what furniture goes with light grey floors
Kristina Davis

Not too many of us are familiar with what furniture goes with light grey floors. In the recent past, grey has become a notorious color in home decor.

From walls to floors, to furniture and utensils. Most people, especially men, are color blind.

They couldn’t discern one color from the other apart from the common ones such as red, white, yellow, black, and green.

Saying, grey is an achromatic color intermediate between black and white might as well help such people.

Think of grey as when the clouds are usually heavy with rains characterized by a lot of wind and darkness.

So, grey is increasingly in demand but matching it correctly is king. So, what color furniture color goes with light grey flooring. Relax, we have this covered for you.

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Blue, black, white, oak, walnut, and red are the best colors that go hand in hand with light grey floors.

Do All Furniture That Go With Light Grey Floors Have The Same Color?

furniture that go with light grey

You must be wondering whether all the furniture should have the same color when furnishing your room.

I’m sure your intent was to match your light grey flooring. It must be hard on you, but you shouldn’t let it.

It is simple..

You should not let all furniture that matches well with light grey floors have the same color. If you do, there would be a lot of ambiguity in the decoration of your room.

There are different types of furniture in a room. From cupboards, tables, coffee tables, sofa sets, stools and so much more. Occasionally, people ask what color couches go with grey floors?

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Since there are a couple of colors that match well with grey flooring, then you should mix them.

However, do this responsibly, and plan them well in your room. Therefore, you should not have all the furniture in your room in one color.

Mix them up while ensuring that they blend well with the gray floor.

Tip: If all your furniture, that goes with light grey colors has the same color, it could become an eyesore.

What Furniture Goes With Light Grey Floors?

furniture goes in ight grey floors

Since grey floors are the new talk of the town, what color furniture goes with light grey flooring?

Everyone in the finishing stages of their home building thinks of grey as an option for flooring. Whether the floors are hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, to stone flooring.

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So, what color of furniture goes well with light grey flooring.  What color of couches goes with grey floors?

If you are not keen, then you might end up with different shades of color in your room. The sight will be boring and unimaginable.

But to help you out, we already mentioned the colors for furniture that can match well with grey floors.

And we’ll go ahead to expound on it. Meanwhile, mix them up but in an organized manner.

Color #1. Blue

the color blue

Blue has to be the most suitable color that matches best with gray flooring. I have seen this blend before and several times and it was a sight to behold.

It was a magnificent one and highly appealing. No colors have ever matched so well as blue and gray.

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They both work hand in hand to furnish your room with a decorative texture like no other.

Their combination reignites your moods while providing you with a warm ambiance. Such a setting is one that is cool for reminiscing, relaxing, reading, watching, or sleeping.

Like the sky itself, blue for your furniture takes your home to the skies. It leaves a lot of calm and tranquility in your room making life worth the moment.

Tip: A grey floor with markings of blue furniture is a match made in heaven and every homeowner desires.

Color #2. Black

the color black

Black furniture seems to be the most manufactured in the furniture industry. And we have found them to partner so well with grey floors.

Although both colors might appear dim, with enough lighting, your room is transformed into greatness.

Black is a defining color that pops on almost all other colors well. Grey for flooring and black for furniture used together is a monochromatic match.

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This simply means that they are one color represented by different hues.

Tip: Black can be blended with most other colors as undertones for grey flooring. It is a diverse color hence making it easy to pair up with many other undertones to build an appealing look.

Color #3. Red

color red

Red has never ever partnered so well with any other color as it has ever done with grey. Grey is the real deal for red.

And so furnishing a grey floored room with red or maroon furniture is an exotic scene. Picture a red couch on a gray floor and see the magic.

The scene is satisfying and thrilling. So, if you want to leave the tongues of your guests wagging and admiring your room, get a red couch on that grey floor.

No words can well describe the effect of these two on your home decor. These two colors shower your room with unmatched sophistication.

Tip; Using white throw pillows for the red couch with a touch of blue on the wall amidst the gray floor is the real picture of a king's palace.

Color #4. White

the color white

While styling your gray floor, placing white furniture in the background would be eye-catching.

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You may not need a white couch or table since they are so predisposed to dirt.

And they are tough to clean especially when you have restless children in your home or pets.

White furniture such as coffee tables, Tv stands, or stools makes your room look like it was some exotic resort. This styling is chic, beautiful, and sexy.

Note: If you are afraid of these white colors, then keep them off furniture with a lot of activity. Then instead use them for furniture you hardly use.

Color #5. Oak

the oak furniture

Oak and grey are so natural. Oak furniture on a grey floor showers your room with an excruciating taste of nature you never thought of.

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Oaks vary in two colors that are red and white.

These colors are our top pick for furniture to match with grey floors. You can also use walnut, a wood finish with dark brown streaks.

And for furniture colors that you shouldn’t dare match with grey flooring include, green, gold, silver, yellow, and pink.

Do not hesitate to test the other colors on grey flooring and see how they blend.

Tip: Oak is not white furniture but instead light-colored unpainted wood.

What Rugs Match Grey?

rugs that match grey

Do not forget that rugs matter as well, when pairing a grey floor with matching furniture.

Clean rugs are not just meant for keeping your room clean but have a hand in how lovely and decorated your room is.

Ensure your rug matches well with the gray floor.

Any rug of the colors highlighted above will match well with the floor.


In this blog post, you have encountered five of our top picks for colors that are ‘a yes-yes for grey floors.

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So, the stress you had over what color couches go with grey floors or what furniture goes with light gray floors has been resolved.

Nonetheless, do not hesitate to try other matches and see if they befit each other well.

Grey today is on the rise as a top pick color for floors. 

Whether on laminate, vinyl, or hardwood. They are trending, cozy, easy to clean, appealing, and lovely.

Once you install a grey floor, next you figure out how to match it perfectly with the furniture.

Thankfully, you do not currently have to worry about that anymore. This is because this article has covered it up for you.

Do not hesitate to try grey itself or any other colors and see how your room looks.