How To Clean Teak Shower Bench
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to clean teak shower bench is necessary because a teak shower bench is one of the best bench options for your shower.

Having a bench in your bathroom makes it easier to move about whether you need help in the shower or not.

However, if your teak shower bench accumulates dirt or mold, what will you do?

We’ve explored tips on how to clean a teak shower bench in this article. Read on to find out more.

You can clean your teak shower bench easily by using a cleaning solution. After washing it with a cleaning solution, dry it and apply teak oil to preserve it.

How To Clean Teak  Shower Bench

cleaning bench

Teak is impervious to buildup and microbes.

Be that as it may, minerals, cleanser buildup, and other such debasements from water can bring about amassed soil/dirt.

Hence, you want to design out routine cleaning regularly.

Especially once you begin to see water finishes, cleanser rubbish, or potentially mold on the outer layer of the bench.

These techniques and steps will instruct you on the best method on how to clean teak wood shower benches.

Items needed include;

  • 2 cups of water
  • A delicate fiber brush
  • 1 tsp of dish cleanser
  • 2 cups of vinegar
  • 2-gallon container
  • A shower bottle
  • Baking pop
  • Cleaning wipe

Prepare The Teak Shower Bench

prepare teak shower bench

Begin by bringing all the materials above together and setting them close to the teak bench.

Then, eliminate any private items and embellishments from the bench and any of its racks.

This incorporates blades, cleanser bars, body towels, shower covers, body oils, and shampoo cans.

It’s likewise smart to look at the lower part of these things to guarantee that they have no dirt on them also.

You would rather not move it back to the bench, assuming they do. If they give indications of dirt or mold, make certain to sanitize them with your cleaning arrangement. 

Tip: Do this before putting these items back on the shower bench.

Make Your Cleaning Solution

cleaning solutions

To know how to clean a teak shower bench, it is imperative to know the solution for cleaning teak wood shower bench.

You can make your cleaning solution. You do not have to go out to purchase one.

Utilizing a handcrafted teak cleaner is the least demanding and best approach to cleaning the shower benches. Follow through the next steps and you will find it easy.

One of the most regularly utilized items is vinegar. Vinegar is an incredible deodorizer, dirt remover, and a great restroom cleaner.

Steps To Make Vinegar Cleaning Solution

  • Take a half cup of vinegar in a bowl.
  • Add a half cup of warm water to it.
  • Add two tablespoons of dish cleanser to the arrangement.
  • mix it well

Vinegar is great for light cleaning of teak benches.

Yet, even though the development of form is inconvenient, bleach can be a good option. Thus, follow these moves to make the bleach solution

Steps To Make The Bleach Solution

  • Get bleach solution depending on the beneficial amount.
  • Stir it up with water at a ratio of 1:4. (It implies that add 1 liter of blanching answer for 4 liters of water)
  • Mix it well

Utilize The Solution For The Teak Bench

use solution

Rub the teak shower bench with the cleaning solution, and cover every nook and cranny.

Use a sponge if you plan to utilize a pail. This will allow the cleaning solution to soak the bench. Then, use a brush to wash the bench.

Make sure to wash between the wood boards where specks of dirt will, in general, stow away.

Peradventure you experience difficulty arriving at those regions with your brush, track down an expendable toothbrush to use. 

Sit tight for five to ten minutes after using the solution if the teak bench is very dirty. This will allow time for the solution to ease the mold and make it easy to eliminate.

If your bench has water stains. You can likewise eliminate these with a cleaning solution.

To eliminate water stains, take a teaspoon of non-gel toothpaste and consolidate it with a teaspoon of baking pop. Apply the gel to the stains.

Tip: Use a brush to rub the paste into the wood. 

Wash Off The Cleaning Solution And Dry The Bench

After you have eliminated all the dirt, molds, and stains from the bench, turn on your shower to flush the bench off with warm water.

Then, utilize a delicate material to clear it down and get it dry.

Apply The Teak Oil

apply teak oil

Like metals, for example, copper and metal, teak will in general, create a patina when presented to successive or a lot of dampness or water.

If you have any desire to save your teak bench, one method for doing it is to apply teak oil.

Apply a couple of times each month after you must have cleaned it.

Teak oil fills in as a wax that assists the wood with repulsing water and dampness, making it less helpless to shape and buildup.

Begin by applying a liberal measure of oil to a cheesecloth or other delicate fabric. Then, wipe the oil on the bench and focus it on the surface with a round movement.

Keep focusing on the oil until it is consumed totally into the wood. 

Note: Make certain to allow the bench to dry for around four or five hours before utilizing it once more.

Step By Step Instructions To Seal Teak Shower Benches

seal teak benches

After knowing how to clean teak shower benches, you should also know how to seal them.

Fixing your teak shower bench once a season can likewise assist with protecting the wood’s regular oils, keeping areas of strength for it tough.

So to say, on the off chance that you begin to see that the shade of your teak shower bench is beginning to blur, it could be an ideal opportunity to apply a sealant.

We should see what you’ll have to do this and the moves toward making it happen.

Items Required

  • A build-up free fabric
  • A wipe
  • 220-coarseness sandpaper sheet or block
  • Teak wood sealer
  • A toothbrush

Clean the shower bench complete with a wood cleaner intended for showers.

Or use a homemade solution as we described earlier, and afterwards let it dry for four to five hours.

This permits the wood’s grain to open up a little, which can assist the wood sealant with sticking better. You can likewise utilize wood cleaners exceptionally intended for teak surfaces.

Take your sandpaper sheet and daintily sand the whole surface of the bench.

Begin at the top and wrap up with the sides and base. You’ll see that the recently uncovered surface looks more energetic and rich.

Utilize a delicate material or a little one-inch paintbrush to apply a layer of sealer. Allow the primary coat to dry for a little while, and afterwards apply an extra coat. 

Note: Try not to make use of the bench for the following four to five hours to give it enough time to totally dry

Tips On How To Maintain A Teak Shower Bench?

maintain teak bench

Teak changes color after some time, easing up and changing to a silver-dim variety.

After getting to know how to clean a teak shower bench, it is essential to also know how to maintain it. 

Many are astonished by this change, yet it is the normal course of the wood.

This can stay away from routine upkeep and final details!

How about we examine a few tips you can take to keep that bench looking as spectacular as the day you got it?

Rinse After Each Utilization

rinse bench after

A decent flush with a removable shower head to wash away any cleanser buildup will do a ton of good.

While finishing your rinse, make certain to get under the bench and in every one of the concealed little hiding spots.

These are the spots wherein cleanser filth loves to assemble.

Apply Teak Oil Quarterly

apply oil quarterly

To keep up with or reestablish the wonderful shade of your teak wood, rub teak oil on the surface of the teak bench around four times each year.

You can think about sanding the surface before applying the oil if it’s your first time applying the oil and the wood is already discolored.  Wipe away excess oil.

Although teak oil is the best oil to use on teak wood, a few other normally determined oils make a reasonable other option.

Tung oil is a reasonable other option and is likewise gotten from trees. Linseed oil is plant-based and keeps up with the honesty of the teak wood.


Since your teak bench is normally in a high damp region, it can undoubtedly and immediately become helpless to issues including mold, buildup, or different microorganisms.

It is therefore essential you apply the tips on how to clean a teak shower bench outlined and explained in this article. 

You can make your cleaning solution and also apply tips on how to maintain your teak shower bench.

These tips will guarantee that your teak shower bench stays strong, useful, and lovely for a lengthy period.