why is my paint brush shedding
Kristina Davis

Why is my paint brush shedding for no apparent reason? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? You probably have!

Brushes have been used for a very long time. They are able to get into hard-to-reach areas, draw precise lines, and eliminate the need for messy sprayers or rollers.

But, that is for high-quality brushes only.

On the contrary, bargain paint brushes can cause all sorts of problems, including shedding. And that leaves you asking how to stop paintbrushes from shedding in the first place.

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Your paintbrushes may shed bristles if you do not clean them well and pay little attention to proper storage guidelines. 

Why is My Paint Brush Shedding Quickly?

why paint brush shed

One of the most irritating things for any decorator is to deal with bristles falling out of paint brushes.

Brushes purchased at a discount store are more likely to shed bristles and lose their shape rapidly, leaving your work filled with stains and lumps.

Painting takes time, so you do not want to waste it on the wrong brush.

Failure to properly use, clean, and store paint brushes will cause them to fray. It may also happen when you let the paint dry on your brush. 

It is not a good idea to load too much paint onto the brush, as that could cause the ferrule to crack.

What Are The Biggest Causes Of Paint Brush Shedding?

Whether you use your paint brushes occasionally or use brushes often when you work as a home decorator, you should know what damages your brushes. 

Here are a few reasons why your paint brush is shedding. 

Tip: Be sure to trim ragged edges on your paint roller to keep them in the best shape and help get the best results.
used paint brush

You Do Not Clean Your Brushes Properly

No matter how high-quality or low-cost your brushes are, neglecting to clean them will quickly shorten their lifespan. This is especially true if you work with acrylic paint. 

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Anything coated in the acrylic polymer will shrink and warp as it dries.

Natural hair bristles will no longer snap or spring when you leave acrylic paint on them to dry. Over time, it causes tiny cracks in the filament, which results in shedding.

Similarly, the bristles may not retain enough moisture because of a buildup of acrylic paint or dirt.

Natural bristle tufts have their own organic oils that aid in preserving the brush’s unique character. If it dries up, you will notice shedding.

An Important Consideration

If acrylic paint gets deep into the ferrule and you leave it there to dry up, it can cause the brush tip to split and damage the brush altogether.

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cleaning paintbrush

You Use Hot Water To Clean Brushes 

The bristles are assembled into the handle using glue and other methods. Therefore, it is counterproductive to use hot water to clean your brushes.

Doing so would weaken the glue inside, causing the brushes to begin shedding. Moreover, the bristle tuft is likely to split apart if even a single hair is lost.

It is for this reason that it is best to use sharp scissors or a blade to remove errant hairs rather than pulling them out.

You Invest In Cheap Brushes

It is quite obvious, isn’t it? If you try to cut corners when buying brushes, know that you will soon be purchasing another one because of shedding.

Substandard paint brushes sometimes have design problems or are poorly assembled. Bristles on cheap, low-quality brushes may be hybrids or filler material.

Similarly, the construction adhesive may be weak and the ferrules may be misshaped, making it possible for bristles to separate from the handle.

invest in cheap paintbrush
Tip: Avoid cheap brushes, as they do not come with a reliable tip, which usually fails and causes the entire ferrule to fall off while using.

You Do Not Store Your Brushes Correctly

The bristle tips will fray and break off if you store your brushes bristle-down in a small container.

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The very end of each bristle is extremely fragile and cannot support the brush’s full weight. Tip-down storage is even more dangerous for wet bristles.

Brushes kept in this fashion can develop permanently bent tips from being in a curved position during storage.

It will cause bristles to shed and make it difficult to use them again.

You Choose The Wrong Brushes

You can find different types of brushes designed to work with different types of paints.

It is important to use the right ones for your paint job to make them last longer 

choosing wrong brush

It means it is not a good idea to apply oil paint with a synthetic brush. In this case, the paint will be applied very stiffly, as if the bristles were scraping the surface rather than spreading it out. 

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Also, the thinner required to get rid of oil paint might be harmful to the bristles when cleaning the brush.

Similarly, using a brush made of natural bristles with acrylic or latex paint will also produce undesirable results.

Animal fibers become limp as they absorb the water-based latex paint, similar to what happens to your hair when you swim.

Drippings and spatters are more likely to occur, and it is hard to clean these brushes, which eventually leads to bristles falling off.

Tip: Do not use a roller cover thicker than ¾ for textured walls or you will damage it in the process.

How Do You Stop Paint Brushes From Shedding?

how to stop brush from shedding

Painting is an art, and paintbrushes are the most important tools required to show your artistic side.

But, so many things can damage those tools, making you spend so much money to replace them.

To ensure you do not end up buying new brushes after every single paint job, keep the following things in mind.

Be Sure To Clean Paint Brushes Correctly

After each usage, wash your paintbrushes well. You may extend the life of your paintbrushes by cleaning them immediately after use.

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Extra paint can be removed by wiping the brush on some newspaper. Then, you can wash off as much paint as you can by dipping your brush in lukewarm water and swishing it around.

You can also use paint thinner or some soapy water for the task. If you are not finished by the end of the session, tidying up as you go is expected.

clean brushes properly

If the paint is left to dry on a brush, the bristles will inevitably become stuck. The bristles gradually separate from the brush’s liner as they strain against one another.

How To Clean Dried Paint?

It is not a good idea to use a paintbrush with dried paint. You can always take advantage of a gold club brush to remove the crusty layer of paint that accumulates on them.

Because of the plastic bristles, much of the crust can be scoured away without damaging the brush.

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A spot that refuses to go away will be no match for the brass bristles.

An Important Consideration

Consider investing in a roller washer if you handle roll-on painting quite often and use expensive roller covers you do not want to waste.

It is simple to use and thoroughly cleans the rollers, whereas cleaning them by hand would take forever and still would not guarantee a spotless result.

Be Sure To Let Those Brushes Dry Completely

dry the brushes properly

To prevent the bristles from coming out of a paint brush, you must dry it properly after each use.

Put the handle in a cup, or lay them flat, and the bristles will stand up. This prevents the bristles from being strained by the handle’s weight and coming free.

You Fail To Follow Storage Guidelines

Always remember that different tasks require using different-sized and shaped paint brushes.

This necessitates using separate sets of brushes, one for oil paints and another for water-based media.

And when you have multiple brushes, it becomes important to store them properly.

They may become tangled if you try to put them all in one place. Over time, it will cause serious damage and the bristles will fall off the brush. 

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proper storage for brushes

For starters, you should put them in different drawers or cartons. Consider investing in a horizontal stand or brush rest to keep your brushes in order.


Using a spiral-shaped holder that can be attached to a brush cleaner tank is also a good idea to keep the brushes upright while they dry or soak. 

Tip: Always pick the best paint roller for your project to avoid damaging it in the process and ensure it stays fine for a long time.


Why is my paint brush shedding?

It could happen for so many reasons, but mostly, it is the result of you ignoring how to clean and store your paintbrushes after use. 

Letting paint dry on your brushes can kill them in no time. Understand the right way to get rid of dried paint and then store your brushes upright to avoid any damage.