how to get chocolate out of couch
Kristina Davis

Worried how to get chocolate out of couch? Chocolate is an all-time favorite snack the world over.

But what happens if it melts and drips on your clothes? And what if you accidentally spill some on your couch or carpet?

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Fabric, as we know, is prone to stains. And chocolate, as you would have experienced by now, is a particularly stubborn stain.

What are you to do now that you have got some of that gooey goodness on your upholstery?

How do you remove chocolate from fabric? You cannot hide it under cushions. And it will not fade with time.

A cleaning service is too expensive. Your only option is to remove it yourself. But how?

Get Chocolate out of Couch

Worry not, for we have got just the right tips and tricks that’ll teach you exactly how to get chocolate out of couch!

It is better if you deal with the stain quickly. While all stains set after a while, chocolate, especially in liquid form, sinks deep into the fabric fibers making it harder to remove.

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And since it is sweet, you can be assured that leaving it on your couch is an open invitation to bugs.

Sofas need maintenance, too, lest you are actively seeking an infestation.

Things You Will Need

Here is a list of the things you will need for this task, including their alternatives.

Most of these items can be found in the average household, which means you can get started on that stain right away.

  • Ice Pack/ Gel Pack
  • Damp Sponge/Towel
  • Dry Sponge/Towel
  • Butter Knife/Credit Card/Spoon
  • Mild Dish Soap/Vinegar/Lemon Juice/Baking Soda & Toothpaste
  • Cornmeal or Cornstarch Powder/ Baby Powder
  • Hand Vacuum (optional)

How to Get Chocolate Out of Couch Fabric?

how to get chocolate out of couch fabric

Chocolate stains fabrics in two ways – as an oil and as a dye. Getting it out will take some effort.

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Before you start sponging, do remember that the more pressure you apply and the more vigorously you scrub, the more you will spread the stain.

That is not the correct technique for how to get chocolate out of couch fabric.

Before you begin, you need to prep the spot for cleaning.

To do so, take a dull knife or anything that will not rip open your couch and scrape off as many solid bits as you can.


Scrape from the outside to the inside so that it does not spread to non-stained sections.

Better still, keep some paper handy so that you can scrape the bits right on to it.

Step 1 – Set an Ice Pack Over the Stain to Harden the Chocolate

Liquids spread. Fabric soaks. Stains worsen. Avoid all of that by hardening your chocolate mess with ice.

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You can either use a gel ice pack or place a few ice cubes into a zip lock bag. Leave the ice for about 10 minutes. Continue to scrape any hardened bits of chocolate.

Our aim should be to remove as much of the solids as possible before cleaning with liquids. As it is a labor-intensive process, it’s better to have less to work with.

Step 2 – Create a Cleaning Solution

Unless you already have some kind of cleaning solution that works for your couch fabric, you can create a simple one at home by simply mixing dishwashing soap with water.

Alternatively, you could use a combination of lemon juice, vinegar, or even baking soda.

Will baking soda remove chocolate stains?

Yes, it will. You can mix it with toothpaste or one-part water to two parts baking soda to create a paste.

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Hydrogen peroxide acts as bleach. Do not use it unless you have a white couch.

Step 3 – Use a White Rag or Sponge

You will need to use a sponge or preferably a white rag for this so that you can see how much of the stain you’re getting out.

Take your sponge/rag and dip it in the cleaning solution you just created. Then, starting with the edges, blot the sponge/rag over the stain. Start around the corners and work inwards.

As the stain begins to come off, add more of the cleaning solution.

Repeat until the stain has lost almost all of its color. You should be left with what seems like a shadow.

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Be patient. Some stains are more stubborn, especially if you have spilled hot chocolate or dark chocolate. The darker the stain, the more elbow grease you will need.

Step 4 – Use a Towel to Rinse and Dry the Couch

Once you are satisfied that no more of the stain can be lifted with soap, it’s time to move to the next stage.

Use a clean, damp towel or sponge to start blotting out the soap on your treated section.

Rinse your towel/sponge frequently till there is no more soap left on the couch. Use another fresh towel/sponge to pat dry the treated area.

Step 5 – Finish with Cornmeal

Cornmeal or baby powder is wonderful for miracle cleaners when it comes to chocolate messes.

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Depending on which of the two you have at home, grab a bottle and sprinkle it over the treated area.

Are you now wondering, how do you remove chocolate from fabric with cornmeal?

Any remaining cleaning solution and residual chocolate will be lifted with the cornmeal (or baby powder).

Don’t be frugal. Use a generous amount. The more you add, the more residue it will absorb.

Allow the powder to set for half an hour to forty-five minutes, and then you can either brush it away with a dry towel or use a vacuum cleaner.

Bottom Line

If you have any doubts about the steps mentioned above, follow this visual demonstration on how to get chocolate out of couch.

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It showcases the steps in their correct order and what the stain might look like at each stage of the cleaning process. You cannot go wrong.

With a little time and the correct supplies and techniques, you will be able to restore your couch to its pre-stain glory.

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