how long can you keep furniture in storage
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Have you ever been in a position where you were asked; how long can you keep furniture in storage?  Well, that’s what this article is all about.

There are lots of reasons why people store furniture. You might inherit furniture from a beloved or maybe you’re renovating your home and need to get all the furniture out.

We’ll give you the basics to keeping your furniture safe in storage and answer some important questions along the way.

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Do read through the whole article to be sure that you don’t miss a thing. Without wasting much time let’s get this on.

The length at which you store your furniture depends on a few factors, two of which are the method of preservation, and the type of storage unit used.

Why Put Furniture in Storage?

putting furniture in storage room

Self-storage facilities have become quite popular in the United States. And for most storage facilities out there, furniture remains the number 1 most common item being stored.

But why store furniture in storage? Well, as I stated earlier, there are lots of reasons why people store furniture. And some of these reasons are;

To Reduce Stress Caused by Moving

Whether it’s to our first home or to a different apartment in a different town, we all face the stress of moving at some point in our lives.

Sometimes renting a temporary storage unit for your furniture could help reduce the stress caused by moving.

To Help Declutter Your Living Space

declutter space

A Lot of people suffer when deciding what to get rid of and what to keep when trying to declutter their homes.

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Renting a storage space could be useful in making such decisions.

Vacating a Dorm Room at the Start of Summer

For those still in college, you probably also have to deal with where to keep all your stuff before going on holiday.

Renting a storage space does solve this problem too.

Tip: If you do find yourself in need of a storage facility near your campus, consider renting one a week in advance so as to get adequate space.

To Keep an Organized Inventory for Your Businesses

keeping things organized

For those who run furniture-making businesses. Keeping your furniture in storage is a great way to keep track of all your inventory.

These are some of the reasons why you might need to store your furniture. Another question we need to answer is how do we safely keep our furniture in storage?

How to Keep Furniture Safe in Storage? – Best Options

Keeping your furniture in a storage facility might be easy, but honestly, there really is no guarantee that you would recover them in the exact condition that they were in before you stored them.

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keeping furniture safe

Your furniture could face a lot of damage if stored wrongly, so do count yourself lucky, as I’ll be showing you just how to safely keep your furniture in storage.

Option #1: Check Out All Options

It can be quite expensive to store your furniture in a storage facility. Would you be keeping them for a long time, or are you planning to sell them and get new furniture over time?

Regardless, storage units’ average costs vary, and most times, choosing to store furniture in storage units makes more sense when moving.

Try considering all the options when it comes to choosing a storage space. Getting a climate-controlled unit might be ideal when storing furniture for long periods.

A climate-controlled unit would help keep your furniture safe from changing temperatures and moisture.

Vintage furniture, wooden furniture, and couches made with delicate material are best kept in climate-controlled units.

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Option #2: Have Everything Thoroughly Cleaned

clean thoroughly

Make sure all furniture that goes into the storage unit is thoroughly cleaned.

This could limit mold and dust from forming or any traces of mice in your storage space and also prevent the transfer of odor from one furniture piece to the other.

When cleaning furniture for storage, try doing some of the following;

  • Use mild soap and water when cleaning the plastic or wooden furniture.
  • Use special wood cleaners like Murphy oil soap to clean vintage wooden furniture. This protects the finish.
  • Use an upholstery or fabric cleaner when cleaning couches. Sofas or seat cushions.
  • Do ensure that they are completely dry before storing.
  • You can remove oxidation or delay tarnish buildup by cleaning all metal surfaces with a metal cleaner and polishing cloth. 

Option #3: Try Disassembling Every Furniture

disassemble eveything

Before any furniture piece goes into storage try disassembling them. This includes bookshelves, chairs, tables, desks, and much more.

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This could help reduce the possibility of scratching or breaking your furniture.

Tip: Place all screws, wrenches, bolts and other little items in a labeled bag which should be stored alongside the furniture it belongs to.

Option #4: Wrap All Furniture to Be Stored for Long Periods of Time

When storing your furniture for a long time, do ensure you completely cover everything, even the floor.

If your storage unit is not climate controlled, cover the storage floor with a plastic sheet before placing anything inside.

This ensures that moisture from the floors does not seep into the furniture

Tip: Don't use thick plastic sheets to cover furniture as this could lock in moisture and could make the furniture swell through condensation.

Option #5: Protect Your Glass Furniture

protect glass

For your glass furniture, using packing paper to wrap them would be a good start to keeping them safe.

After which you can place them in a flat, long, and wide box for extra safety.

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Option #6: Avoid Perishable Items

It doesn’t matter if it’s only a few months or for longer time periods but avoid keeping perishable items near furniture to be stored.

They could attract bugs and other crawlies to your furniture, and we don’t want that.

Clean all cardboard boxes to be used and never use any box gotten from the grocery store.

Option #7: Don’t Overcrowd Your Storage Space

don't overcrowd

Try not to overdo it, an easy way to break your furniture is by cramping it up in a storage facility. Organize your storage unit to gain easy access.

When placing furniture, try starting with the larger pieces then slowly work your way down to the smaller ones.

Option #8: Keep All Furniture off the Floor

If your storage unit doesn’t have climate control, avoid keeping any furniture to be stored directly on the floor.

Using cinder blocks or pellets to keep furniture off the floor helps add an extra layer of protection against disasters like flooding.

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So, How Long Can You Keep Furniture in Storage?

how long to keep furniture in storage

From the article, there are a lot of factors and options to consider when storing furniture.

And these factors should guide you when deciding how long you can keep your furniture in storage.

How long you can store your furniture in a storage unit depends on answering these two key questions.

1. Preservation Techniques or Methods Used

The preservation technique matters a lot, and it is one of the key determinants of how long you can keep your furniture in storage.

There is no need to keep your furniture in storage for too long if you feel insecure about their method of storage.

2. What Storage Unit Type Are You Using?

type of storage

The storage unit type matters a lot too. Drive-up storage is known to convey a high convenience level.

It is ideal for people who are looking to store their furniture as fast as possible.

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Climate control storage is the best way to store your furniture if you truly want them to remain safe for a long period of time.

The answers to these questions can only be answered by one person, and that person is You!


You shouldn’t have to be stressed when storing your furniture in a storage unit.

Following the steps in this guide would definitely help when deciding how long you can keep furniture in storage.

Remember to always cover your furniture properly and avoid cramping your storage unit. Getting the appropriate size really matters, so keep that in mind too.

Also, try getting a climate-controlled unit to help regulate the environment in which your furniture is kept.

And there you have it, all you need to know about keeping your furniture in storage, hopefully, this should help when answering the important questions.

Do ensure you read our previous articles; you might learn something. For now, have a great time.