how to clean headrest on recliner
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Knowing how to clean headrest on recliner shouldn’t be much of a deal. But if you have found yourself in this fix lately, you should read this article to the end.

You are sure to get quality information on how to clean the headrest on a leather recliner.

Recliners are among the best and highest-quality chairs available for comfort and relaxation, so it seems sensible that they’d occasionally need cleaning, especially if you use them frequently. 

Food and drink will probably spill on them, and the upholstery may become dirty.

Before you start cleaning, be sure to thoroughly read this information guide to establish the safest cleaning method for your recliner headrest.

Once you recognize the stains or spots on your recliner’s headrest, get a good cleaning agent, clean it and apply special polishes using rubbing alcohol. You can also use a hand vacuum use to clean the flat surface.

Why You Should Clean Headrest On Recliner?

why clean headrest recliner

If you often use your leather recliner, you may rest a lot of your weight on the headrest.

And this will lead to it becoming very dirty from sweat, hairspray, hair strands, etc.

Because leather is permeable, dirt frequently moves from a person to the back of a chair. This will undoubtedly leave an unsightly stain on the expensive leather.

For upholstered recliners, a deeper cleaning is needed at least twice a year to remove embedded dirt and stains.

You should clean the recliner headrest at least once every three months. 

The headrest of the recliner must be kept in good condition to maintain the furniture. This will aid in keeping it in need of specific care. 

Tip: In addition to cleaning, weekly vacuum your upholstered recliners.

Here’s a list of more reasons why you should clean the headrest of your leather recliner:

To Eliminate Stains

eliminate stains

Getting rid of stains is one of the most obvious reasons to clean your leather.

If you see that your leather has stains in patches, be sure to choose the nearest day of the week to clean it thoroughly.

To Keep Leather’s Quality

It’s time to clean your leather if you notice that it is losing its once-vibrant color.

Your leather furniture may start to look drab and boring if there is a buildup of stains. 

Note: Consistent cleaning of the leather can lead to the long-lasting of your leather furniture. 

To Maintain Fresh And Clean-smelling Leather Furniture

fresh and clean leather

You do not want your guests to shun your seats because they smell unpleasant due to dirt that has built up over time.

The leather chair you regularly vacuum and clean leaves your furniture smelling fresh.

Health Reasons

Both dirt and a leather recliner headrest that is filthy are terrible for your health.

Please pay attention to the cleaning schedule to prevent spreading germs to kids or yourself from unclean leather recliner headrests.

Clean leather furniture is a benefit to your health and wellness.

Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Headrest On Recliner

guide cleaning headrest

Before you begin cleaning your recliners, for information on how to establish the out harm’s way cleaning method, read the care instructions or tag.

One of the essential components that stays on the chair’s upper side is the headrest.

As a result, one of the most important components of the furniture is the headrest of the chair.

Leather is a remarkably durable and easy-to-maintain upholstery material. But it does periodically require cleaning and treatment. 

What steps do you take then on how to clean headrest on leather recliner?

This question will be answered with a step-by-step guide on how to clean the headrest on the recliner:

Use A Hand Vacuum To Clean The Flat Surface

Before beginning the deeper cleaning of your leather headrest, you should first remove the surface dirt and debris.

For all varieties of leather material, vacuuming the recliner furniture is appropriate or pertinent. 

use hand vacuum

Keep a soft brush nearby in addition to the vacuum to thoroughly clean the furniture’s corners.

Avoid using a stiff brush for cleaning, instead, go for a clean sponge that is not too rigid and hard.

Recognize The Stains Or Spots

Now is the time to inspect the leather or fabric for any stains, flaws, or even minute nicks. You will find the cleaning process easier as a result.

Tip: Recognising stains will give your cleaning process more focus and intent on how to clean headrest on leather recliner

Make The Cleaning Agent

The following step in cleaning a leather recliner’s headrest is to make a solvent cleaner.

Mix a small pail of warm water with 1-2 tablespoons of mild detergent.

To make the right mixture, the components must be put together or blended. 

detergent cleaning solution

You must be absolutely confident about this since the leather on the furniture could melt if the water is too hot.

The rigorous cleaning could also cause the leather to get stained or entrenched. To create the cleanser, use mild dish soap.

Clean The Area

Grab a dry, spotless sponge or clean, freshly wet towel. To separate or disassemble the cloth, squeeze the extra washing water from it.

Remember that the extra liquid in the cloth or sponge could damage the leather of the recliner. 

Hence, there shouldn’t be any soapy water remaining after you squeeze the fabric.

Clean the entire chair with a damp towel, paying close attention to any stains and rubbing them hard. 

Note: It would be simpler to clean minor stains from the leather chair by employing this technique.

Wipe Away Any Extra Water

wipe extra water from furniture

Take a lint-free, clean, soft cloth and soak it in the freshwater.

Utilize the clean, porous cloth by squeezing it and blotting the recliner’s soapy water with it.

Then, using a dry, clean cloth, remove any remaining water from the recliner. The furniture’s drying process will be accelerated as a result.

Launder The Furniture

The furniture should also be kept underneath an active fan to dry it out. It is essential to dry the chair as soon as possible.

The more time the water is left on the microfiber recliner’s exterior part, the more harm it will sustain, which can lead to damage.

Apply Special Polishes Using Rubbing Alcohol

Rub your reclining furniture with rubbing alcohol to polish it. However, this step is optional.

A paper towel or soft, lint-free cloth can also be used to polish furniture. The cockroach infestation can be reduced with polishing.

faqs cleaning headrest

FAQs On How To Clean Headrest On Recliner

Here are a few frequently asked questions on how to clean the headrest on the recliner, along with their carefully picked-out answers.

Q: How May Grease Stains Be Eliminated From The Leather Headrest Of A Recliner?

A: You can clean off stains on leather headrests with a couple of different things.

You can use a home cleaner that has been diluted with a little water or a leather cleaner found in stores.

If those don’t work, try using a degreaser.

Q: What Household Items Clean Leather Best?

A: You can clean leather with a few basic household products.

While some insist that normal household cleaning would be enough, others suggest employing a leather-specific cleaner.

Frequently used cleaners include soap, water, and a cloth.

clean leather

Q: In What Instances Should Leather Not Be Cleaned?

A: Using strong chemicals to clean leather is one of the most common blunders committed.

Numerous items are not appropriate for cleaning or treatment with leather cleaner.

Natural cleaners and treatments that can be applied to leather without harming it are olive oil, beeswax, lanolin, and cow milk.

Q: What Equipment And Supplies Are Required To Clean Leather Furniture?

A: A vacuum with a brush attachment, sanitized cotton or microfiber cloths, vinegar and a small pail, cleaning supplies, etc.


Home cleaning is an essential part of housekeeping and you must understand how to correctly clean household items.

Lack of this understanding can lead to damage and improper maintenance.

The question “how to clean headrest on recliner” has been answered in this article.

Cleaning a leather recliner headrest can be quite a herculean task. But we’ve been able to break it down into simple and easy-to-understand steps.

You can follow the steps for more productive tips on how to clean the headrest on a recliner.