can you use oxiclean on baby clothes
Kristina Davis

Can you use Oxiclean on baby clothes?” This kind of question often bugs the minds of many first-time parents. 

But what about using Oxiclean on baby clothes is the issue? Is it that it’s not safe for them? Can it remove stains? 

We know that the last thing you want to do is spend time and energy washing clothes.

This article will cover the pros and cons of using Oxiclean on your baby’s clothes.

It’ll also talk about why some people say you shouldn’t even use it in the first place!

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You may have wondered whether Oxiclean can be used on baby clothes. The answer is yes! It’s a great product for cleaning baby clothes, including cloth diapers and blankets.

Can You Use Oxiclean On Baby Clothes?

oxiclean baby clothes

Yes, you can use Oxiclean on baby clothes, if you are one of those who ask ‘can I use Oxiclean on baby clothes’.

The brand is a laundry detergent safe for use on delicate fabrics like cloth diapers and sleepwear. 

Oxiclean is safe to use on baby clothes. You can wash your baby’s clothes with powder, which will not affect their texture or color. 

According to the manufacturer’s website, these products are safe for use with newborns.

If your baby uses cloth diapers or prefolds instead of disposable ones, they should also be okay with Oxiclean!

The first step in using OxiClean on baby clothing is to mix a teaspoon of the powder into 1 cup of warm water.

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Next, add some vinegar to get a foamy solution; this helps keep bacteria away. Then add your fabrics into this mixture until they’re covered completely by liquid.

Tip: The company recommends using one cup (8 oz.) per load of laundry when cleaning with this product which means you don't need much!

Can You Use It To Remove Stains?

use to remove stains

It’s a safe product and won’t harm the fabric of your baby’s garment or other fabrics you may have in your home.

It’s also important to note that Oxiclean is not meant to be used as a laundry detergent.

It is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used on most surfaces in the home.

This includes hardwood floors and granite countertops (it even removes mold from shower walls).

Tip: Oxiclean should not be used on wool, silk, or leather.

Can You Use It On Certain Materials?

You can use Oxiclean on cotton, linen, and rayon. You can’t use it on polyester or nylon though.

And you may have to be careful if you have acetate clothing because it’s sensitive to bleach.

Tip: Avoid fabric softeners because they contain dyes that may irritate sensitive skin caused.

How To Use Oxiclean When Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

use oxiclean to wash baby clothes

Oxiclean is a great choice for cleaning your baby’s clothes if you’re looking for something that is easy to use and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

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The product comes in a spray bottle.

This is so you can easily apply it directly onto your child’s clothing without having to wait for the liquid to soak into the fabric first.

Note: Oxiclean also has no harsh chemicals or perfumes added, which makes it safe for even newborns!

What Is The Best Way To Use Oxiclean On Baby Clothes?

best way to use oxiclean

You can use OxiClean on your baby’s clothes if you follow these steps.

First, remove the stain from the garment. If it’s dry, apply some Oxiclean and let it sit for a while before washing it as directed.

Then, wash as usual with any other detergent or fabric softener in your machine (if necessary).

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Secondly, add a capful of Oxiclean to each load of laundry when using regular detergents; not bleach-free ones.

This will help eliminate odors and stains left behind by previous loads!

Tip: You should also avoid using bleach as this may cause fading or discoloration over time.

Is OxiClean Safe For Baby Clothes?

oxiclean safe for baby clothes

While Oxiclean is safe for baby clothes, it is important to note that the product can be harmful if used improperly.

If you do not follow the directions on your bottle of Oxiclean there may be effects.

If you use too much of this product on your baby’s clothing, it could damage their clothes and cause stains or discoloration. 

Oxiclean is a laundry detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics. It’s made from environmentally friendly ingredients such as coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

So you can feel good about using it in your washing machine or front loader.

You can use it without worrying about dyes or fragrances being released into the air when you turn on the dryer.

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What About Oxiclean On Family Laundry?

use for family laundry

The only downside to using Oxiclean with your family’s laundry? It doesn’t get quite as clean as some of its competitors.

But if you’re looking for something that works well without leaving behind any toxic residue or ending up wasting money, this product has got you covered! 

Oxiclean is an effective stain remover. It is a stain remover that’s safe for your baby’s clothes.

But it’s not as effective as bleach or dry cleaning. Instead, use it to remove stains from baby clothes.

Oxiclean can be used on both synthetic and natural fibers (like cotton). And it effectively removes bacteria and other harmful germs.

Oxiclean is also a household cleaner that effectively kills germs and other harmful bacteria.

It also removes all stains, including blood, dirt, and enzymes. This product does not leave any residue on your clothes or fabrics.

Tip: You should avoid using Oxiclean if your child has allergies or sensitive skin.

Pros Of Using Oxiclean On Baby Clothes:

pros using oxiclean

Many parents, especially those with newborns, are concerned about what they’re washing their baby’s clothes in.

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There is no evidence that any of these chemicals pose a danger to newborns or any other children. It’s still always best to use caution when putting chemicals on anything we care about even if you think they do not harm. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of pros and cons for using Oxiclean to wash baby clothes.

The main reason why this product works so well on babies’ clothing is that it’s made from plant-based ingredients like linseed oil and coconut oil. 

These natural substances have been proven over time as being effective at getting rid of odors when used correctly and safely.

oxiclean stain remover

So here is a list of pros:

Pro #1: Convenience 

It’s easier than mixing your detergent and bleach solution, saving time and money!

If you have babies or toddlers running around your house all day long then you need all the help that you can get.

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If you want to save money on laundry detergent, but don’t want to spend an entire day making it yourself. Oxiclean is for you.

Buying pre-made products like Oxiclean makes it easy for busy moms trying to keep their sanity in check while raising young ones at home.

Pro #2: Easy To Use

You can use Oxiclean without having to worry about measuring ingredients or mixing them in a separate container.

Just add water and wait for it to dissolve!

Tip:  It's important to use the right amount of detergent, so for best results, use a non-scented detergent designed for baby clothes.

Cons Of Using Oxiclean On Baby Clothes

cons of using oxiclean

The chemicals in OxiClean aren’t meant to be inhaled into your lungs. So they’re not good for you when they get into the air around them (or worse, on their bodies). 

They also tend to build up in the environment over time if they aren’t properly removed from clothing and other materials where they’ve been applied.

  • Can cause damage to clothing.
  • May not be safe for all fabrics.
  • It can irritate the skin, especially if your baby has sensitive skin or allergies.
  • May not be safe for all colors, depending on the fabric and color you are using the product on.
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Some people say you shouldn’t use OxiClean on baby clothes. This can be because it can cause skin irritation and other problems.

Tip: Don't use Oxiclean on wool or silk fabrics, as these materials can be damaged when exposed to high temperatures for long periods.


We hope we’ve cleared up any concerns regarding ‘can you use OxiClean on baby clothes?’.

We’ve also discussed the pros and cons of using Oxiclean for baby clothes. 

So, it’s time to decide if the convenience is worth it! If you’re looking for a safe, easy way to clean your newborn’s clothes, look no further than OxiClean.

It’s gentle on sensitive skin while still getting everything out!