can you buy furniture from a staging company
Kristina Davis

A common question most home searchers (especially first-timers) ask is can you buy furniture from a staging company?

You will get an answer to this question and many more about home staging. Now let’s get started!

Finally, you’re ready to get your first house and possibly make it your home. And you may have probably fallen in love with the set of staged furniture whilst checking out your potential house.

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Do not be in a hurry to buy the set of furniture from a staging company if they are indeed up for sale. Be sure to examine them properly for flaws.

What Exactly Are Staging Companies?

staging company

When you go to the theater for a musical or any other staged performance, you often fall in love with the performance and every other aspect of the production.

You pay critical attention to how the stage has been designed and set up.

Usually, a lot of work goes into transitioning the stage from a bare, regular-looking platform into an entirely different world you will spend days thinking or talking about.

So What Does This Have to Do With Staging Companies?

a staging company

Well, the technique above is exactly what home staging companies do – they try to transform your home into something desirable that anyone would want to move into.

They do not focus alone on the living room but also on the kitchen, the bedroom, and the dining room.

It is not about removing or replacing old, worn-out furniture with better ones alone; artworks, flowers, ornaments, and other decorative pieces will also be introduced to improve appeal.

Note: Staging simply means making your home ready for sale to potential buyers. In even simpler terms, it means setting the stage.

Staging Inventory

staging companies inventory

Before you get caught up in how beautiful the furniture sets are, or your daydreaming of how you will inject your personality into the home and finally wondering whether or not you can buy furniture from a staging company.

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Have you stopped to wonder where staging companies get their inventories (furniture et others) from?

And where to buy staging furniture from?

Where Do Staging Companies Get Their Inventory From?

It is normal for a river to have numerous tributaries. In the same vein, a staging company can have a variety of sources for their inventories.

Furniture and other inventories can come from a local store or rental company (rental companies can be associated with the staging company).

where staging company get inventory

Also, furniture designers often meet up with these staging companies as an avenue to place their wares in the eyes of potential homeowners (this is usually for marketing purposes).

I know you still wonder if you can buy staged furniture. Stay with me a little longer and you will find your answer.

Disclaimer: Please note that home staging is not about redecoration. It is simply taking away the personality in a home, making it as neutral as possible such that it appeals to new potential buyers.

Home staging would involve activities such as cleaning the home and removal of personal artifacts (depersonalizing) such as pictures.

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Cost of Home Staging

cost of staging company

Realtor website pegs the cost of consulting a professional home stage at about $300-$600 and between $500-$600 for staging a room per month.

As a homeowner looking to sell a property, you may be wondering how to get your home staged which gives it a better shot at getting sold faster.

I will equip you with that knowledge here for free (talk about killing two birds with a stone).

Getting Your Home Staged

Remember that staging in the first place works for your best interest as a homeowner who wants to let go of a property.

It works to put forward, front and center your home’s best assets.

You don’t want potential buyers to only see what needs repairs in the house, any problem seen equals repairs deduction from their offering price.

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Does Staging Affect Sales?

staging affects sale

A 2021 report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) the 2021 Profile of Home Staging shows that —

About 82% of buyers’ agents agree that home staging indeed helps a home get off the market faster” as potential buyers envisage themselves in the house on visiting.

The report explained what areas of the home the buyers showed more interest in!

Note: It is not just about changing furniture.

I feel I should stress more on this; a lot of home staging depends on how much money you have and the set time frame.

These factors will largely define the level of staging you will employ; are you going to contract an agent or will you do it yourself.

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Staging Your Home yourself

staging furniture yourself

Whatever your choice be, staging your home will involve one or more of the following activities:

  • Cleaning
  • Decluttering
  • Depersonalizing
  • Painting and deco
  • Lighting
  • Going green.

Step #1: Cleaning

Potential buyers will leave faster than you can mention your asking price and never return if the house doesn’t look presentable.  Ensure it is clean.

Step #2: Decluttering

The aim is to put forward the best assets of your home, you do not want inconsequential items fighting for attention. Do away with those unnecessary items.

Step #3: Depersonalizing

remove personal things

Remember you want the potential buyer to want to get the house, make them envisage themselves living their lives in it.

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Take away your personal items like photos, awards, etc. just try to make their daydreaming as smooth as possible and assist them by depersonalizing the space.

Step #4: Painting and Decorations

You don’t know what colors the buyers may fancy, simply opt for warm and neutral colors.

As for decorations, ensure you do not overdo it, minimal decorations in and around the house should suffice.

Step #5: Lighting

Your home’s natural light will serve best here. Also, ensure all switches are in perfect working condition. Your home becomes more inviting when it is well lit.

Step #6: Going Green

add plants

If you are a plant lover, your hope of getting very good offers will receive a boost if your home has a few plants (if potted even better) placed strategically in and around the house.

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Do not clutter plants in a single spot and do away with dead ones.

Can you Buy Staged Furniture?

I have explained where staging companies get their inventories from. This means that oftentimes the realtor does not own the inventories or do the staging.

The furniture company involved has a say in determining whether or not the furniture is for sale.

Many professional home stagers own some of these inventories, especially furniture, they keep them for reuse after the sale of the house has been completed.

buying a staged furniture
Remember: the source of the furniture used for staging will determine if it is for sale or not. If it is from a designer or furniture company, then it was placed there for marketing purposes. 

Ask to know the source. (Clues to your question, can you buy furniture from a staging company?)

Where there are flaws, ask the designer if they can be fixed easily.

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You should also ensure the color will be in sync with whatever color scheme you may choose for decorations and house paintings.

Try to connect with the furniture designer or leasing house as you may find other awesome options.


This roller coaster was set in motion to answer your question: if you can buy furniture from a staging company!

I hope I have effectively done justice to it and I am sure you know a lot about home staging now as well.

Home staging companies work or look towards ensuring that the appeal of homes put out for sale is increased which invariably increases the potential of sales.

So, yes! You can buy staged furniture if they’re worth it.

In the future, if you want to let go of a property, I hope this comes in handy for you. If it does, then you owe me a tiny percentage of your sales (lol).

See you around.