what to do with the space under a loft bed
Kristina Davis

Do you have a loft bed and you’re wondering what to do with the space under a loft bed?

As someone who has been obsessed with interior design, I’ve looked through all peepholes about it, and I’ll present all of the best ones for you!

You can fill the void underneath the loft bed with many things, the best ones can be a table for your computer, a large shelf or storage, drawers or dressers, and even a hammock or couch for relaxation and leisure.

Measure the Space Below Your Loft Bed First

measure the space

Before anything else, be sure to measure the space below your loft bed first. Avoid making the same mistake I did of jumping into it without preparing.

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Look at everything from the headspace of the loft bed above (bed to the ceiling), as well as the space you have underneath it.

This way, it will be easy for you to generate and come up with ideas you can do for the space below the loft bed.

I decided to go for a loft bed right before my home was halfway done. What I did was called up a friend who was good with woodworking and asked for his help.

He just used a tape measure and listed the values of height, width, and depth of the space below the loft bed.

NOTE: You also need to make sure that the support of the loft bed is stable, proportionate, and sturdy. Whatever you do or place underneath it will be in great danger if it’s unstable or if it’s too weak.

What to Do With the Space Under a Loft Bed?

what to do with space under

You’re just on the right page if you’re trying to source ideas for under loft bed.

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I’ve gathered 8 of the most useful, the best, and the most sensible ways you can utilize the underside of your loft bed.

#1: Arrange a Desk or Table For a Home Office/Computer

Most people from students, employees, and businesspeople would imagine this space to be the best fit for their workspace. I couldn’t agree more!

The structure and how the loft is put up can go together with a table that extends at the full length of the table.

You can use a separate table, or you can install shelf-type tables that are attached to the wall so that it goes parallel with the loft bed above it.

#2: Position a Bookshelf

Being a bookworm, I imagined it to be the perfect set-up for a mini-library – you can, too!

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You can install short-heightened shelves with multiple layers filled with books, ornaments, as well as other types of furniture you can install as decoration or display.

add bookshelf

I would recommend this if you had a lot of pocketbooks, textbooks, magazines, and other literary pieces or documents scattered or stored away in crates and boxes.

Tip: Treat this as a decorative stash under the spot where you catch your Z’s!

#3: Use it as a Storage Area

If you’re more of a save-spacing type of person, you can use it as a storage area.

Many people use it as cupboards, but it’s also the perfect storage area like what you do with your attic.

In doing so, you just have to make sure that it’s covered or that the contents inside it are stored properly and in an orderly fashion.

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Using it as a storage area wouldn’t actually be too space-consuming, unless, of course, you are going to store large devices, items, and equipment.

#4: Turn it Into a Play Area

Depending on the space, you can also turn the space below the loft bed into an area for your children.

make a play area

You can set up tents, mini-indoor slides, cushions, and bean bag chairs, and you can use the space as storage for your children’s toys, too.

A play area would usually have storage baskets or cabinets for toys, which makes this in line with the idea of transforming the space under the loft bed into a storage area or space.

NOTE: Make sure you cover sharp corners, edges, and other dangerous angles to keep your children safe from any type of danger or accident.

#5: Install Gym and Workout Equipment

Now, another idea you can make use of would be to turn it into your own home gym, with a lot of gym and exercise equipment.

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I’m not talking about tall and large machines like where you do flies because that’ll require a lot more space.

small gym

What I’m trying to get at would be benches, medicine balls, and other low-grounded gym machines and equipment.

I tried installing a bar at the edge of the bed. It had the exact space perfect for pull-ups!

#6: Add Extra Dividers for an Extra Private Room

This idea will benefit those who plan on renting out spaces in their homes.

You can add dividers like drywall or plywood and transform them into a totally different space or room.

Since the measurement of the space below the bed will be similar to that of the bed, you can place a bed with extra inches of space for a cabinet or a drawer. 

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#7: Place a Couch or a Hammock For Leisure

hammock for leisure

Nothing beats leisure, relaxation, and a good time. If the space is really “extra,” you can use it to install a hammock or some type of area with beanbag chairs or a couch strictly for relaxing.

Not only is it an excellent way of ensuring that you’re relaxed, but it’ll also look good when viewed from afar.

#8: Transform it to be a Walk-In Closet

For all ladies out there, if you’re asking about a walk-in closet, then the space underneath the loft bed can be perfect for it.

Don’t imagine it to be like an extremely spacious walk-in closet. The space would still be the factor on which its use will depend.

So, you need to make sure that you’ve made the correct calculations first.

Regular standees with hangers, top shelves for shoes and bags, and even drawers for accessories will all definitely fit in that tiny space.

Can You Use This Space For Your Pets?

use space for pets

Yes, you can also use this space for your pets if the building allows it or if the loft-type bed is installed in a home you own.

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The reason why I didn’t include this in the list is that I don’t find it “one of the best” simply because all the debris and odors that your pet has can travel directly to the spot where you sleep, which is not good.

Nevertheless, you can still utilize this space as an area for your pets.


Many users still can’t grasp the idea of using the space below their loft beds and in case you are a part of that demographic, here are the most commonly asked questions regarding that.

Can I Put a Bunk Bed Under My Loft Bed?

While you can definitely put a bed to fill the space beneath your loft bed, putting bunk beds might not be ideal since the headspace of the top bed might not be sufficient.

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However, if the bunk beds are proportional to the space underneath the loft bed, then, by all means, do so.

How Much Space is Under a Lofted Dorm Bed?

The spaces under loft beds vary from one design to another. However, the usual measurement would be about 55 to 66 inches.

Be sure to measure it one more time to get the guaranteed height of the loft bed from the ground.

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What Will You Do with the Big Space Under the Loft Bed?

With all these ideas, do you now know what to do with the space under a loft bed? You can play around and come up with many different innovations.

Just don’t forget to take extra precautionary measures when doing so!