homedics humidifier costco not working
Kristina Davis

Is your Homedics humidifier Costco not working and you’re not sure what to do about it?

Before bringing it back, I was able to find a couple of fixes you can do to resolve it initially.

To fix your Homedics Humidifier, double-check if the power cord is plugged in properly. Then, ensure that there is enough water in the reservoir. If it still doesn’t work properly, reset the humidifier.

It was a constant battle of finding and checking whether the humidifier is working or not.

As part of the process, I started to study and learn about the Homedics humidifier better.

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What Do the Lights on the Homedics Humidifier Mean?

what do light means

Your Homedics humidifier has been made and engineered to be easy, simple, and convenient to use.

The manufacturer utilized lights to indicate the status of the humidifier.

This is what I consider one of the best features the humidifier has.

I don’t need to guess what’s happening, it’s already indicated! In case you’re not sure what these lights mean, here’s what

Green Light

This means that everything with the humidifier is working properly.

The water level is clean and just right, the power is plugged in properly, and there’s no blockage on the outlet for the humidifier’s mist.

Red Light

a red light

The red light on your Homedics humidifier could mean many things.

There are some models of the Homedics humidifier that have manual indicators that there are problems with the device.

Among the many different causes, the following are the most common reasons why it’s displaying red lights:

  • There are power and electrical problems
  • There are blockages on the vapor output slot – the mist isn’t escaping
  • The water in the humidifier isn’t clean
  • The water inside the humidifier isn’t enough
One of the most noticeable signs I consider is when I see a red light on any of the LED indicators on the humidifier. 

In this case, what do you need to do to fix it? What are the steps you should take to fix and resolve it?

Homedics Humidifier Costco Not Working? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

how to fix it

Don’t panic when you find that your Homedics humidifier isn’t working. It might seem like it’s not fixable, but it actually is!

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Here I have come up with the best and most effective method of getting down to what’s causing it, and of course, fixing it.

Step #1: Check the Power Cord/Power Outlet

check the power chord

Humidifiers work with electricity. So, if its electrical component is busted, then it wouldn’t really work no matter how hard you try.

Check all power components of the humidifier – look at the power cord and check if there are frays and cuts.

Furthermore, check both its input and output connection. Ensure that the 2 ends are connected tightly. 

If any of these are loose, then there would really be problems with how it will function.

When you’re sure that everything with the power supply is good, it’s time to go to the next step, which is…

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Step #2: Double-Check the Water Reservoir

check the water reservoir

The water level on your humidifier will gradually decrease as it does its job of filtering dust and dirt.

And if it has been turned on for 3 days and counting, it could have significantly decreased.

Check and see if the water level on your Homedics humidifier is still enough for it to function.

NOTE: The newer models and versions of the Homedics humidifier have an indicator of the water level. 

If it’s blinking red, then it only means that it doesn’t have enough water in the tank.

If it doesn’t have an indicator, check it manually by taking the cover out and removing the water.

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But what if it has enough water and it’s still blinking?

Should there be sufficient water or the water level the tank has is enough, it could be caused by dirty or runny water.

What you want to do in this case is replace or fill it up with clean water, which brings us to our next step…

Step #3: Replace it With Clean Water

clean water

Take the water from your humidifier out.

Personally, I found this easy and convenient because what I owned was the TotalComfort Ultrasonic Homedics humidifier, which was straightforward, and easy to operate.

I simply had to remove the cover, pour the water contents out, and fill it up with clean, lukewarm, tap water.

That’s only what you need to do, too!

Before you reassemble the humidifier, though, make sure that the air filter is clean, too.

Step #4: Clean and Replace the Air Filter

Air filters are integral parts of humidifiers.

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They filter and clean the air from pollutants, dust, and dirt, all the while dehumidifying the atmosphere, which promotes complete comfort, added scent, and relaxation.

clean and replace

You can clean the air filter from dust and dirt that it could have accumulated, only if it’s still salvageable.

Otherwise, you’ll need to replace it with an air filter that is fully compatible with the version or model of your Homedics humidifier.

NOTE: Not all air filters have the same size. 

You need to double-check and ensure that the air filter you’re going to replace it with is compatible with the humidifier model.

Step #5: Reset Your Homedics Humidifier

If these aren’t enough, the last and final step you want to do is reset your humidifier.

In resetting it, though, it will be best if the humidifier is empty, and the power cord is unplugged. This is so that your humidifier can start from a clean slate.

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But how do you do this? What steps can you take to properly reset your Homedics humidifier?

How Do I Reset My Homedics Humidifier?

reset humidifier

Resetting your Homedics humidifier is easy.

Follow these steps to reset your humidifier properly:

  1. Unplug the Homedics humidifier from power.
  2. Then, remove the water tank from the humidifier.
  3. Clean the tank to get rid of captured dirt and dust.
  4. Reassemble the tank back to the humidifier.
  5. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

That’s just about it! That is how you reset your Homedics humidifier without causing any trouble or problem!

When Should You Clean Your Homedics Humidifier?

I noticed the “cleaning” light or indicator blink at an interval of 1 and a half weeks.

This simply means that the humidifier gets dirty after a week.

when to clean humidifier

The cleaning will depend on the conditions where your humidifier is in.

If the atmosphere where you placed it is dirty and dusty, you might have to clean it in a shorter timeframe.

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On the other hand, if the environment is clean, it can be longer than 2 weeks.

When you clean your humidifier, it’s just right to perform a reset so that it gets back to its default settings.

My Humidifier Still Isn’t Working, What Should I Do?

If it’s still not working after performing the fix process above, it’s time to look for a new humidifier.

Just like any other type of device, your humidifier wouldn’t last forever, especially if you use it on a regular basis.

I replaced mine after about 8 months of continuous use. Still not bad because it was able to do its role properly.


popular questions about humidifier

If, in case, you still feel like you need more help and information about why your Homedics humidifier isn’t working, here are some of the most asked questions you should know.

Why is My Ultrasonic Homedics Humidifier Not Misting?

Your Homedics humidifier is not misting, or it isn’t releasing mist simply because there’s clogging on the vibrating membrane.

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Something like dirt or dust could be blocking it from releasing mist or water vapor, and therefore, it doesn’t release the mist you’re looking for.

If there’s no blockage, it could be because the water level is higher than recommended.

The higher the water level, the less room it will have for vapor to produce and flow out.

How Do I Know That My Homedics Humidifier Costco is Broken? 

There are a few signs that your humidifier is already at the edge of breaking.

The most common ones are:

  • It’s emitting loud, annoying noises when it’s turned on.
  • It doesn’t increase humidity successfully
  • You smell a foul odor coming from the humidifier
  • It’s not turning on even if the power supply is good

Is it Time to Buy a New Humidifier?

Finding your Homedics humidifier Costco not working can be a bummer.

But, before you think about throwing it out, try fixing and checking first if it’ll still work!