do buyers keep the furniture on texas flip and move
Kristina Davis

Do buyers keep the furniture on Texas Flip and Move? For fans of the show, this is one of the most significant inquiries that viewers have!

There is a lot of speculation concerning home renovation shows where they flip rundown homes, fix them up, and sell them for profit.

This show’s premise is quite interesting, as it is a little different than many of the other shows on HGTV.

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After all that hard work, the before and after pictures are astounding, but do buyers get to relish in it, or is it just for show?

Keep reading to learn more about Texas Flip and Move and how the process of renovating and keeping the furniture works.

The buyers typically do not get to keep the furniture, but depending on the client, there may be some pieces included with purchasing the house, or a standout piece might be gifted to the homeowners.

What’s the Premise of the Show?

premises of show

The show brings you multiple teams of professional home renovators that compete with one another to purchase homes that they’d like to flip for a profit.

The audience watches the participants buy derelict frame houses that are on the brink of getting condemned.

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This show is different from many others because the renovators are only purchasing the house instead of the land it sits on. They only get to see the outside of the home when they initially make the purchase.

Once one of the teams wins the bidding war for the house, they move it to an auction lot where they film the show in New Fairview, Texas.

Note: The teams on the show consist of people that actually do the construction work, not actors.

Is the Show Staged?

is the show staged

This question is where you get into whether or not buyers get to keep the furniture.

It is widely known that renovation shows that stage the home is only doing so for the final reveal, but the new homeowners won’t get to keep the furniture.

It’s a bit different when it comes to Texas Flip and Move. Toni Snow, one of the leading personalities on the show, has repeatedly stated that they do not follow a script and are 100 percent themselves at all times.

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She contends that they are all knowledgeable and not just playing the role.

However, as it relates to the homes, it would be nearly impossible to renovate an entire home after having it moved in such a short amount of time.

Also, there are situations in real life where you need approval from a third party in order to complete the purchase.

Note: It takes six to twelve weeks to purchase a home and flip it.

Given everything that goes into flipping a home, building codes, getting estimates, actual completion of the work, and so on, it wouldn’t be possible to complete so many episodes per year if it weren’t at least partially staged.

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What Do the Representatives From HGTV Say?

Betsy Ayala is the Senior Vice President of Production and Development for HGTV, and she says that nearly every renovation show on their network is staged.

She mentions that this is the only way for us to view new episodes of our favorite house renovation shows each day.

Though she didn’t speak specifically about the show Texas Flip and Move, she stated that there is some room to keep the furniture depending on the scale and types of completed projects.

Do Buyers Keep the Furniture on Texas Flip and Move: What Happens After the Show

after the show

Based on the pattern that other home renovation shows from the network follow, the furniture gets purchased by the homeowner or returned to the furniture company at the conclusion of the show.

Here’s how it works:

The renovators will pick certain furniture and decor pieces from a local furniture company, and rent them for short-term use in order to set the house up for the new owners.

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Once they show the house, the couple or individual has to agree to purchase those items, or they get returned to the store.

That includes couches, clocks, centerpieces, chairs, everything in the house can get removed. In some cases, the new owners may want to keep all of their own furniture from the previous home.

In other instances, the owners keep their furniture and the network also gives them one or two standout pieces such as a sectional or a table, etc. However, this is not a guarantee from show to show.

Note: The renovators may offer clients a refurbished piece or a standout item that spoke to them personally.

Pros and Cons of Keeping the Furniture

pros and cons

There are some advantages and disadvantages to keeping the furniture that clients can contemplate when deciding whether they’d want to keep the furniture or not.

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  • If they aren’t great at decorating, they already have everything in place And there’s no worry about furnishing the home or moving items on your own
  • They might get beautiful items at a fraction of the price because of contracts between the network and furniture companies
  • They can pick some items that they like without committing to purchasing everything


  • The home wasn’t designed by them personally, so it may not feel like “home” right away
Note: Clients can request that renovators select used furniture so that it's more affordable in the end when they buy the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding the furniture on Texas Flip and Move:

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1. Is The Furniture Expensive On Texas Flip And Move?

The furniture on the show is costly, as each team is trying to make the house look as nice as possible to entice the buyer to make the deal and win the comp by earning the highest profit.

Usually, a design artist makes those decisions, and they tend to pick a combination of budget and exquisite pieces.

2. Can You Trust House Flipping Shows?

You can trust them to entertain you! They aren’t going to show you every aspect of buying and flipping a home, all the expenses included.

However, you still get to see a fantastic transformation that eventually occurs, just not in the timeframe you’re told.

3. Does HGTV Let Any Homeowners Keep The Furniture?

So, on Texas Flip and Move, do the buyers get to keep the furniture?

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Probably not, but according to the Senior VP of productions, there is a slight chance that a few of their clients might require them to keep the items inside the house.

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Final Thoughts

Due to the nature of the show and the fact that it’s unrealistic that the teams renovating these homes could have them completed so quickly, it’s safer to say that the buyers wouldn’t get to keep the furniture, at least not initially.

Because this show is so much different from the other flipping shows, it’s not exactly clear what all of the inner workings are.

So, do buyers keep the furniture on Texas Flip and Move? We’re going to say no for the moment until one of the show’s stars decides to divulge a little more information to us.