how to clean beach chairs
Kristina Davis

Knowing the best ways on how to clean beach chairs is very vital, especially if you own one. 

Perhaps you probably kept yours in your garage or somewhere with poor ventilation. Now you are shocked at the dirt and mold you are seeing on it.

Sadly, areas that are damp and poorly ventilated are the richest for mold development.

Mold doesn’t just obliterate the presence of furniture, they also additionally emit a disagreeable smell.

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So, if you are wondering how to clean mold off beach chairs, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing this and more.

To effectively clean your beach chairs, use cleaning agents and fungicide to clean. Afterward, make sure to properly clean and ventilate the areas where these chairs are kept.

Best Ways To Maintain Beach Chairs

best ways maintain beach chairs

It is imperative to know how to maintain beach chairs to prevent molds from forming at all.

Below are the steps to maintain your beach chairs.

Clean Appropriately After Each Use

Most beach chairs can be folded for simple storage in a favored area. Be that as it may, before storage, in every case, clean the beach chair first.

This is because salt, which is abundant at the beach, can truly obliterate the beach chair, particularly the frames.

If you want the chair to last long, clean it appropriately after each use.

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Clean Off Salt And Sand Before Storage

clean sand and salt

Clean off any salt and sand residues from the beach.

Simply use a gentle splash of water, a few gentle cleansers, and a brush utilizing a delicate fiber brush and that will get the job done.

A while later, dry up the chair completely and make sure to keep it for storage in a completely dry region.

Keep the chair in the sun and let it dry. This way, you can keep your exquisite beach chair dirt and mold-free utilizing the above easy-to-follow methodology.

Tip: Drying the beach chair in the sun will reduce the probability of it smelling stale.
use car wax

Use Vehicle Wax To Cover The Base Of The Frame

Use vehicle wax to cover the base of the frame. It will safeguard it, keep it sparkly, and do significantly more.

It assists in countering the impacts of water and salt while at the same time keeping dirt and stains off.

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Simply rub some vehicle wax on the frame and rub off the overabundance with a towel.

Note: Using vehicle wax assists in fighting off additional mold development.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Clean Beach Chairs

clean beach chairs

Assuming your chair is infested with mildew and mold, you can utilize a few custom-made cleaning answers to wipe it off.

You don’t need to bring in a professional cleaner.

It is a basic thing that you will be able to perform by yourself. Below are the stages involved in cleaning mold off beach chairs

Step #1: Gather All The Materials You Will Need

Baking soda, lemon extract, and other household items can kill dampness off your chair. A mixture of liquor in water will likewise prove to be useful.

Below is a rundown of what you will require:

  •  A firm plastic brush
  •  Baking soda
  •  Dust veil
  •  Hot water
  •  A shower gadget or sprayer
  •  Lemon extract
  •  A cleaning wipe
  •  White vinegar
  •  Fluid detergent
  •  A texture-safe fungicide
  •  Paper
  •  Container/bucket
Note: If you are asthmatic or you have allergies, you can hire a professional cleaner.

Step #2: Carry The Beach Chair Out

carry the beach chair out

Disposing of dirt and mold from your beach chair is clearly going to deliver spores into the open space.

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You don’t need to allow these in your home, so carry your chair outside the house, on a sunny/dry day.

Make sure to wear a mask, and gloves, then start scraping the molds off from the beach chair utilizing the brush.

If you choose to clean the beach chairs in your home, you can set down paper/newspaper on the floor.

This is so that spores and some other residues will drop on that paper for a simple cleanup work subsequently.

However, it is smart to wash the chairs outside. Do so if you want the dampness caught in the chair fabric to dry out, forestalling extra buildup or molds.

It also depends on the nature of the chair fabric. Canvas and whole cotton provide comfort but don’t have great water opposition. Permit the chair an opportunity to dry.

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Step #3: Use A Mixture Of Liquor In Water To Clean The Fabric

use liquor and water

Set up a mixture of an equivalent portion of liquor and water and place it in a container.

Plunge a wipe into the mixture then, at that point, use it to wipe any mold spots that stay after brushing.

Color-test the solution always on a discreet region first to guarantee it doesn’t cause staining.

Step #4: Use Vinegar And Sponge To Dispose Off Mold

Put the undiluted vinegar inside a jug or a bottle and shower the affected regions of the chairs.

Moreover, vinegar is, as of now, milder in contrast to bleach, so don’t bother to dilute it.

Utilizing the cleaning wipe, clean the chair off. Dispose of any overabundance of vinegar deposits.

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Step: #5: Use Lemon Extract To Clean Your Beach Chair

lemon extract

Lemon is an incredible cleaning item. It’s a characteristic microorganism destroyer with five percent corrosive in it.

Lemon can deal with the most unforgiving microorganisms.

Thus, fight the temptation to constantly go after bleach and attempt this natural dirt or mold destroyer.

Another benefit is that lemon is friendlier than bleach, has a better scent, and is less expensive.

Most importantly, it isn’t destructive to the surroundings as opposed to the synthetic substances in bleach.

When dealing with obstinate mold issues, don’t dilute the lemon extract.

For milder buildup issues, you can dilute it or combine it with different cleansers/detergents.

lemon baking soda

Just drop a couple of the fluid detergents in water, preferably hot, to make it more powerful.

Include a spoonful of lemon squeeze and a tablespoon of baking soda.

Note: Permit the solution to perform its role, after which you wash the chair completely with soapy, warm water.

Step #6: Spray The Chairs With Fungicide That Is Fabric-Safe And Allow To Dry

The next step in cleaning mold off your beach chairs is to use texture-safe fungicide and shower the beach chair with it.

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Permit it to dry. Disposing of mold requires intensive measures to eliminate the mold and any dampness that is adding to the issue.

You can also make use of other furniture mold remover found in different stores

Step #7: Clean The Area Where You Keep The Beach Chairs

clean storage area

There is no benefit in completely cleaning your chair if you are still going to place it back in a closet or garage that is mold-infested.

It will be a complete waste of energy and time.

So, until you manage the source, your work is not complete. Inspect all that is allowing dampness to get to the chairs and go to the proper lengths to remove it.

A beach chair that is of high quality will last long. Beach chairs can be accessed in various materials.

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Wood, aluminum, and steel are part of the most well-known materials.

However, because beach chairs last long doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep up with them.

maintain clean garage

Considering that you use the beach throughout the year, these household items are probably going to be mold infested.


This article has explicitly outlined the steps involved in knowing how to clean beach chairs.

However, if it seems like excessive work to bring back a more seasoned chair, you might search for another beach chair.

A variety of beach chairs are available, picking one will actually be what is more difficult. If you’re asthmatic or have any allergies avoid mold or dirt.

Request help from a companion or expert cleaner that has experience with these terrible sporous elements. This is because molds can be extremely harmful whenever breathed in.

It can set off allergies or asthma attacks.