how much does a loft bed cost to build
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Building loft beds for your kids can be fun for them and you, but how much does a loft bed cost to build?

It’s possible to build with basic tools and save space in your loft or apartment. This might make the living room more comfortable when guests are over.

There are different bed frames and loft bed frames, and they all have different costs. 

You’ll need these materials like lumber or insulation foam and these tools, including screws and saws.

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Generally, a reliable loft bed will cost about $300-$3000 depending on size, but it’s cheaper. Wooden loft bed frames are often expensive and the go-to for most people.

Basic Loft Bed Considerations

bed loft consideration

When considering loft beds for your room, consider the space of the bed and the dimensions of it to other furniture in your room.

Ensure there is at least 1m clearance from the top loft due to its height. The average loft bed measures 5 1/2′ – 6ft tall.

Loft beds allow you to maximize space but require a large floor area.

Calculate the occupied area of the loft and the space needed on either side of it since you cannot bump into anything as you walk around the room.

It would be best if you also left significant headroom between the ceiling and the top loft.

Note: You'll need to factor the cost of materials, flooring, electricity, and labor into your costs.

Why You Should Build a Loft Bed and Not Buy

why build

Building a loft bed is less expensive than purchasing one, but the builder determines the cost.

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The average cost to build a loft bed can go from $3,000 with no customization to more than $4,000 with custom sizing and shapes.

Loft beds are popular for young adults who want a cozy space to sleep and study but don’t have room for a traditional bedroom.

A loft bed is more expensive than a traditional bed because it requires more material and labor.

Other factors and costs include prefabrication, construction, and installation.

Price Guide for a Loft Bed

If you are wondering how much does it cost to build a loft bed, here are some different types of loft beds and their ideal cost range:

  1. Twin over loft bed – $300 to $2500
  2. Trundle Loft Bed – $450 to $3500
  3. Detachable loft bed- $300 to $200
  4. Loft bed with Futon- $200 to $2000
  5. Triple Loft Bed – $250 to $2500
  6. Study Loft Bed – $450 to $1800
  7. Rustic Loft Bed – $400 to $2500
  8. Novelty Loft Bed – $350 to $3000
  9. L shaped Loft Bed -$300 to $1500
Note: There could be slight variations in prices depending on where you source your materials.

Why It’s Cheaper to Build a Loft Bed than to Buy One

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Flexible Style

Premade loft beds have a very rigid style with no input from the buyer. You don’t get to choose the material used.

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Wood and metal loft bed frames both have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re trying to create a rustic, country feel in your home, you should choose a wooden frame.

It will help complete your home’s look, but it also tends to be less expensive.

If you want something more modern, then consider a metal-framed loft bed. Metal frames are more durable and can support heavier weights.

Readily Available Materials

ready materials

When considering how much does a loft bed cost to build, you’re technically considering the cost of materials.

Much of the stuff you’ll need to build your loft bed is available in local hardware stores.

Metal frames are much pricier than wood frames and vice versa, depending on where you’re located.

Note: Metal frames are light and versatile, they never need much maintenance or upkeep, but you'll want to paint them to match your décor, so they don't look as boring as they are.


Some premade beds aren’t made to last, yet they cost more. You can construct a loft bed from wood or metal to last for years.

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Wood’s rustic look and durability can hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life, while metal designs create a modern edge.

While most wooden loft beds come in pre-cut sizes, metal versions can be tailored to fit any space.

Finding the right match for your style depends on what you're looking for—a warm or cool aesthetic or something more minimalist.

Save Space

can save space

Loft beds are a great way to save space and maximize the square footage of any room if you’re the one building them.

Use your loft bed as a storage solution, a study area, a creative workspace, or even a play area.

You get to modify it to your taste and size, leaving room for other purposes.

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The height of your loft bed will ultimately depend on your needs, but you can expect to have between 30 inches and 36 inches of space between the mattress and the ceiling.


Designing your loft bed is a breeze with these simple tips. Review each step and make sure you’re looking out for comfort and safety, and style.

Keep your plans compact, stable, and designed well, so there’s no risk of collapse. You can’t do these things if you opt for a premade loft bed.

First, think about the best layout for your room. Then draft a plan to fit the space and include storage space for books and other items.

Lastly, choose materials that are durable, easy to assemble, and comfortable to lie on.

How to Reduce the Overall Cost of Building a Loft Bed

reduce overall cost

Maximize the Use of Space

Making efficient use of space is always a challenge when building loft beds.

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Having a place to sleep, relax, and store your belongings can be difficult when you have small square footage.

A creative space-saving solution opens up the floor for storage, cuts cost, and adds additional living space on top.

Go for Minimalist Loft Bed Designs

Go for a sleek, modern loft bed design for your home and spend the least bucks on material costs.

Sleek designs often require only one piece of wood, some pipe, a little paint, and about two hours.

Use already pipe and skip out on what might be the most fun part of all – painting your loft bed.

Fact: Already painted material is cheaper since you won't have to incur the cost of buying paint.

Compare Prices

can compare prices

Take your time to scout for better prices at different hardware stores.

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Use the various shopping apps to get bargains or price reductions on the stuff you’ll need to make the loft bed.

Always buy materials from the local hardware store since they tend to be cheaper.

Build a Multipurpose Loft Bed

You can transform a regular bedroom into an amazing apartment using a loft bed.

You can use the space below to store almost anything — books, clothes, a work desk, etc.

It’s super easy to assemble, and you can even get a custom-made one. You can also modify the bed to be used for other purposes, thereby saving on costs.

Build a Fun Bed

try build a fun bed

Don’t let your child’s play area be boring. Create a fun environment for your child with this Loft Bed.

This kid’s loft bed design uses a fireman’s pole for support and safety in place of the standard ladder.

A suspended bed with a pole on the ground is perfect for children.

Flange fittings were used to mount the pipes to the floor and ceiling, giving it a modern, industrial look and creating plenty of space below for playtime.

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Build this loft bed yourself, or have our team build it for you, and you’ll have one happy camper on your hands!

Final Thought on How Much Does A Loft Bed Cost To Build

If you’re wondering how much does a loft bed cost to build, the number is somewhere between $300-$3000, and it all depends on the type of loft bed you opt for.

A lofted bed is one of the best ways to maximize your small space. It's perfect for lofts, studio apartments, and homes with tiny rooms.

These beds can be customized to have more room for other furniture and things. They’re great for homes because they maximize vertical spaces- like walls with windows!

Lofted beds for kids are even more fun because many different styles and designs are suitable for the whole family.