how to protect carpet on stairs
Kristina Davis

This article is written to explain the step-by-step procedures on how to protect carpet on stairs.

Stairs are likely to be damaged easily from stains, spills, and dents. Stairs are part of the most involved high-traffic regions in a home.

In any case, there will be constant messy impressions from pets and family.

Different mishaps will ultimately occur, and you will be most likely left thinking about how to protect your carpeted stairs.

Here, we will be looking at every option for upsides and downsides.

There are several ways you can adopt to protect carpets on the staircase. You either clean spills instantly, introduce vacuuming or make use of a carpet protector among many other options 

Best Methods On How To Protect Carpet On Stairs

best methods protect carpet stairs

Understanding functional ways of protecting carpeted stairs can in a long way be too useful in helping you keep your stairs clean and elegant.

You could improve the longevity of the carpet for years. Below are some useful measures to adopt in protecting carpets on stairs.

Utilize A Carpet Protector

Using a carpet protector is one of the greatest methods to protect your carpeted steps.

Certain individuals are not really in for this option. The contention is that carpet protectors cover the magnificence of your stairs. 

It is not entirely false. However, there are cases when you really want a protector.

While moving in certain things or doing home fixes, utilize a carpet protector.

carpet hard protective mat

This will protect your stairs and prevent wear, stains, and specks of dirt. They can be utilized on all carpets and are non-slip. 

Tip: You can as well leave the carpet protector longer if you don’t mind.

Cons And Pros Of Carpet Protectors

They are more suitable for temporary solutions as they cannot last for long. Most carpet protectors serve for around forty-five days.

Another disadvantage is that they utilize glue to stick to the carpet. This can leave buildup and imprints that are bad.

Introduce A Carpet Runner

Carpet protectors, as mentioned above, conceal the magnificence of the carpeted stairs.

Vinyl carpet runners guarantee your flights of stairs are safeguarded while permitting you to view your lovely carpet.

use vinyl carpet protector

Runners safeguard the carpet by adding the addition of a  simple spongy, and clean layer that covers the carpet.

Most of them are actually cost-effective, and they stay on carpeted stairs to protect you from sliding.

Note: Carpet runners are suitable for carpeted stairs only because they don't hold firm and might lead to falls.

The Cons And Pros Of Carpet Runners

A couple of carpets are likely to be slippery making them perilous on the staircase.

The greatest drawback to carpet sprinters is that some are made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

And these are unsafe to the environment and your wellbeing.

use carpet protector

Resilia vinyl protectors are awesome as they contain no contaminants and hold well to prevent falls.

Introduce Stair Treads On The Carpet

When protecting carpet on stairs, bring in items like step treads to add protection. They forestall the wear and tear of the carpet.

They also prevent the formation of bumps which can be dangerous.

They’re straightforward enough for amateurs to introduce, and also allow room for protection minus curtailing the elegance of the carpet.

The Cons Of Stair Treads

Some stair treads might leave not-so-satisfying marks on top of the carpet after evacuation

Wipe Off Spills Instantly

wipe spills

Another major tip in knowing how best to protect your carpeted stairs is to immediately wipe off spills.

Without a doubt, there will be a few spills while strolling over the stairs.

The fluid spills are especially the most awful as they can make the carpet damp. This makes it easy for microscopic organisms and molds to build up.

When accidents happen to cause spills, clean them up immediately.

This will forestall stains and sogginess, which could bring about the development of destructive microorganisms.

Utilize endorsed carpet cleaning items and clean with material to wipe off spills.

You can produce handcrafted carpet cleaner by combining salt, baking soda, vinegar, and rejuvenating oils. This solution is good for eliminating stains and odors. 

natural carper cleaners
Tip: If there should be an occurrence of enormous spills, utilize a cleaning machine for stairs or a carpet steamer.

The Cons Of Carpet Cleaning

Enormous spills or wrecks can make cleaning a challenge because of the odd angulation of the stairs.

Therefore, you might be prompted to clean the spots that are wet manually, which can negatively affect your back.

On the off chance that you don’t have prepared carpet cleaner items, it implies making handcrafted alternatives.

This can require your time. If you now decide to steam-clean, it can also take time, which can be precarious since you would have to utilize the stairs.

Regularly Vacuum Your Stairs

vacuum the stairs

This is the ideal option for maintaining the carpet on your stairs. Vacuum your stairs each time you clean your home carpet, or possibly once weekly.

In so doing, you forestall the development of dirt and debris that can scratch carpet strands and cause wear and tear.

If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, purchase a portable one for stairs. Purchase it with the accessories to clean even the odd angles of the stairs.

Look for a brush roller vacuum and a hose. A hose can assist in moving along the stairs, and a brush roller disposes of dirt covered in the carpet.

When vacuuming, always start from the topmost to the lowest end of the stairs.

It is simpler, attempt it and comprehend what we mean!

vacuum stair carpet
Tip: An added advantage of vacuuming starting from the top is that no soil will be blown to the top, not at all like when it is done from the base

The Cons Of Vacuuming Stairs

It can be frustrating if the right kind of vacuum cleaner is not available.

Simple cleaning must be accomplished with a model that has a hose connection that lets you clean easy and fast.

Assuming that you have it rough while lifting heavy vacuum cleaners,  then go for those lightweight vacuum cleaners to prevent injuries.

Use Blinds To Obstruct Direct Sunlight

use blinds

Certain individuals don’t really enjoy these blinds. They’re not tastefully satisfying all the time.

There are extravagant blinds, not curated by plastics that are modest.

In any case, a large number of these options are difficult to clean. 

Direct sunlight as affected by the presence of windows proximal to the stairs could, in the long run, cause the blurring of the stairs.

Blinds are what shall save your stairs from blurring. So, be as good as to use blinds to obstruct direct sunlight from reaching the stairs. 

Hire A Professional To Clean

A profound cleaning from a carpet professional is prescribed to expand the existence of the carpeted stairs.

Bring in a specialist to have your carpeted steps cleaned professionally.

hire professional cleaners

Do this at least once every year to broaden its life expectancy, eliminate dirt, and forestall mold development.

They utilize refined instruments, for example, vacuums and steamers, to clean and leave it dry and perfect.

On the off chance that you are energized and equipped with the abilities, you can do it yourself. However, putting in a little cash on a professional is really fulfilling.

Cons Of Hiring A Professional

Paying for the services of the specialist adds to the cost involved in maintenance. However, the rewards are satisfying.

The result will be to have a close to new carpet in a brief time conceivable.

If you do it without anyone’s help, you likely won’t come out with your desired results.

Purchase A New Carpet

buy new carpet

Normally, disposing of your lovely carpet might appear a lot to handle!

You might already be in love with it, and perhaps the style and touch are exactly what you wanted.

Purchase another carpet and restore your stairs. Put resources into a simple carpet that can endure wearing.

Note that your choice of carpet depends on your style.

However, dim-hued carpets are awesome for stairs because they conceal soil and stains.

Choose carpets that are solid and made from tough materials, assuming you have pets and children.

Cons Of Replacing Your Carpet Stairs

Introducing another carpet is quite costly. Aside from purchasing it, you will still recruit a specialist to install it.

It might be annoying as you would need to try not to utilize the stairs until you have fixed them.

Thus, get a solid carpet that requires a very long time before you consider supplanting it.


Protecting carpeted stairs is very important for broadening the life expectancy of the carpet and preventing falls.

This article has discussed steps on how to protect carpet on stairs.

At your disposal are several, tried, tested, and proven ways of protecting carpeted stairs, such as, cleaning spills right away and cleaning consistently. 

You can likewise introduce items like carpet sprinters, step tracks, and protectors.

As a last resort, you could replace the carpet with a better option for a more productive decision.