how to get an object out of shower drain
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How to get an object out of shower drain might be simple or difficult. Depending on the individual. Not everyone is aware of or liable for specific facts about home damages that demand immediate immersion.

This might be how to fix a plate washing sink or how to solve a running shower with no control till they hire a plumber to do the job properly.

Everyone has somehow dropped something into a shower drain. Literally, no one is guilty of these acts.

And oftentimes when this happens it is not intentional.  Most times these objects cause blockage. It stops water from draining.

Some people are with families with kids. Kids are extremely sensitive, so it’s critical that we keep potential household hazards such as sharp items away from them.

To get an object out of the shower, make sure to use a bin basket to empty all leftover waters, and be sure to sieve off tiny particles that will lead to draining blockage.

What Happens When You Fail To Get An Object Out Of The Shower Drain?

what happen when fail get object

The failure to clear the drains can lead to a variety of problems. This includes health problems caused by bacteria growth, which can lead to allergies and diseases.

It happens due to waste material that accumulates in pipes. The drained water and waste run back due to a pipe blockage.

When sewage and waste flow into the sink, it causes viruses & infections to spread in the home.

Slow drainage is an unpleasant incident that happens when a drain becomes plugged. A blocked drain’s most visible result is a blocked drainage system.

A blocked drain not only slows down waste and water drainage. It also causes structural damage to homes as the backflow of water from the drains soaks into the foundations.

Water flowing into the foundation of the building compromises its stability and structure.

Note: Flooding is likely to occur throughout the house in extreme circumstances. It is likely to cause damage to the flooring and walls.

How To Get An Object Out Of Shower Drain

object out of shower drain

A shower drain is a plumbing item that collects water and channels it into the sewage wastewater system. It is located between a shower enclosure and a drainage pipe.

Everyone is bound to experience it at some point. You flush something down the toilet or down the drain. Anything from a toothbrush to a bobby pin can be used.

Children frequently drop toys in the toilet, which become trapped, or you lose your ring, which falls down the drain.

Here are some ideas for getting the thing taken away.

While Cleaning the Home

While cleaning a home, most people overlook some areas, particularly the drains, sinks, and shower drains.

The necessity for drain cleaning isn’t realized until a clogged drain causes damage to something.

A clogged drain can have a number of drastic consequences for a home’s structural stability.

cleaning the home

You should know that drains may become clogged due to dirt, tiny objects, food, and oil that it has accumulated over time.

A build-up of such substances in the drain can contaminate our water and may prevent water from flowing.

Tip: While cleaning, make sure to use a bin basket to empty all leftovers. Also, be sure to sieve off tiny particles that will lead to draining blockage.

What Can We Use To Get An Object Out Of Shower Drain?

So, one of the methods for clearing a clogged drain is to use boiling water. This method is effective against clogged drains caused by conditioners, grease, and other products.

Because these chemicals have a very low melting point, the great heat helps in their disintegration.

You need to boil and pour a pot of water down the drain to clear the blockage.

Tip: Make sure you are careful with the hot water to avoid burning yourself.

Below are tools you can use to get an object out of the shower drain:

Use of Natural Cleaners

natural cleaners

Another technique is to use natural cleaners to create a fizzing effect that will break down drain obstructions.

Pour a cup of vinegar and a cup of bicarbonate soda down the drain, followed by boiling water.

Allow 10 minutes before adding more hot water. These have the ability to clear obstructions.

Caustic Cleaners

Another method of removing anything from a drain is to use caustic cleaners, which tend to be more effective on drain clogs.

Fat, grease, and oils dissolve in it, making it suitable for tougher obstructions. Before beginning, always read the package directions and ventilate the room.


the plungers

Plungers are another excellent tool for clearing blockages. It establishes a seal over the plughole, and then removes the blockage with vacuum action.

DIY Drain

Thin metal wires like coat hangers can be used in making DIY drain snakes. Leave a hook on the snake’s end and place it in the plughole.

Try using it to remove hair-based objects from the shower drain.

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is also an efficient and effective alternative to full pipe replacement when pipes have been destroyed due to protracted blockage.

So these telltale signs like gurgling noises, slow draining, or foul odours.

As we all know point drains and linear drains can always be fixed and if they don’t work, you’ll need to hire a plumber.

Use of Plumbers’ Drain Snakes

drain snake

Plumbers drain snakes seem like a complicated tool that should only be used by professionals.

They tend to delve deeper into pipes and clear clogs from the system’s depths.

We normally save these instruments for tough clogs that we are unable to handle using the regular cleaning procedures.

Main Line Cleaner

This type of chemical is available at hardware stores and is effective for clearing blockages.

Apply this method only when all previous methods proved abortive, as it will eat up dirt in your drain.

However, be aware that it is highly toxic. It can release harmful gases too. Place in the drain for a few hours before you turn on the water to wash away all those chemicals.

Otherwise, the metal pipe may corrode over time.

Drain Opener Chemicals

In the shower, drain opener chemicals are used to clear and scrape off the blockage. Keep pouring chemicals during cleaning.

This may take some time, but it works. If you are seeking to know how to get something out of a drain, this is one of the most effective methods.

Use of Zip-Ifat Tool

the zip it tool

The best choice is to reach down the drain and remove the clog using a zip-it tool. These tools are available at any home supply store.

They’re flexible plastic rods with barbs on the ends that will pull most things out of the drain. They are affordable and quite useful.

If it fails, the next best alternative is a powerful wet/dry vacuum. With the suction of a wet/dry vacuum, you may often get the hard object to come loose.


Make sure you have a flexible hose, and nozzles that can be fully inserted into the pipe will perform better.

As a final option, remove the pipes and fish for the clog. The curve of the pipe is usually where you’ll discover it.

the precautions

This one requires a bit more skill and patience. Also, you might be better off hiring a professional plumber to recover the object and clear the clog.

Tip: Take every necessary precaution to avoid blockage.


Figuring out how to get an object out of shower drain can be tasking, and sometimes appear impossible to some people.

However, it can be put to practice following these domestic remedies outlined before calling a plumber.

And these all depend on what caused the blockage. When it comes to significant blockages, excavation is required.

This entails excavating the drain in order to repair some of the pipework or replace them if necessary.

Though this isn’t usually required, it can spare your entire pipework from serious damage.