why should you put a towel under your hotel door
Kristina Davis

So, I was moved to ask; why should you put a towel under your hotel door?. Over the years, I have been in a couple of hotel rooms.

It didn’t take me time to notice that every guest in every hotel room I ever went to, preferred to have a towel below the doors.

I would, later on, establish why it is a common behavior among hotel clients. Not just in the hotels but even in our homes. My dad would place a piece of cloth under the door.

It was like it was his sole responsibility to do so, whenever he could find it missing or misplaced, he would take it back and ensure it was covering the floor on the door well.

It appears to be so hyperbolic. It is not.

Most hotel doors are probably raised, there could be left some space between the base of the door and the floor. Having a towel cover-up for that space is vital as shall be seen in this post.

Is it Important?

why important

Putting a towel under your hotel door is important and serves you for several reasons.

While you will most probably find yourself doing so, without any proper reason, sometimes intuition helps us a great deal.

Dry or Wet

Once you walk into a hotel room and are led into a room, you may desire to place a towel below the door. Usually, the hotel staff provides you with towels.

wet or dry

Picking between having a wet or dry towel below the hotel door may seem disturbing. But depending on your needs or personal drive, do it your way.

We are, however, for the dry towel.

Wet towels become stuffy and smelly, and it won’t be long before you notice a disturbing smell of a wet piece of cloth.

Molds and other insects and bacteria may accompany the smell and the environment around your hotel door will end up being unfavorable.

Why should you put a towel under your hotel door? There are a couple of reasons why you want to have that towel under your door.

Some may not sound too serious, but I mean if that is why you need that towel, what should stop you then. 

Why Put A Towel Under Your Hotel Door?

why put towel under door

Below are several reasons why you should put a towel under your hotel door.

To Lower Sounds

Some hotel rooms are adjacent to nightclubs or highways. There may as well be very noisy clients using the same hotel as you in the next room.

When you need your peace, you wish to rest and take a break, have a good night’s sleep, or do your work without the interference of any noise.

Believe me, placing a towel under the door comes in handy.

Towels, in this case, cold ones, help to reduce the sounds penetrating your room and the door.

This way, you will fill up the gap that may be lurking below the hotel room door.

Tip: Using the towel won’t have you bothered; you will hear lesser noises and this will help you relax.

Cold Weather

a cold weather

During the cold weather, even the heaviest of duvets may not be able to shield you against the ravaging cold.

You may have all the windows and the doors of your hotel room closed but still feel cold inside your room.

Cold going through your hotel room door base hits hard your legs. Imagine the sorry state of cold legs.

You just may not have sealed the gap between the door and the floor. Move with speed, find a dry towel and cover up the existing space.

A dry towel in this case is the most desirable. A wet or cold one worsens the matter.

Tip: In doing so, you reduce the cold penetrating your hotel room hence allowing it to warm up.


the intuition

Intuition is an immediate cognition without using any conscious rational process to reach an idea or to carry out an activity.

You find yourself carrying out the task without any deliberation. It is the doing of something without any good reason.

Why you should put a towel below your hotel room door at times could be a result of cognitive intuition. Nothing pulls you to it.

You do it because you want to. There is no solid reason that motivates you to do so. And it happens

I have on several occasions found myself always placing a towel on the floor below my hotel room door or the door at my home without understanding why I needed to do it.

At once I would think I was genetically programmed to do so. I had witnessed my father in uncountable events place a towel at the base of the door.

Easier to Clean and Replace

This may not be you but the hotel staff. Most hotels prefer placing towels under the doors of their rooms.

easy clean

These are meant for the occupants of those rooms to wipe off the dust or mud on their feet.

Wondering why anyone would do that.

These towels may well not be ordinary shower towels. Their material is heavier and strong to accommodate more dirt but easier to clean.

Unlike ordinary doormats that may be tiring to clean and replace, these ones are highly convenient since they can even be washed by the machine washer.

Tip: when you find a towel placed below your hotel room door, use it to wipe off the dirt from your legs. It has not been accidentally placed there.

While Smoking

Smoking in public places might inconvenience other users of the place.

Hotel rooms are public, there could be people walking on the corridors and others in the rooms next to you.

because of smoking

You do not want to make their stay uncomfortable.

Generally, you should not smoke in public hotel rooms but if you must, do something to make sure the smell of a burning cigar does not interfere with the comfort of the other occupants.

Tip: You can open the windows adjacent to the road and place a towel below your door before smoking.

To Keep Bugs and Vermin Out

There are insects everywhere. In your hotel room, they could crawl in if the space between the floor and the hotel room door lets them in.

Bugs tend to be too small and so smart in finding their way through spaces left under the door.

If these bugs bite, then they definitely pose a threat to your sleep if they get in.

Tip: To keep them away from your room, fix a towel very well below the hotel room door and ensure there are no gaps left.

To Seal in The Space That May Let in Light

seal the space

Even after putting out the lights in your hotel room, there may still be some light penetrating into your room beneath the door.

Corridor lights are usually not put out during the night. Lights from nearby rooms may as well be bothering you.

Using a towel to seal the space below your hotel room door is a hack that will save you stress and make you enjoy your stay in the hotel room.

Helps in Keeping The Door Shut

These towels beneath hotel room doors will help you have the door well shut.

door shut

Even before completely locking the door, you can place the towel behind the door to just hold it as you engage in other activities.

Especially if you’re expecting guests and do not want to always leave whatever you’re doing to get the door for them.


Why should you put a towel under your hotel door now? I would, later on, learn that having the towel under your hotel room serves so many purposes.

As explained in this article, it is normal to see a towel under the doors of a hotel room.

If you do not practice this habit then you should, or perhaps if you do and are always wondering what drives you so much, it is common and it helps to have that towel beneath your hotel room door.

Does it?