are loft beds safe for adults
Kristina Davis

When I was a kid, I wondered – are loft beds safe for adults? Or are they just intended for lightweight people like children?

I was scared and afraid for both myself and my children, so I had to find this out before actually installing one.

Therefore, I did research about it and was able to find critical information.

Yes, loft beds are ultimately safe for adults if they’re made strategically and precisely according to the people who will be sleeping. You just have to take note of the weight limit of loft beds before you hop on.

Understanding Loft Beds

understands loft bed

Before blabbering about whether or not it’s safe for adults, I just wanted to clarify what loft beds are.

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Loft beds are beds that are designed to be suspended from the ground.

The primary purpose of loft beds is to save space by clearing out the size of a bed on the ground. 

From there, you can add, install, or place whatever item you want to place in that particular space.

The issue most people have with loft beds, though, is safety. Is it really safe for people to use loft beds? Or can they just settle with the old and classic bunk beds?

Since they’re suspended, can adults sleep in loft beds? Do you think it’ll be perfectly safe for them to do so?

Are Loft Beds Safe For Adults?

Yes, definitely! Loft beds are safe for people of all ages and sizes! Whether they’re children or adults, it’s perfectly safe!

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loft bed safe

There are, however, a couple of factors and considerations you need to look into, to make sure that they are indeed safe and secure to be used by adults.

Factors and Considerations

Weight Capacity of the Loft Bed

To start, you’d have to know the overall weight capacity of the top loft of your loft bed.

Weight capacity is the measurement in which you will be able to identify how much load or weight the top of your loft bed can have.

Ideally, there’s no exact weight as it will depend on the weight of the person, the quality and weight of the mattress, and the engineering of the loft in place.

But, Mattress Nut posted a weight limit for top lofts.

Do note, though, that all of these only come in estimation. 
the weight capacity

They aren’t 100% accurate, so you’ll still need to test out or inquire about it from the manufacturer first.

  • Low Loft Bed – 200 pounds
  • Child or Junior Loft Bed – 150 to 220 pounds
  • Adult Loft Beds – 250 to 600 pounds
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Weight of the People

No matter how sturdy, durable, and strong the top loft is, if it’s a twin-sized bed and 3 people would lie down on it, it really would collapse.

It’s kind of obvious that the weight of the people is the most important variable here, so make sure that you strictly follow the weight limits and capacities of your loft bed before using them.

Most accidents on loft beds happen because of too much weight and pressure on the top loft.

Quality of the Loft Bed

When I say quality, I mean the overall make and model of the mattress, as well as the support of the loft bed.

It’s an overall property that encompasses the traditional and usual design that a lot of people have known.

the quality

Other than the weight capacity of the loft bed, it’s also right that you consider and think about the overall quality.

Mattresses are usually heavy, so you have to double-check that even if the mattress gets pressed downward, the skeletal structure of the loft bed will be able to handle the weight.

NOTE: Mattresses average anywhere from 50 pounds to 150 pounds. Thin plywood would fall just by placing the former weight without a person lying down on it.

Design and Protection of the Loft Bed

Lastly, you need to consider how the loft bed has been structured and designed.

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And while this is ideal for discussing the risk of children falling off can be for adults, too.

Check the grill or the type of pillars the loft beds have. Are they open? If so, what kind of equipment is installed in place to keep things and people from falling off the loft beds?

Safety and security don’t always mean breaking the loft bed by bulging downward. It’s also about falling off the edge.

Anchor Your Loft Beds

anchor the bed

Even though now we know that loft beds are safe, you might still not feel very safe when you’re on the top loft because of how it’s suspended.

So, what do you do? Place extra support on the wall – anchor it.

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This extra piece of tool won’t only help you feel safer and more secure, but you can also play around with it to make it look more stylish and more fashionable.

How Much Weight Do Loft Beds Hold?

In a typical sense, loft beds can resist and maintain weights from 200 to 260 pounds for twin mattresses.

Queen-size beds and bigger types of mattresses can hold up to 500 to 600 pounds.

how much loft bed can hold

This is if we consider that the loft bed is made from steel and cement, not wood.

And yes, I stumbled upon several loft beds that are made from wood, and they were reinforced with steel support.

Although that is the case, different loft beds are made and structured differently.

Note: It will be difficult to assume that mattresses and top bunks of loft beds have similar weight limits and capacities.

So, what can you do to measure the weight capacity of your loft bed? I know what you’re thinking, you can simply ask it, right?

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But what if it’s not accurate?

How Do You Measure Loft Bed Weight Capacity?

I tried looking for information about measuring the weight capacity of loft beds, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any.

What I found, though, was the fact that loft manufacturers utilize engineering methods to figure out the weight limit of the top loft bed.

how to measure weight capacity

They often resort to putting pressure on different areas and parts of the loft bed, using proxies for people’s weights, as well as the dead weight method where pressure is distributed evenly.

I would go with the dead weight method and go over what’s recommended according to size, leaving it for about an hour to see if there’ll be changes.

This is the safest, most convenient, and most accurate way of determining the weight capacity of a top loft.

Does the Height of the Loft Bed Affect the Weight Capacity?

No, the height of a loft bed is not, in any way, connected or related to the weight capacity.

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Height is just one of the few factors of loft beds, and it does not influence weight capacities.

Your loft beds can go as high as 60 inches and still be stronger than a 45-inchspaced loft bed that is not structured and planned out thoroughly. 


questions about loft bed

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about loft beds being safe for adults generally.

Do Loft Beds Collapse?

Yes, just like any other type of structure, your loft beds can collapse if they’re not assembled, installed, or engineered properly.

As worse as they can get, they might even collapse even without someone sleeping or lying down on it.

This is why you need to make sure that you check the loft bed first, as well as its weight capacity before you jump right on.

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Are Queen Loft Beds Safe?

Yes and no – let me explain.

Queen loft beds are not safe if they’re not put up or structured properly – as with any other size of loft beds.

Queen loft beds are safe if they’re engineered and assembled properly, and they can even hold up to 2,000 pounds of dead weight.

This is more than enough for two average-weighted adults, and even three lightweight adults.

Final Words

So, are loft beds safe for adults or should they just be used by children?

Don’t worry, I was as afraid and doubtful as you before finding all of these out. Now, I am confident and aware of the answer to the question. 

If ever you’re growing afraid and you’re having doubts about installing and using loft beds in your condo or your house, have the peace of mind that they’re safe and that they would not just collapse and fall in one piece.