what kills scabies on furniture
Kristina Davis

Are you having a severe pest infestation and found out that it was an itch mite? Did it lead you to wonder what kills scabies on furniture?

If so, then we totally know how you feel!

Itch mites or scabies mites are not only annoying, but they can also be detrimental to your health.

This is because they are the cause of scabies, an infestation that leaves you with pimple-like bumps and even crusted skin.

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These types of pests will bury themselves in the upper layer of your skin and lay their eggs, which leads to an itchy and painful rash that won’t quickly go away.

When calling a pest control doesn’t seem to be possible, don’t fret!

There are actually many ways to remove scabies from your furniture, and in this article, we’re going to discuss all you need to know about this!

What Kills Scabies on Furniture?

scabies killing

For those homeowners who aren’t aware, the main things’ scabies is a fan of invading are the following:

  • Clothes and sheets
  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Carpets
  • Couches and sofas
Scabies is highly contagious and can spread from person to person when in direct contact.

So if someone in your family gets infected, it’s likely that you may have it too.

In the past, professionals have tried experimenting and researching the best ways to remove scabies from furniture, and many have been quite successful.

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You can expect to use natural home remedies such as borax, bleach, and hot water.

But we’ve also got a special treat for you at the end of this article that is thought to be the most successful of them all.

So get your materials ready, and let’s begin!

Natural Home Remedies For Killing Scabies on Furniture

When it comes to killing itch mites, you must be cautious and precise with the treatments you use since even a slight mistake might worsen the infestation.

Although they may be relatively small, mites are smart and fast.

They will know if you are aiming to eradicate them and will seek shelter somewhere else to avoid getting annihilated.

To start off our guide, let’s have our first item on the list, which is…

Method #1: Killing Itch Mites With Borax


Although borax is mainly used to kill scabies in clothing, it’s pretty effective when utilized for removing these creatures from furniture too.

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Borax is a natural mineral compound that has been a natural cleaning booster. When scabies it this, they are poisoned by the active components in borax.

These substances can also target the protective wax that keeps them from drying, causing scabies to dry out and die.

Borax is easy to use to remove itch mites, just follow the steps below, and you’re all set:

  • Simply take 3 tablespoons full of borax and place it in a bowl.
  • Pour in a cup of water and mix until the powder dissolves.
  • When the solution is ready, grab a brush and dab it into the mixture.
  • Run the brush across the area you suspect itch mites to be.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes before washing or wiping it off.

You may do this method at least three times a week to see the maximum results.

Now that we’ve got that covered let’s head to the next ingredient in our list, which is…

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Method #2: Stop Scabies With the Use of Bleach

use bleach

Bleach carries a toxin called hypochlorite, which reacts with mites to cause fast oxidation, putting an end to scabies swiftly.

In other words, it acts as a decomposer, destroying the inner parts and organs of these obnoxious animals.

Oftentimes, people who already have scabies eggs in their skin will usually take a hot bath with bleach in their tub.

However, if you’re trying to use it to remove itch mites from your furniture, then the procedure is quite different.

Check the steps below to know how to do it:

  1. Start by taking 1 cup of bleach and mix it with 1 cup of water.
  2. Place it in an empty spray bottle and shake it well before using.
  3. Spray the infected area with the solution.
  4. Be sure you cover all sides of the furniture to ensure no mite survives.
  5. Once done, let it sit for 15 minutes before respraying the item.
  6. Allow your furniture to dry after you’ve completed the treatment.
When using bleach, we be careful not to stain your furniture, especially when you're dealing with mattresses, sofas, and couches.

However, if you don’t seem to have bleach on hand, then don’t panic! We’ve still got some natural tactics on our sleeve, and that involves…

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Method #3: Get Rid of Scabies Mites With Hot Water

use hot water

If you’re suspecting you’ve got some mites on your couch pillows but don’t have bleach or borax on hand, then don’t fret!

You can still quickly kill these creatures with just your stovetop, pot, and water. Pretty easy, right?

Studies show that scabies mites exposed to heat ranging from 50-60 C for a good 15 minutes effectively kill these pests.

Mites that cause scabies have soft bodies which will easily melt when in contact with high heat, leading them to die.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by heating water and pour it into a large basin once it boils.
  • Submerge your couch pillows for 15 minutes and cover with plastic.
  • Once done, dry under the direct heat of the sun to kill any remaining mites.
However, if you need to treat your mattress, we suggest you place it under the sun for three days since the UV rays will do a similar job.

Now that we’ve got the top 3 natural ways to kill itch mites off your furniture let’s have our…

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Section Summary

Scabies is indeed annoying creatures, but they are not invincible!

In this section, you’ve learned that killing mites from your furniture is possible by using 3 methods which are borax, bleach, and hot water.

Finally, we can head on to the secret ingredient, and that is…

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What to Do When Natural Remedies Don’t Work?

If natural remedies don’t seem to work, then one of the best chemicals considered to be the most effective is Permethrin.

This is a product that affects the neurological system of mites, causing them to die.

With a success rate of 98%, this product has been a lifesaver for both people who are infected with the creature and those who have homes plagued by it.

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Permethrin is a medication and pesticide available under various trade names, including Nix.

As a medicine, it is utilized to treat scabies infection. As a pesticide, it can be sprayed on furniture where pests may be hiding.

To use the product, all you need to do is

Step 1: Start by shaking the solution before using it. This will allow the chemical’s properties to mix well.

Step 2: Once done, spray it directly on the infested furniture. Be sure you cover all sides to make sure the mites don’t runoff.

Step 3: Leave it for 5 minutes to allow the solution to penetrate the item. Repeat three times to ensure effective results.

Step 4: Dry off your furniture right under the heat of the sun before placing it back in your room. The heat will remove any remaining mites.

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New Life Hacks to Remember

As someone who wants to protect their family and home, knowing that Permethrin is effective in killing off scabies from furniture is indeed golden knowledge.

You now know how to use this product to your advantage, and we’re confident you’ll be able to keep your home safe from these dangerous creatures!

Before you head out to try your newly acquired knowledge, let’s finally have our…


This article has been beneficial to those who wanted to know what kills scabies on furniture.

You can easily take all of these tips and advice to heart and make your home a safer place to live in for both you and your loved ones.

We hope we’ve been helpful to all our valued readers out there!

‘Til next time.