What Are The Disadvantages Of Faux Wood Blinds
Kristina Davis

What are the disadvantages of faux wood blinds? Did you simply get your home, or are you most likely deciding on doing a few redesigns? 

Albeit numerous people like how wood blinds look. They don’t know whether genuine or faux wood is the better choice for them.

You may be wondering, “What are the pros and cons of faux wood blinds

This is the blog to peruse. We will let you know considerably more.

Above all, what are wooden faux blinds?

One disadvantage of the faux wood blind is that it can turn out to be more malleable and start to fade. It is also quite heavier than the original wood blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds

wooden faux blinds

If it appears as though it’s genuine wood, does it mean it’s wood? No, it’s not.

The expression “artificial” alludes to impersonation. Hence false wood blinds are simply impersonation wood blinds. 

Blinds made of fake wood have all the earmarks of being “normal,” yet what is artificial wood?

Artificial wood blinds are built of polyvinyl chloride or vinyl. The false wood blinds are created to seem like genuine wood.

Wood and faux blinds both use braces in their development.

But wooden faux blinds use supports with a wood center that is made of vinyl or PVC.

Both of these materials are magnificent decisions for moist regions like kitchens and restrooms. They are unbelievably versatile and won’t curve, break, or blur. 

Wooden faux blinds enjoy a ton of benefits. Lucky for you, this article highlights the advantages and disadvantages of faux wood blinds.

Note: Genuine wood blinds are very much like wooden faux blinds apparently.  Yet artificial wood blinds enjoy various upper hands over genuine wood blinds.

What Are The Advantages Of Faux Wood Blinds?

wood faux blind advantage

Below are some of the benefits of utilizing a faux blind.

It Is Reasonable And Affordable

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other manufactured materials are significantly more affordable than genuine wood.

Be that as it may, the cost divergence hardly affects how well they perform.

They might give your home a similar stylish appeal as genuine wood. These blinds might supplement the insides of any home.

Given their reasonableness, you can decorate more windows all through the house without surpassing your financial plan.

 It Is Impervious To Dampness/Moisture

impervious to dampness moisture

Wooden faux blinds are more dampness safe than genuine wood.

So they stay longer in high-dampness regions like the cooking regions, restrooms and clothing regions.

This is because polyvinyl chloride is utilized to make them. They are solid and less inclined to gouges and scratches than genuine wood.

It is one of the principal advantages of wooden faux blinds, which makes them a good substitute for wooden blinds. 

Wooden faux blinds do not have these issues since they are made of a manufactured substance that is impenetrable to dampness.

Faux blinds are created from PVC plastic materials, and without a doubt, will outlive wooden window blinds.

Note: Wooden faux blinds are great decisions for humid areas like kitchens and restrooms. This is because they are adaptable and won't bend or break.

 It Is Easy To Maintain

Wooden faux blind is easier to keep up with than wood. It can be cleaned with water and other tantamount medicines without the dampness causing harm.

They won’t rust or disfigure after some time as wood does. A customary cleaning can keep it looking as good as new.

Considering that they are not defenseless against scratches or water harm, you can clean them as much of the time as needs are.

Tip: You can also use water and a gentle fluid cleanser that has a pH balance to clean your faux wood blind.

 It is Additionally Durable


Materials like vinyl are significantly more sturdy contrasted with normal wood.

And they can keep going for a really long time in the event that they are kept up with well. 

They are additionally pet-accommodating as wood is more inclined to breakage as pets romp around the house.

PVC is a kind of thermoplastic and it is built to be heatproof too. This is an extra benefit of such blinds.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Faux Wood Blinds?

disadvantages faux wood blinds

Albeit faux blinds enjoy benefits such as respect cost, dampness obstruction, simple maintenance, and sturdiness.

This article tries to clarify the cons of utilizing wooden faux blinds.

It Can Turn Out To Be More Malleable And Starts To Fade

At the point when wooden faux blinds are oftentimes presented to daylight, they might start to blur.

Then they would begin to turn out to be more malleable over the long run. The wooden faux blinds’ surface starts to break.

And become stained after being exposed to ultraviolet beams of the sun.

This is how the issue steadily deteriorates. The blurring and chipping of the surface diminish the blinds’ appearance.

Wooden blinds are, in many cases, ideal in such a manner. This is because they keep up with their attractive features for a more drawn-out time frame.

Note: Even if these blinds start to fade, they might not affect how they work.

It Is Heavy

it is heavy

Contrasted with real wood blinds, the wooden faux blinds are heavier.

It very well may be hard to track down faux wood traverses that come in longer aspects.

But since genuine wood blinds weigh lighter, you can, for the most part, get them in longer ranges.

The heaviness of wooden faux blinds improves it for more modest windows. It is typically not suggested for enormous windows.

It is ideal to have wooden faux blinds in areas for more straightforward control.

The Colour Option Is Limited And Can’t Be Easily Modified

limited colors

The variety of choices for faux blinds positively looks like hardwood. But there are fewer choices overall.

Wooden faux blinds can’t be created with the range of surfaces and shades that genuine hardwood would be able to. 

Assuming you have them worked, you could possibly choose the variety you want. However, the expense will go up.

And then it probably won’t be advantageous to pick these faux blinds over genuine wood.

Genuine wood blinds enjoy the extraordinary benefit of being painted in any variety. If you like to change their variety, you can do this over and over.

With wood faux blinds, you are restricted to the variety you pick when you buy them.

These blinds can not be refinished on the grounds that they are developed of vinyl or composite wood.

Subsequently, supplanting your faux blinds is the main choice to change their variety.

It Doesn’t Look As Impeccable As Real Wood

It is known that faux wood blinds attempt to mimic genuine wood.

But the top standard faux blinds can’t impeccably duplicate the artfulness and refined look of real wood.

In this manner, the appearance is clearly a disadvantage.

It Is Of Low Quality

low quality faux blinds

Wooden faux comes up short on the same degree of quality as costly certified wood blinds.

The embellished wood grain could draw in extra residue and make it more testing to clean the supports.

These blinds can not be refinished on the grounds that they are developed of vinyl or composite wood.

Subsequently, supplanting your wooden faux blinds is the main choice to change their variety.


The main thought while picking a blind is understanding how each works and the merits and demerits of each. 

So assuming a wooden faux blind is your choice, I trust this blog has responded to the inquiry “What are the disadvantages of faux wood blind?”

This blog additionally made sense of what wooden faux blind is about and what lies under their surface. It likewise incorporates the upsides of faux blinds.

Anyways, your choice, taste, cost, and way of life are factors that you likewise need to consider.