what wall color goes with white floor
Kristina Davis

Well, whatever your reasons are, now that it’s done, you are left to wonder what wall color goes with white floor?

You just recently did your floors and you chose the color white. Maybe because white symbolizes purity or maybe because it is a really cool color.

Whether it is a white ceramic tile floor or a white marble floor, the color white seems to complement any style you choose, and that is the reason it is so widely used.

But for a white floor, you might be wondering what your style choices are.

We would be picking out some really beautiful colors that would definitely bring your walls to life.

Some beautiful wall colors that would easily complement your white floors would be soft yellow, sea blue, cyan, and of course black.

Without wasting much time, let’s get right to it.  

First off, You Might Not Need To Change Your Walls

change your walls

There are other ways you can give a color theme or pop without needing to change the wall colors. You could play with the furniture in the room.

If the room you happen to be interested in is the bathroom, then you could change the towels or perhaps the other textiles.

Also, I recommend that you avoid shopping or getting any new furniture without a picture or a sample of your floors, whether it’s a marble floor or tile floor.

This is very important because it helps to have enough information to work with when deciding to match floor colors.

Tip: Work with the furniture attendant when deciding these things as they are quite experienced.

Knowing The Right Color

the right color

When shopping for new furniture or new fixtures, it is important to know the colors that match.

You should also consider what lighting you are under, it might be white or yellowish lighting.

For example, gold furniture or fixtures might not match some floor colors as much as silver does. You should also consider the exact look you would want for your room.

If what you are searching for is a more sophisticated look, then you should consider getting darker furniture or fixtures that would complement the white floors perfectly.

If what you are searching for is a more relaxed look, then you could consider getting furniture or fixtures with softer colors.

And the best part is white floors make it easy to give off that color pop you are searching for.

This is because white floors tend to create a high visual appeal that is aesthetically pleasing with almost any color.

Softer color fixtures and furniture might require a lot of maintenance 

What Wall Color Goes With White Floors?

color goes with white floors

If after all these considerations, you absolutely have to change your living space walls, then you definitely have to put into consideration what kinda floors you are working with before anything else.

If they are marbled floors then you definitely should be asking what wall color goes with white marble floor, if it is wood flooring or tiles.

Whatever type of floors you have,  these are the basics you need to be concerned with 

Soft Blue Walls On White Floors

soft blue

The first of the walls we would be looking at would be soft blue wall colors. Blue is a beautiful color that represents a lot of beautiful images.

Water, the sky, you can never go wrong with the color blue.

Pairing your soft blue walls with a white marble floor can give the feel of walking on the beautiful morning clouds, and that is a truly beautiful feeling.

Soft blue gives a more relaxed look and feels to your living space.

If you want a more sophisticated look, you should consider other shades of blue, like dark blue or perhaps mossy greens.

If you want a color pop, then the right furniture or fixtures for a soft blue living space or bathroom would be the color yellow or purple.

Sea Green Walls On White Floors

sea green

Another color combo that seems to appeal to a white marble floor would be the sea green color.

This soft color choice matches white floors perfectly. Giving a much more relaxed and playful look that just pleases the eyes.

A sea-green wall for your living space also helps in amplifying the size of the room. 

So if you’ve got a smaller room or living space, sea green might be the best color choice for your walls.

To give a more sophisticated look, you can consider using glass mirrors and other decoration pieces.

And when searching for the right furniture to complement your sea-green walls, I recommend the color white or yellow or perhaps a darker chase of blue for your curtains or sofa.

Any Shade Yellow Walls On White Floors

any shade of yellow

Firstly, one thing you should note is that any shade of yellow is perfect for your white floors.

Whether it’s a softer relaxing shade or a darker more sophisticated shade, whatever you decide to choose, yellow walls are simply created for white floors.

When deciding what furniture or decoration pieces complement the yellow walls, you could look to:

  • Color gold (for decorative pieces)
  • Citrus colors like pink and orange
  • Lime (for textiles and other furniture pieces).
Tip:  When looking for perfect decorative pieces to match your yellow walls, pick gold that makes the yellow pop out some more.

Black Walls On White Floors

color black

This is an unusual choice for white floors as you don’t find a lot of homes with black walls.

But black and white have always complemented each other perfectly. If you feel the solid black wall is a bit too much, you can opt for a horizontal stripe of black and white instead.    

You have a little more freedom when choosing the right furniture or fixtures to go with black walls.

You could either go with a color pop or perhaps just go with the neutral theme of the walls.

You could add dramatic dark colors to your living room space to create a high attention demand. If done the right way, it could come out as bold, impressive, and definitely eye-popping.

Some other Neutral Colors You Could Play With

color you could play

Your white floors create a blank slate for your walls, this means that you have enough room to play with when it comes to picking colors. 

For textiles, fabrics, and other furniture pieces, bland colors like gray could really go well with a white floor.

You could also try some accent colors because they go well with white floors.

Whatever you decide to do, the amount and extent of freedom the white floors allow are truly remarkable. It's a blank slate, do with it as you like.

Colors That Don’t Go with White Floors

colors dont go well

As we have already established, white floors allow a lot of freedom when it comes to color choices for your walls.

However, there is a color that might be a terrible idea, especially for furniture or fixtures, and that is the color silver.

Maybe it is the total lack of contrast or perhaps the similarity between both colors, one thing is certain, silver and white are a total mismatch.

If you are stuck with a silver wall, then you might want to see a professional to discuss wall changes or add a double coat to form grey.


Now that you know exactly what wall color goes with white floor, you can rest easy as your new floors have got the perfect partner to complement them.

With a massive array of color options to work with, the white floor truly is perfect for your living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Remember to seek a professional if the decision becomes a bit too overwhelming for you.

That’s all we have in this article, do remember to check out our previous articles, as you might learn something new.

For now, eat right, drink a lot of water, and of course, stay positive.