It doesn’t require a lot of woodwork and can be done with easy tools and materials.

Knowing how to reupholster a chair that doesn’t come apart is useful knowledge. This will save you a lot and you can design it to your taste.

Note: These nonremovable chairs mostly come in the form of dinner chairs

Things You Need To Upholster A Non Removable Chair

things you need

There are a couple of things that will come in handy when upholstering your non-removable chair. 

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They include:


The fabric is the most important aspect of upholstery. Hence you want to ensure to get a material that really suits you.

Considering all the important factors, from the material type to the texture, to the color, and the pattern design.

It’s your chair, so feel free to explore as much as you like. 

Tip: A microfiber material is a great choice, it is water, stain, and fading resistant.


use hammer

This will be needed and useful for driving nails into the chair where needed. The regular claw hammer will suffice all your needs.

It is also helpful in removing nails and staple pins. 

Cushion Or Batting

These are the soft thick foam and puffy materials that are placed underneath the fabrics. They give the chair a comfy feeling.

Changing your cushion isn’t a must. Most chair cushions last quite a long time before they need changing. 

Tip: Ensure to remove the dust from the cushion if you are not buying a new one.

Staple Gun

use staple gun

The staple gun is used for using pins to hold the fabric and other things in place. 

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This is necessary for cutting the fabric and the cushion. 

How To Upholster A Non Removable Chair Seat?

how to upholster chair

The process of upholstering a non-removable chair set involves just a few easy steps.

And it can be done by just anybody with just a little knowledge of handling tools, cutting, and arranging. 

Step #1. Remove Previous Upholster 

You begin by removing the previous upholstery. Using a plier or the other end of a hammer, remove the nail or the pins underneath the chair. 

After removing the fabric, remove the cushion and every other part of the chair.

Remember to remove the elastic bands, if any. Thereafter smoothen the surface of the chair.

Step #2. Attach The Cushion 

Ensure to remove the dust from the cushion if you are not putting in a new one.

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If you are using a new cushion, measure the cushion with the old one and then cut it to fit. 

Thereafter place the new cushion or the old one on the frame of the chair. Use some glue to hold the cushion in place.

Pad the chair with as much cushion, foam, or batting.

The key is to attain a comfortable chair that you are ok with.
attach cushion

Step #3. Cut And Attach New Fabric 

Cut the fabric and sew it to any pattern shape of your desire to suit the chair frame. Arrange the fabric on the cushion and allow it to sit properly. 

Then after using the staple gun, staple the fabric at the back or the edges of the chair so it will stay still.

This can also be done with a hammer and nail. Ensure the nails are little nails.

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Step #4. Finish Edges

Cut out any excess leftover fabric from the back of the chair. And if it’s on the edges, trim the excess fabric.

And then use glue to attach the welt. Although the welt is optional.

And then your chair is as good as new.

Can You Upholster A Chair Without Removing The Cover?

upholstering chair without removing covers

Upholstering a chair without removing the cover can be done. But it depends on the color of both covers.

If the covers are of visible and contrasting colors it is not a good idea to use them. 

You want to use a color that can fully mask the underlying cover from showing for the new cover.

Just cut the new cover to fit the chair and use your staple gun to pin the cover to the chair. Then cut the excess fabric, and you are done.

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How Long Should A Cover Stay Before I Reupholster?

There is no set time for how long a chair cover should stay before you decide to upholster. It entirely depends on the user. 

You might feel the need to change a chair cover because it is dirty or old looking. Then you can go ahead and upholster the chair. 

Also, when the cushion begins to lose balance, you can decide to upholster it.

Many cushions can last the sitting pressure for up to two years of constant sitting. 


The benefits of knowing how to reupholster a non-removable chair can not be overestimated. Therefore do well to try out the steps you have read here. 

But if you feel the need to call for a professional for neater and more professional work, then go for it. 

I hope this article has been useful to you. Thank you and enjoy your newly upholstered chair.