do humidifiers damage furniture
Kristina Davis

Just as I was about to purchase a humidifier online, my partner asked me a question. She asked, “Do humidifiers damage furniture?

Winter was fast approaching, and so I had decided to go get a humidifier for my home.

And at that moment I was left a little bit confused because we really needed to get a humidifier in the house for the winter. But I wasn’t sure if it had any effect on my furniture or my home in general.

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And so I did some asking around but no one seemed to have the right answers as to if there were any effects of humidifiers on furniture.

That led me to do some research online to find out the benefits of humidifiers in our homes and their effects on furniture most especially.

In this article we will be looking at the pros and cons of humidifiers and if truly humidifiers damage wood furniture.

Although Humidifiers don’t often damage furniture materials, it is advised that you place all humidifiers away from wood-like furniture.

Humidifiers And What It Does

the humidifiers

So what are humidifiers? Humidifiers are devices mostly electrical that increase the humidity of a place.

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They are designed in such a way that they constantly give out moisture into the air of a room, making the air around the room feel somewhat wet.

Humidifiers are very important appliances in our homes, regardless of the season.

Although it is a very useful device, the manner in which we use it will help determine if it would be of good help to us and our home or otherwise.

The standard level of humidity in our homes should be between 30% and 50%. 

Anything that is way above or way below those levels could be damaging to not just us but also our home furniture.

What Are The Benefits Of Humidifiers

the humidifier benefits

Well, In the heart of winter the air can be very dry, dry air which is generally bad for our respiration is also a breeding ground for so many germs and diseases.

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This is why a lot of people;

  • fall ill or sick,
  • Might have increased allergies,
  • Have dry skin,
  • sore throat,
  • sinus congestion and so many other sicknesses that come from dry air.

Moist air on the other hand is good for respiration, it reduces the overall level of breeding of bacteria causing diseases and germs in the house.

With the help of a humidifier in winter, many of these health effects could be reduced by almost 70%.

Note: Dry air can cause the furniture to crack and split. It could also cause gaps and cracks in wood floors which are not reversible and could deter the look of the floor as well as the overall quality.

The Effects Of Humidifiers In Our Homes

effects of humidifier

With all the aforementioned advantages of humidifiers, needless to say, humidifiers if not used properly and right could as well affect our general well-being and cause certain health issues for us.

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As stated above the best humidity level that is most beneficial to us is between 30% and 50%.

As too little humidity can be damaging and also too much humidity can as well have its own effects on our health and home.

One of the major effects of a humidifier is its effect on household materials such as wooden furniture, and flooring.

Yes I know, in the chapter above I mentioned that humidifiers could help protect the wood, and so you’re probably wondering; How then do humidifiers damage the furniture?

Well read on and you’d find out just what I mean and how you can prevent it.

Effects Of Humidifiers On Furniture

humidifiers effects on furniture

Our Furniture is an important part of our home, ranging from chairs to tables to drawers and cupboards.

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Every home is bound to have one piece of a wooden piece of furniture or a wood floor.

Wood is a fibrous resource material, which is most famous for building, crafting, and flooring.

It is used to make numerous varieties of furniture, wood floors and building of shelters, and a lot more.

Wooden furniture is very common and is sought after by loads of people today.

Note: Humidifiers do not affect just the furniture at home, it affects a bunch of other home appliances.

Do Humidifiers Damage Furniture?

humidifier damages furniture

Although it was stated above that humidifiers are helpful to wood floors and furniture, which is correct but on a much different scale, too much humidity can be damaging for furniture.

Dry air draws moisture from wooden floors, furniture, and walls. This can cause permanent damage to pieces of wood, as drying can cause cracks and crevices.

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Below are some of the disadvantages of humidifying furniture and how we can solve them;

Wetness of Wood

Wood is very responsive to moisture, as they absorb moisture and could swell and lose form.

This happens when the wood comes in contact with too much moisture either in liquid form or in gaseous form.

the wood wetness

A common mistake is to place your humidifier on your furniture to stand or place your humidifier close to your furniture and wood floor.

Another way your furniture can get too moist is when the humidity of your room is too high.

When setting up your humidifier, avoid placing it on or anywhere close to any wooden structure. Don’t place it on your wooden table or stool, don’t place it on a wooden floor.

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And if you have no option, ensure you place it on a mat or on any surface that won’t allow moisture to penetrate.

Growth Of Molds, Fungus, And Bacteria

Not only does excess moisture damage wood, but it also makes wood damp which supports the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungus.

Molds and fungi are known to grow in damp areas. These microorganisms can in turn cause illnesses to us and our loved ones.

This happens when we fail to constantly observe the level of our room’s humidity, especially when our humidifier has been on for a very long time.

molds and fungus
Tip: A good practice is to always ensure at all times to check the level of your room's humidity.

Ensure that your room humidity is within 30% and 50% as anything above 50% for too long will cause your furniture to get wet and damp.

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A hygrometer is a useful tool that helps to determine the level of your room’s humidity.


Do humidifiers damage furniture? Getting a humidifier means resting assured that despite the cold weather outside, better sleep is rest assured and you don’t have to worry about your furniture’s state dwindling.

We have seen the benefits of humidifiers in our homes and how they can affect our wood and furniture.

So, therefore, get yourself a humidifier today because I sure will, it is important that we always maintain the right level of humidity in our homes at all times.

With this, I got my clarity and I hope you have too. And so, when someone asks you: Do humidifiers damage furniture?

I believe you have the right answers.