how to make a room not stuffy
Kristina Davis

I was literally compelled to conduct an extensive survey on how to make a room not stuffy.

I had just moved into a new apartment and couldn’t bear the stench of coming back to a stuffy home.

The thought alone was traumatizing. No one feels better staying in a congested area, which keeps me wondering how the former occupants lived here.

After my research, it occurred to me that, ‘How to make my room less stuffy’ was a walk in the park.

In this article, I will intensively discuss this matter, figure out what makes our homes stuffy, then talk about how to deal with a stuffy room and so much more news that you do not want to miss.

The key aspect in relieving your room free from stuffiness is by practicing regular cleanliness and arranging things in order.

Things That Makes A Room Stuffy

makes a room stuffy

Before you banish the stuffiness from a room, you must be aware of what causes the stuffiness in it.

There are countless reasons behind it and we will break them down for you before giving you the guidelines on how to make a room not stuffy.

But before it, what do you think makes your room stuffy? Do you have a clue? Well, here are a few things that skyrocket the stuffiness in your room.

Reason #1. Too Much Clutter

You could be enjoying life every minute but as soon as you walk home, you want to vomit and even detest going back to the very home.

A cluttered home will make your rooms stuffy and unbearable. And what is clutter?

Basically, it is the scatter of things all over in a disorganized state. With clutter, you will find clean and dirty items, dry and wet, utensils and clothes, all mixed together.

In a clutter, everything is in a state of shambles and the rooms are impassable with an unpleasant smell emanating from these things.

Reason #2. Lack of Air Circulation

lack of circulation

I am sure you must have heard of people dying in their sleep. At times this occurs because they slept in a room with a poor or low circulation of air. 

By circulation of air, we mean that there must be a constant flow of air flowing in and out.

Rooms without windows and proper ventilation are key to the low circulation of air.

Note: Another thing that causes minimal circulation of air is a room clustered with furniture and all other items. Thus, the lack of enough space engineers the stuffiness of any room.

Reason #3. Dirt

The buildup of dirt will, after a short while, lead up to a stuffed room.

Dirt starts with trickles of dust getting in through the windows to your room, cupboards, shelves, desks, and other storage units.

With the build-up of dirt, you will realize a change in the smell of your room that will worsen day by day.

Gradually, the room will become uninhabitable.

Reason #4. The Growth of Fungus And Mold

In a room where moisture is much, fungus and mold will thrive so well. They grow quickly in stuffy rooms that are left uncleaned.

As a matter of fact, they are the greatest and worst cause of a stuffy room.

They come with insects and other unwanted bacteria that put you on the verge of contracting infections.

Reason #5. Low Moisture Levels

low level of moisture

Low moisture levels, believe it or not, will create a feeling of stuffiness with a lot of restlessness.

Come to think of it, how would you feel inside a hot room? Hot rooms suck up the entire moisture meant for cooling the room hence making your room so stuffy.

One of the main reasons apart from the scorching sun, that your room may become so hot during the day, is because of the use of electronics.

Note: The use of electronic components levels up the hotness in a room.

Ideal Steps On How To Make A Room Not Stuffy

The five aforementioned points are the main reasons your room is uninhabitable from stuffiness.

From the above list, which one do you think is greatly contributing to the stuffiness in your room?

Then hang on there, coming up next are top tips that will help you eliminate the stuffiness in a matter of minutes.

Step #1. Organize Your Room

organize room

The very first way in the walk to make your room unstuffy is to organize it. Have some order with how you have arranged your items.

Furniture contributes to the clutter, get rid of those you do not need or those that are broken, and arrange the remaining well.

Separate clean items from dirty ones, the wet from the dry, and store all items where they are supposed to be.

Note: A cluttered room is not only stuffy but may also be the cause of accidents that will leave you injured. 

So, the first thing you are required to do is, organize your room and put everything in order.

Step #2. Ventilate The Room

Once you have a room organized, then it is time to ventilate it. Ventilation plays a pivotal role in the flow of air in and out of your premises.

Ventilating your room is so easy to do.

All you have to do is to open all the windows and doors, raise all the curtains and run ventilation systems if you have them in your home.

Tip: Ventilation will enable cool air to flow in while the dryer air flows out of your room.

Step #3. Use Fans

electric fans

Fans are a great hack when it comes to air circulation. They increase the speed at which cool air moves in and that at which the hot air moves out.

They shower the room with such a breezing and cooling effect that leaves you and your room cool and relaxed.

How you position the fans also matters a lot. You have to place them at a  central location where they will uniformly propel air throughout your home.

Step #4. Use A Dehumidifier

If there is so much moisture in your room that is resulting in stuffiness, then you should get rid of it.

The best way to accomplish that is by using the dehumidifier. The dehumidifier expels all unwanted moisture off your room and even prevents the absorption of more.

Step #5. Clean And Get Rid Of The Fungus

Fungus can double and triple in your room even before you know it, thus becoming a nightmare.

clean fungus

The main cause of this fungus and mold is dirt. Therefore you have to be diligent in intensively cleaning your room.

You can use a bleach solution or sprinkle baking soda to get rid of the fungus lest they cause fungal infections.

How To Make A Room Without Windows Less Stuffy

How would you make a room without windows non-stuffy?

It might appear to be an uphill task in the beginning but with the right approach, you will achieve it.

room without window less stuffy

Although you will be faced with the wonder of how you are going to ventilate the room, still you can make it less stuffy.

In this case, the room should not be inhabited since not sleeping in a properly ventilated room would be putting one’s life on the line.

But be it a garage or store, you can make it non-stuffy by arranging things in order.

Tip: You can also use a house fan, leave doors open and install a swamp cooler.


Knowing how to make a room not stuffy is simple and easy as highlighted in this blog post. A stuffy room is dangerous to your health and might even result in death.

Other health complications that come with living in a stuffy room are headaches, irritation of the nasals and respiratory tract, fatigue,  dry skin, and allergies.

No one would survive a night in a stuffy room without waking up to make it non-stuffy, not even you. 

So what other ways can you use to make your room non-stuffy?

Let us hear from you and feel free to tell us about your experience in a stuffy room, how unbearable was the stay?