how to fix a squeaky couch
Kristina Davis

Hey friend! Keep reading below to discover how to fix a squeaky couch.

After a long and stressful day at the office, nothing beats getting home, sinking into a couch for a classic Netflix and Chill.

But sometimes, that irreplaceable relaxation time is interrupted by noise from our weak couch which squeaks and creaks while we sit.

This raises the question: is it normal for the couch to squeak this way? And could this be a sign that your couch is over its prime?

Well, this guide is here to help you troubleshoot your squeaky couch so that you can relax again with a peace of mind.

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To fix a squeaky couch, try to discover what the problem is, and make sure to tighten all the nuts and bolts on your couch. Sometimes, the nuts slack due to regular pressure on the couch.

So, Why Does My New Couch Squeak?

newly bought couch

Nothing quickly ruins the excitement of getting a new couch or sofa more than the constant annoying squeaky/creaky sound when all you want to do is relax.

But don’t worry. There is no need to start searching for the receipt from the bin. If your new couch squeaks, rest assured that it’s perfectly normal.

All you can hear is the squeak as the dowels and joints bend, with the furniture frame tuned to the sofa’s suspension system.

Nothing needs to be modified or replaced yet. New furniture only squeaks when it beds in.

After a few weeks, the new couch creaking or squeaking should subside and then stop altogether as it becomes more familiar with your sitting position.

How About My Old Couch, Why Does it Squeak?

old squeaky couch

A squeak from your new couch may be natural, but the same is not true of the furniture you have had for years. In fact, it may be your couch trying to tell you it’s time for a  change.

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After all, couches last only 7 to 15 years on average. If your furniture is around that age, the squeaks on those couches can be anything, right from loose glue on the frame to hard metal joints.

And your squeaky sofa springs?

You’re probably sitting on a rusty couch spring that’s not so comfortable.

Well, lucky for you, I’ve got some useful tips on how to fix a squeaky couch.

Following these tips could help to know how to fix a squeaky couch, and get that annoying creaking sound off your Netflix and chill moment.

How To Fix a Squeaky Couch – Easy Steps

how to fix couch

Step #1: Find the Problematic Point

So what we are doing here is to identify the cause of the squeak and know how to fix it. It can really be anything, so don’t do something crazy like cutting open your couch.

Start with something simple and basic, try targeting the place where you hear the loudest squeak and press that place to see if you really hear the sound.

In most cases, the annoying squeaky sound is usually due to the frame being rubbed against the upholstery. This won’t last long.

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At the same time, it may be because something broke inside the couch. Unless the couch is new, push it down and shake it until the sound is louder and you know where it really is coming from.

Tip:  Before you start, make a note of everywhere you might hear the sound so that you can work on each part individually.

Step #2:  Remove the Mattress

So, when you notice every spot that appears to be squeaking and creaking, move on to step 2.

Here, the couch is disassembled to make it easy to manage and shift. After turning the couch over, remove the mattress.

remove mattress of couch

Simply put, the underside of the couch is exposed. If you have a dust cover, it’s best to remove it so you can access the inside of the couch.

For a regular sofa, this is a  very simple process, but it can be a bit confusing if it’s actually a sofa bed, as the sofa has multiple joints and so on.

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After that, our sofa is now open to us and we can see how it works and where we could work.

Now recall the previous list of parts from which the sound came. Let’s use this list to fix each part one by one.

You have to have this at the back of your mind that if the couch is a couch bed, the mattress itself can cause squeaks.

Therefore, flipping and turning it can reduce or eliminate the noise. If you do not hear a squeak when you remove the mattress, you need to replace the mattress.

But, it’s best to handle the couch all at once, in case of other problems.

Step #3: Tighten or Replace All Screws

tighten the screws

As I said before, as the couch gets older, the screws can loosen and become unbalanced with the wood.

When I’m sitting on the couch all the time, the screws come loose, so glue is also used, so it’s actually quite normal.

With that in mind, you can also add wood glue if you want to make the whole process more effective.

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You will need to replace or tighten the screws that are too rusty. After that, the squeaks and noise should disappear.

Step #4: Wax the Joints

As the couch parts rub against each other, they tend to make a noise when they are under strain. However, rubbing wax may reduce the noise of the couch.

If the couch has a lot of joints that clearly rub against each other, such as a couch bed or recliner, it is recommended to rub the wax bar on the pivot point to reduce squeaks and creaks.

Note: It is wise to use a lubricating wax, but if you can't find any or have little lubricating wax, candle wax can be effective. 

It’s not very effective, but it’s still better than nothing wrong.

Step #5: Lubricate Where Necessary

use a lubricant

For this, you will find silicone lubricant very useful. Therefore, at this stage, we want to eliminate other friction points that can cause your couch to squeak.

There are clips to hold the spring and you may need lubrication at the pivotal points of the couch.

Whatever it is, just apply lubrication.  This is the most effective way to fix any issues that can cause annoying squeaks.

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Re-do and repeat in this case means doing the whole steps a couple of times to make sure that you have made enough effort to repair your couch.

Afterward, the sound would have disappeared completely or become quiet and almost inaudible. Now, here’s how to fix the squeaks and squeaks on your couch.

How To Fix a Squeaky Couch Arm?

fixing squeaky arm couch

So, what if it’s the arm of the couch that needs fixing. Well, take these steps to fix it.

Step #1: Loosen the Filet

Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the filet on the arm of the couch. Filets are thin plywood wrapped in fabric and stapled. Then pull the nail with diagonal pliers.

Step #2: Remove the Staples

Use a staple puller to remove the staples that secure the fabric to the front side of the arm. That is where the accumulated fabric gathers.

Step #3: Remove the Fabric

Remove the fabric to see the foam, then peel off the foam to reveal the batting. Peel off the batting to see its wooden arm.

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If the material is stubborn and cannot be pulled back, check for extra staples and remove them.

Step #4: Tighten the Screw

tightened up screws

Use a socket and ratchet to tighten all the bolts and screws that are visible on the arm. Use a drill/screwdriver to tighten all visible screws/bolts.

If you still can’t find where the problem is coming from, apply hand pressure on the arm to find cracks or splits.

Step #5: Unfasten Joints

Place the tip of your screwdriver into any split, cracks, or unfastened joints and try prying them open, and apply wood glue to the cracked area.

Apply it into the crack together along with your fingertip till it’s saturated. Place the clamps throughout the arm.

Step #6: Drill 2 Holes

Drill or split the crack using a 3/8 inch bit drill/driver. In case the crack is longer than 3 inches, drill two holes.

Make a hole that is perpendicular to the crack and apply enough glue to the hole.

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Using a hammer, drive a 3 x 3/8 inch dowel into the hole and penetrate both sides, then allow the adhesive to dry for a minimum of 1 hour.

Step #7: Mount the Batting and Foam

Take off the clamps, then cut the end of the dowel flat using a hacksaw. Mount the batting and foam back.

If it doesn’t stay on, put staples on the edges using a staple gun that has 3/8  inch crowns with 3/8 inch legs.

Step #8: Staple back

staple it back

Drag the fabric back to the front of the arm. Drag the edges and all corners together and carefully staple them, making sure it’s tight.

Step #9: Return the filet

Return the filet to its original position through the front of the filet, then fluff the entrance of the nail using your fingernail.


So, I do hope this article helps you figure out how to fix a squeaky couch. It’s quite simple really.

But if you feel a bit overwhelmed and lost on what to do, please call a professional, it could save you a lot of stress, and who knows, maybe it’ll cost you a few bucks too.