how to get rid of waterbugs in apartment
Kristina Davis

Are you seeking to know how to get rid of waterbugs in apartments? This is one common question anyone would ask at one point or the other in life! 

This is because waterbugs are the most common insect in the world. They can be found everywhere, including apartments, homes, and even restaurants.

If you want to get rid of waterbugs in your apartment, there are several things that you can do.

You can get rid of waterbugs in an apartment with the use of boric acid or diatomaceous. Alternatively, you can use the vacuum method, or use pesticides to kill waterbugs.

What Do Water Bugs Look Like?

what waterbugs look like

Waterbugs, also known as cockroaches, are a type of insect that can cause a lot of damage to your home.

They are small in size but can cause a lot of damage if they get inside your apartment or house.

Waterbugs are small, usually brown, and about 1/4-inch long. They have a flat body with six legs and antennae that can be up to an inch long. 

Their bodies are translucent or transparent to allow them to see through their prey as they fly around looking for food.

They come in through the smallest of holes and they love damp areas such as sinks and bathrooms. 

Tip: Waterbugs will live anywhere where there is plenty of moisture around: kitchens, bathrooms, and even closets!

How To Find A Waterbug Infestation

find waterbug infestation

Step #1: Check In The Kitchen And Bathroom

Waterbugs can be found in damp areas, like behind pipes or appliances. They may also be hiding inside your toilet bowl or washing machine.

Step #2: Check In The Basement, Garage, And Attic

Waterbugs are often found during cold weather months when they seek shelter from the heat of summer. 

They’ll hide anywhere there’s a lot of moisture, like underneath sinks or behind furnaces. Then their eggs will hatch into larvae that need water to survive as adults.

Step #3: Inspect Your Home For Water Leaks

If you have a leaky plumbing system, the water will be leaking into other parts of your house.

check for leaks

You may be able to see a puddle or pool of water on the floor and know that there is a problem with your pipes.

Also, inspect for roof damage because water can get into your home through cracks in the walls or ceiling that are large. 

Look up any seams between materials like wood shakes and sheetrock walls. If they’re wet, check under them as well. You might find some evidence of leaks there too!

Do not forget to check basement floors and walls for cracks before winter arrives. These areas tend to accumulate more moisture than others due to high humidity levels. 

Note: Humidity levels increases usually during summer months when outdoor temperatures rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (i.e 27 Celsius).

How To Get Rid Of Waterbugs In Apartment?

get rid of waterbugs

If you have a lot of waterbugs in your home and want to get rid of them, here are some tips:

Step #1: Boric Acid Or Diatomaceous Earth Can Be Used

If you’re looking for a more natural way to kill waterbugs, boric acid or diatomaceous earth can be used.

Boric acid is safe for humans but not pets, while diatomaceous earth is safe for both.

Boric acid is a chemical that can be purchased at most home improvement stores or online.

Diatomaceous earth is made from fossilized algae that filter out harmful chemicals in water so they cannot reach the human body.

Though it may irritate the skin if it gets into the eyes. 

use diatomaceous earth

It also removes dead shells from drains which prevent clogs caused by food waste or other materials from building up within pipes over time.

Use borax for killing waterbugs. Mix 1-part borax with 9 parts water and spray around the house where you see water bugs or where they might be breeding. 

They will die once they come into contact with this mixture.

Tip: Both are natural insecticides that work by dehydrating the bugs and preventing them from reproducing.

Step #2: Use A Pesticide To Kill The Waterbugs

If you’re looking for a pesticide that is safe for humans, the best option is to use an insecticide.

You may want to use one of these products if you have pets or small children in your home. 

There are many different types of pesticides that work well on this insect. Luckily these can be purchased at most home improvement stores or online retailers like Amazon.

Tip: When using an insecticide on waterbugs, you must follow the instructions on the label exactly as they are written.

Step #3: Use Vacuum

Vacuum up all dead bugs that have been killed by using borax (and vacuumed up any leftover insecticide).

This will prevent any more larvae from being born so that no more bugs appear in the future!

Tip: To make sure that every nook and cranny is filled with moisture-free air, vacuum regularly at least once a week, and use a HEPA filter if possible.

Waterbugs Can Become Resistant To Pesticides

pesticide resistant

On many occasions, water bugs become resistant to pesticides. In such a case You’ll be able to get rid of them if you use diatomaceous earth or boric acid. 

These products are made from crushed sea shells, which are an effective way to kill water bugs because they contain silica and carbon. 

They also attract these pests by reflecting light at them. Which makes it harder for them to hide under your sink or behind furniture!

How Do I Get Rid Of Waterbugs In My House Without Using Pesticides

Waterbugs are hard to get rid of. They can hide in cracks in your walls and crawl into your home through small openings. 

However, there are other ways to get rid of waterbugs in home without using pesticides. So that they don’t multiply and cause damage to your house.

get rid of waterbugs

Option #1: Seal Off Entrance Areas

Seal off areas where water bugs can get inside your home by caulking window sills, door sills, etc. Use silicone sealant so no moisture gets trapped there, either!

Use weather stripping around doors and windows to keep them from blowing open in high winds or when you’re not home.

This can be as simple as using foam strips that attach to your door frame with screws.

You may also want to put up screens on your windows and doors if you have termites or other pests who are attracted by light at night time.

Option #2: Move Things Away From The Walls

Move anything near the outside walls of your house inside until this pest is gone from your property. 

This will help trap them inside their hiding spots where they will be unable to escape once they enter your home through one way or another (i.e., cracks in foundation walls).

move things away from walls

If you have plants, shrubs, and trees in this part of your property, remove them. If there are items that could block the drain or doors from closing properly, move them. 

Move all items away from where they’re currently located so they don’t get caught up in any debris that falls out of your ceiling or walls when it rains.

Option #3: Place Traps Around Your Home

Choose a trap that is designed to attract and hold water bugs. Place the trap where you think your water bugs will be, areas where they gather. 

This includes areas such as walls or under cabinets, behind sinks, leaky faucets or pipes, and so on. 

Or place them in places where they are likely to come from (like a drain).

Also, consider placing traps near areas where you know there are also bugs present (such as inside your home).

Tip: Make sure the trap is easy for you to access if needed.

Option #4: Get Rid Of Damp And Dampen Places

damp places

If you have any damp and damp places with dehumidifiers, then these will be the best places where they can breed and multiply.

Waterbugs can also survive on dry surfaces such as wood but they don’t like to stay there for long.  

So, if you have some items covered with plastic or tarpaulin then those are also good places for them.

This is also because they can’t jump from one place to another easily.

Option #5: Properly Seal & Clean Around Your Home

Clean up spilled food. Remove clutter. Keep food in sealed containers. Remove standing water from your home, especially if it’s on the floor or in cracks around windows and doors etc. 

These places can be waterbug breeding grounds for eggs and larvae. 

clean around home

Also, remember to repair any leaks in your sink or faucet so that there are no standing puddles of water outside of your apartment. 

Of course, stagnant water will serve as ideal breeding grounds for these pests, so avoid them!

Tip: You might also want to check rotting wood near foundations, water bugs love moisture


I’m sure you now understand how to get rid of waterbugs in apartment, is a tough problem to solve on your own.

If you notice that you have a waterbug infestation and want to eliminate them, then you can do it yourself. 

But if this becomes too much of an issue, then you should call an exterminator. 

You’re probably not going to be able to get rid of them without professional help because these critters are very resilient and they can hide anywhere.