how to remove roaches from a couch
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to remove roaches from a couch or your entire home has so many benefits. When roaches turn your home into their place of abode, it can be very difficult to get rid of them.

Roaches can damage your books, wallpapers, or contaminate your food. Some species of cockroaches can as well infect humans with bacteria. Cockroaches appear scary to a lot of people.

However, their unpleasant appearance is one of the major reasons why people are bent on getting rid of them from their homes.

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Cockroaches can carry diseases that can easily contaminate our food and water. It can also exacerbate the symptoms of asthma.

Once the cockroach settles onto the furniture, it becomes stubborn and difficult to remove.

However, by considering a cockroach’s habits and behaviors, it is possible to craft out a few control methods to protect our couches and the entire family at large.

To remove roaches from a couch, you need to start by doing a thorough cleaning around the home, and properly vacuum the couch/cushion to get rid of roaches and cockroach eggs.

Steps on How to Remove Roaches from a Couch

remove roaches from a couch

There are so many ways you can remove roaches from a couch. Check out these stress-free and easy ways to get rid of roaches;

Step #1: Discovering Roaches in your Couch

The first step toward solving a particular problem is to discover that problem. Most Cockroaches are either brown or dark oval-shaped insects with spiked legs and long antennae.

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The bitter truth is;

If you see one cockroach either on your couch or anywhere around your home, just know that there are definitely more cockroaches right in your home.

The problem is that they are almost obscure during the day.

Therefore, if you can’t find the remaining roaches, check your closet and storage room for their droppings that look like a small patches of pellets or brown mud.

How Can I Discover Roaches At Home?

discover roaches

Through Wall Cracks:

When you see a cockroach around your home, track it to find out where it’s going.

Check to see if it slides into your couch or runs through a crack or a hole in the wall. Just know that it’s nest is probably nearby.

Use of Traps:

Installing several sticky/gummy traps in different parts of your couch or the house in general.

Also lift them to see how many cockroaches are gathering in each is an alternative to finding out where these roaches are hiding.

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Scattering and rearranging the couches:

You may need to do a little scattering and rearranging to find it. Check around the house for holes and cracks where you think cockroaches can get in.

Step #2: Seal Roaches Entry Points

close entry points

Seal/cover the cracks in the outer wall and block the passage of cockroaches to keep them out of the house. Seal every single crack in your home. This may take some time, but it’s worth doing.

Remember to cover all cracks in every cupboard in your kitchen. Seal every crack on both sides of the entrance, the floor, and your window moldings. Also, cover all openings around your kitchen and bathroom.

Step #3: Use of Bottle Traps

Cut off the tip of a pop plastic bottle. Deform the cap and place it in a group of bottles to act as a channel in the bottle. Glue to the edge.

To set the trap, then pour soapy water on the bottom of the bottle and place it in the haunted area of ​​the roach. The roaches will definitely get in and suffocate in the trap.

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Step #4: Cleaning your Home Frequently

Make your home completely clean in order to completely get rid of the roaches.

I can attest that one of the easiest ways to keep roaches away from your home is by maintaining a clean home.

The kitchen is the main place roaches begin to invade the home. Always discard the dining and wash the dishes immediately after meals.

Always clean up the spilled food and crumbs, and always make sure to keep the kitchen area clean.

Step #5: Getting Rid of Roaches using Insecticide Spray

use insecticide spray

Using an insecticide labeled for cockroaches or alternative pesticides as dynamic ingredients, spray starting from the place where the cockroach goes into the house, and spray around the couch too.

Also find out if the couch has an opening where the roaches hide, then spray all over that opening.

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When spraying, keep pets and children away from the areas where you have applied the insecticide spray, and follow all safety measures outlined on the body/tag of the spray.

If you are also using cockroach bait, do not spray near the bait. The spray can pollute the food and stop cockroaches.

Using a spray on the cockroach helps keep the roaches away in the meantime.

However, it can also push them further into the wall, thereby exacerbating the problem. It is important to treat the couch and always kill the roaches on sight.

Step #6: The Use of Home-made Baits

One of the ways to save cost while removing roaches from your couch is by using homemade bait to get rid of them.

Things you will need:

  • Non-granular boric acid
  • White flour
  • Powdered White sugar

How To Prepare Your Home-Made Bait

Take out a part of the white flour, white sugar, and boric acid respectively.

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Mix them all together, and gently sprinkle them around your couch, furniture, and any other part of the home the roaches might be invading from.

The reason for adding flour and sugar is just to capture the attention of the roaches, while boric acid is the agent that kills them.

Tip: Always keep your traps and baits out of reach of pets and children.

How to Remove Roaches from a Couch When Moving

remove couch while moving

It is an ideal thing to remove and avoid roaches while moving to a new home. Below are easy steps to remove roaches from a couch while moving;

Step #1 – Vacuuming the Couch

A simple and low-cost way to remove roaches from a couch is by vacuuming the affected furniture.

Look out for a pill-like, long-coated object that contains cockroach eggs (usually ¼ inches long), and vacuum them.

Monitor your couch for a while to be sure that the infestation is removed before moving.

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This method will not only get rid of cockroaches and cockroach eggs. it will save your couch from cockroach infestation. Sometimes, cockroach infestation may prove difficult to get rid of.

Step #2 – Eliminate Moisture Resources

Take out time to eliminate all moisture sources around your infested couch. Of all cockroach species, brown striped cockroaches are the most likely to infest furniture.

And that’s because this cockroach stays in a place where there is a sufficient source of moisture.

Removing the cause of the moisture forces the roaches to stay away. Make sure to repair any leaking pipe or home appliance. Dehumidify the room or seal toilets/faucets that may meet the moisture needs of the roach.

Step #3 – Furniture Cold Treatment

furniture cold treatment

Introduce the use of cold treatment for your furniture. Move your couch outdoors during the cold winter months when temperatures are below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extreme cold kills roaches and can eliminate a cockroach infestation.

You can place small pieces of furniture, such as footrests, and disassembled parts of other large pieces of furniture in the freezer to get the same result during summer.

Tip: Check your couch regularly after treatment to be sure it's completely free of roaches.

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As I believe that you have understood how to remove roaches from a couch.

Always have it at the back of your mind that If you discover a cockroach either somewhere on your couch, or anywhere around the home, you definitely have roaches in other hidden or visible places.

A relative might move into your home with a pet, which has a combat roach strap, thereby causing cockroach infestation when they climb on your couch.

Additionally, you can get roach bombs from a nearby store like Walmart. Following the instructions written on the roach bomb container, apply it gently to the infested areas of your home and the entire kitchen.