how to wash toxins out of shein clothes
Kristina Davis

With all the new developments in the fast fashion world these days, it is important to know how to wash toxins out of Shein clothes.

There are harmful chemicals in the clothes we buy, especially those that are products of fast fashion. 

There are toxins like lead and dye present in the cloth that can be really bad for our health.

Rather than disposing of your Shein clothes because of the toxins it contains, you can always try to wash them off. 

This article would be taking you through the easiest methods of washing toxins out of Shein clothes.

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There are several ways to wash toxins out of Shein clothes using items that can be easily found at home. Baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and many more are all items that can be used to wash your Shein clothes.

How To Wash Toxins Out Of Shein Clothes?

wash toxins out shein clothes

As I said earlier, there are several ways to wash toxins out of Shein clothes using materials that can be easily found in your home.

Here are the easiest methods involved in washing toxins out of Shein clothes:

Method #1: Soap And Water 

The first method to use to wash toxins out of Shein clothing is to use non-chemical detergents to wash them, and what better way to do that than to wash it normally?  

You can learn how to choose a chemical-free laundry detergent here. Here are the steps involved in this method.

Step #1: Soak The Clothes 

The first step is to soak the clothes in a washer with chemical-free detergents.

Leave it for some hours, preferably overnight, to allow the soap and water to do their magic on the cloth. 

After some time, you would notice the water changing color and the new cloth smell reducing.

soak the clothes

The color change isn’t always present and only surfaces when the cloth has too much dye.

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Step #2: Wash Cold Or Warm

You can wash the clothes in cold or warm water but never with normal water.

If the Shein clothing is fairly used, wash warm, then wash cold. If the cloth is new, wash it warm all through. 

Put the washer on the spin for about 30 minutes to an hour. After washing, also rinse with cold or warm water before proceeding to the next step.

Step #3: Don’t Dry

After washing the cloth, don’t dry it in the washer. Squeeze the clothes with your hands and dry them in the sun.

clothes drying

Yes, you heard me, you don’t have to be afraid of the sun reducing the quality of the clothes. 

Letting the clothes dry on their own in the sun would help get rid of the toxins easily, especially the excess dye. 

Although the Shein clothing might be bad for the environment, it is definitely worth a try since it has been washed beforehand.

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Step #4: Repeat

If you notice the new cloth smell is still persistent, it means the toxins are still present in the clothes, though not as many as before.

You can repeat the steps to avoid having allergic reactions or health issues from overexposure to the toxins.

Method #2: Vinegar And Baking Soda

The other method of getting rid of toxins in Shein clothes is making use of vinegar and baking soda. 

This method is one of the most effective because of the cleaning actions of both items and how they are environmentally friendly.

vinegar baking soda

Here are the steps involved in this method:

Step #1: Soak The Clothes

Put some water, preferably warm water, in the washer and add two to three cups of baking soda.

Add an equal amount of white vinegar to the water and mix by turning on the washer or using your hands to shake the water until it bubbles. 

After getting the perfect cleaning mixture, put the clothes in the washer and soak them for some hours or preferably overnight.

Step #2: Wash And Rinse 

After soaking the clothes in the washer, wash them for about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse them with warm water properly.

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Make sure to get most, if not all, of the baking soda and vinegar out of the clothes. 

soak clothes warm water

For a better rinsing effect, you can leave the clothes in warm water for a while to allow the remaining baking soda and vinegar to come out on their own.

Step #3: Spread

After washing and rinsing the clothes, don’t drain them in the washing machine.

Instead, you should squeeze them manually and spread them in a place that has an unlimited supply of sunlight. 

As much as we need sunlight and constant airflow to dry the clothes, they shouldn’t be left out in the sun for too long.

Tip: This method is only applicable when you have applied method 1 by washing the clothes beforehand.

Method #3: Oxiclean 

use oxiclean

For extraordinary situations, we take extraordinary precautions, and having toxins in your clothes is an extraordinary situation that needs extraordinary intervention. 

Sometimes, the toxins don’t come off because the methods used above might not be good enough for it. 

This brings us to the use of OxiClean. We all know OxiClean for its stain-removing abilities but what we don’t know is that it is really effective in removing toxins. 

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It is a wonderful multi-purpose cleaner and is also environmentally friendly so you don’t have to worry about it reacting negatively with the chemicals in the Shein clothing.

Here are the steps involved in using OxiClean.

Step #1: Soak The Clothes

soak clothes

Add a few cups of OxiClean versatile stain removal or any other type of OxiClean inside a washer.

You can add a little bit of lemon juice to heighten the effects of the OxiClean. 

Then soak the Shein clothes in the washer for some hours or overnight.

Tips: For the best result, it is best to soak the Shein clothing overnight, no matter the method you are following.

Step #2: Wash And Rinse

After soaking, wash the cloth for about thirty minutes to an hour to get the best effect. 

After washing, you can either drain the water and replace it to wash the clothes again or you can decide to stop there. Either way, you are to rinse the cloth with warm water after washing. 

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Tip: Leave the clothes in the warm water for a while to allow the soap and remaining toxin to sleep out on their own.

Step #3: Squeeze And Spread

You can repeat the methods and steps as often as possible because the toxins might not come off readily on the first few piles of washing. 

Tip: All the washing should be soft instead of standard or hard so the cloth doesn't lose its quality.

Method #4: Hydrogen Peroxide

use hydrogen peroxide

This might seem like a far stretch and might be only applicable to certain clothes, but it is sometimes effective.  

You make use of hydrogen peroxide the same way you made use of the cleaning agents in the methods above. It helps get rid of certain toxins but not all. 

And because of its nature, it can sometimes react with the chemicals in the clothes, making them way worse than it was before. 

The benefits of this method are canceled out by its disadvantages but if you are one to take risks, then it is worth a try. 

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Can You Wash Lead Out Of Shein Clothes?

wash lead out

Lead is also a form of toxin found on Shein clothing but unlike the rest, it is the most toxic.

In most Shein clothes, lead happens to be the highest found toxin and most likely one that causes irreparable damage. 

In answer to the question, yes, you can wash lead out of Shein clothes if you follow the following steps.

Step #1: Soak

When trying to get lead out of Shein clothes you have to be very careful and take into account the kinds of detergent you make use of. 

When soaking the clothes, make use of biodegradable detergents, and under no circumstances should you make use of fabric softener.

Step #2:  Wash And Rinse

After soaking, wash the cloth for about an hour on soft. After washing till you are content, rinse the cloth manually in cold water.

Tip: Make sure to always wash new clothes before wearing them so you aren't exposed to all those chemicals and toxins.

Step #3: Squeeze And Dry

squeeze and dry clothes

After rinsing the clothes in cold water, squeeze them manually and dry them in a place that has enough sunlight. 

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You should repeat this as often as possible and make sure to wash not just your Shein clothes but also any new cloth in general.

As long as a cloth has that new cloth smell, there are likely some toxins in it. 

Tip: If you are pregnant or constantly surrounded by children, don't wear clothing with high lead content.


The truth is that you can never truly wash all the toxins out of your Shein clothes on your first few tries.

It is something that requires constant washing and drying so that the toxin would fade out on its own. 

Sometimes it never truly does, so it is best to stay away from Shein clothing in general, especially if you are pregnant or have children around you.

We have gotten to the end of this article and I hope I have been able to answer the question, “how to wash toxins out of Shein clothes?”. 

I hope you found the information in this article helpful. Thank you for your time and patience. Stay safe.