how to get air conditioning from one room to another
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to get air conditioning from one room to another is essential.

Especially, when you have large rooms with minimal air circulation. It is vital that we live in well-aerated and ventilated rooms for the good of our health.

Maybe you are operating on a low budget, or you like it that way, it is very possible to get air conditioning from one room to another.

And in this article, we will show you how.

The methods we are yet to discuss here have proven vital severally for they have been tried, tested, and approved. 

They guarantee you a hundred percent air conditioning in multiple rooms. Dive in deeper to learn and figure out how easy this can be.

There are a couple of ways at your disposal to get air conditioning from one room to another. From, using a central air conditioner, and floor fans to whole-house fans.

Top Ways on How To Get Air Conditioning From One Room To Another

ir conditioning from one room

You can get air moving from the cooler rooms of your house to the warmer rooms in very easy ways.

There isn’t rocket science involved and you could achieve this so easily.

If you are really looking forward to getting warmer rooms in your apartment fed with the cooler ones, then nothing is going to stop you from doing so.

It starts with the drive and the knowledge that it is necessary to reside in an air-conditioned home with a steady flow of conditioned air.

We sought the most lucrative ways to do so and thought to share them with you.

Are you stuck on how you are going to get air conditioning from one room to the other, then that should be the end of your reverie?

Below are some of the basic measures you are required to take:

Method #1. Floor Fans

the floor fans

With the best cooling floor fans, you can easily get air conditioning from one room to the other.

However, it calls for prior planning and playing some little tricks to enable the airflow towards the direction you need the conditioning to.

What you are required to do first is to lock up all exits of air in the conditioned room, these are doors and windows.

Then leave those for the room you are looking forward to cooling ajar. Once done, place your air conditioner facing the room you purport to cool.

Cool air will be pulled by the fan from the air-conditioned room to the next room.

Tip: Always ensure that all ventilation in the room with the air conditioner is sealed and those of the adjacent opening.

Method #2. Attic/Whole House Fans

attic fan

Attic fans are a superb way to keep your entire apartment air-conditioned.

For it to function effectively, it has to be sealed completely away from the rest of the apartment.

Seal any cracks and crevices using caulks and insulators so that no cool air from within your apartment is drawn to the attic.

And if you do not have an attic at home, whole-house fans come in handy as a substitute option.

They are most reliable and effective during the night. So, you are required to leave all ventilations, including the windows of your house wide open during the night.

The fan then sucks the cool air of the night into your house spreading from one room to another.

Tip: To avoid depressurization that may result in combustion for appliances such as gas, and water heaters, always leave windows wide open while utilizing this method.

Method #3. Use Box Fans

box fans

Box fans function effectively depending on how they are placed. The better they are placed, the best they function and vice versa.

They are usually placed near or on windows to pull cool air from the outside into the outside and draw warm air from inside outwards.

However, in the event you want to use the box fans to get air conditioning from one to another, then you will deploy more tactics.

You will have to seal off all entrances leaving only that one that links the rooms at hand.

Then, you will have to place a fan in the warmer room facing outside so that it draws all hot air out of the room.

Tip: Open all windows to the room you wish to cool and if there are none, crack one.

How To Use One Air Conditioner For Two Rooms

air conditioner for two rooms

The air conditioner is the best bet we have got for air conditioning our homes.

But because of one reason or the other, it may be necessary that we use one air conditioner for two or multiple rooms.

It is almost impossible but we have designed hacks that will make it possible for you.

Remember, our hacks have been tested and proven.

While it is going to be tricky and almost with no fruition in the onset, give it time and be patient, you will soon notice the air conditioning effects pick up in the next room.

How Do You Use One Air Conditioner for Two Rooms?

But how can one use one air conditioner for two rooms? You can do a two-in-one installation by cracking a partition somewhere at the corner of both rooms.

Or by placing the air conditioner at a central position such as a common window or door shared by both rooms.

By doing so, you save power and the cost of getting two conditioners for both rooms. 

However, you must consider the capabilities of the air conditioner and whether it will have any effect on serving two masters.

It would be uncalled for to use a small air conditioner with low capacity.

Strategies To Keep Your Rooms Air Conditioned

keep room air conditioned

The effects of a stuffy room can never be underscored. Life is quite unbearable in one and like it or not you will find a way to air-condition it.

It is even worse when one of your rooms is not air-conditioned and has no windows.

That is why you must find a way of getting air conditioning from the room with it, to the other without.

Below, we evaluated exemplary strategies that will set the ball running to keep all the rooms in your house air-conditioned.

Step #1. Remove Hot Air from Your Room Using a Portable Air Conditioner

You must have heard of portable air conditioners, they come at relatively lower and friendlier prices.

These ones are stunning and perfect to get hot air away from the room with minimal air conditioning supply.

Although they use a lot of power, which in turn makes them quite expensive, they are a great deal if you are ready to meet their cost.

They are portable, easy to install, and sit on the floor.

Step #2.  In Wall AC

wall ac

An in-wall air conditioning unit is a perfect answer to your air conditioning nightmares forever.

It is similar to the window unit and you will no longer wrestle every season.

It has ventilations at the back rather than at the sides and slightly extends outside the wall.

Its main advantages are that it is permanently installed and doesn’t block your window.

Note: There are several other strategies for keeping your rooms air-conditioned such as using a ventilator fan, a mini-split system, an insulated attic fan door etcetera.


How to get cool air from one room to another could be a walk in the park if you approach it with the right drive.

In this article, we have shared some of the primary and simple techniques to move air from one room to another.

It will no longer be a nightmare how to get air conditioning from one room to another ifyou use our top hacks outlined in this blog post.

Stay in a stuffy room no more. Get it air-conditioned today! Will you?