can i tan in a tanning bed with wet hair
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‘Can I Tan In A Tanning Bed With Wet Hair? Are you wondering?

If it is your first time trying to tan your skin in a tanning bed, then you would also be asking questions and one of those questions would definitely be,

Are you looking to tan your skin? The tanning bed is a classic option.

It comes with classic results for skin darkening. This device emits ultraviolet light such as the sun to give you a tan.

However, most people want to know whether they can take into the tanning bed wet hair or not.

The idea of tanning in a tan bed with wet hair is two ways. You can either do it while wet or dried. The vital part is to evaluate the risks and choose your way.

Relax, this blog post has sought to address this issue. We have all the answers about the tanning bed.

So, Can I Tan In A Tanning Bed With Wet Hair?

tan in tanning bed with wet hair

Would you go to the tanning bed with wet or dry hair? You probably wouldn’t know what exactly to do if it’s your first time.

Most people like you have been caught up at crossroads concerning this issue before.

It is a disturbing agenda to use the tanning bed with very little intel attached to it. However, we took our time and did our studies and surveys.

We even had interviews with tanning device experts and did all we needed to do to come up with a lucrative conclusion.

So if you are planning to go to the tanning bed with wet hair,  then this article could be asking you to reverse your next move.

What Is My Take on This?

my opinion

So as to be clear, you can go to the tanning bed with your hair. But then it isn’t advisable to go with wet hair due to several reasons.

These reasons we will later learn in this article.

Hopefully, things are not becoming very complicated. This is a steaming discussion with both faces of the coin defending their position.

So, our stand on this issue,  after all the data gathered, is a big No. One shouldn’t go to the tanning bed with wet hair.

Avoid tanning as much as you can, with wet hair. In fact,  you need to have your hair covered during these sessions.

Why Shouldn’t You Use The Tan Bed With Wet And Uncovered Hair?

shouldnt use wit wet hair

Why do you think it is inadvisable to tan in a tanning bed with wet hair and uncovered hair?

It is no news that tanning beds make use of fluorescent bulbs in simulating the effects of sunshine which aids the actualization of a tan.

Fluorescent bulbs emit UV radiation just like the sun. These UV rays harm our pores & skins, as well as our hairs.

You should always note that tanning beds can lighten or injure hair, especially when it’s color-treated or permed.

Does It Have Any Effect on Our Health?

have effects

Therefore, when using tanning beds, you take the necessary precautions. You need to avoid overexposure and potential injury.

UV rays have the potential to harm each pore, hair, and skin. It has a darkening effect on the face and a lightening effect on the hair.

A lot of people may wonder how this is possible. The right answer to this perplexing occurrence can be found in the attributes of our pores, skin, and hair.

This overexposure to the UV rays in the tanning bed is what results in Cancer,  burns, and Melanogenesis.

Note: In the UK,  the USA, and most other nations,  one must attain a minimum of 18 years to be able to use the tanning bed. 

You may be asked to present your identification card especially if you look younger than your age.

How You Can Protect Your Hair While Tanning

protect hair

How then can I go in the turning bed with wet hair? There is no option other than not to go into the tanning bed with wet hair.

If you want to use the tanning bed to give your skin a darker touch,  then you must take precautionary measures to keep your hair safe while tanning.

You cannot go to the tanning bed with wet hair. Although you can go with dry hair, you must cover the hair.

There is a serious simulation of Ultra Violet rays in the device that won't hesitate to harm your hair. 

These rays will alter the shape of the hair thereby dressing it in a different color. Below are the ways to protect your hair while tanning in a tan bed.

These ways double as protective measures for the pores and the skin.

Step #1. Put On A Showering Cap

showering cap

Before you consider making use of the tan bed, it is necessary to wear a bathing cap. Bathing caps help to keep hair moisturized.

It also shields your hair from UV radiation, which causes our hair to darken and become fragile.

This particular cap is known to be washable, and you may reuse it for another tanning session.

Preferably,  use showering caps made of tough fabric that can survive the heat in the tanning bed.

Tip: Make sure all your hair is tucked carefully into the showering cap. Wearing a shower cap will help prevent your hair from becoming fragile.

Step #2. Put On A Towel

When going to the tanning bed, you can always make use of a towel. You can also wear a turban on your hair if you like.

The goal is to have the entire head covered and protected out of reach of the Ultra violet rays.

Step #3. Use A Conditioner

a conditioner

Another effective way we can protect our hair from tanning would be by applying a hydrating hair conditioner before going out.

There are a plethora of hair-protective products readily available. You can get these from retailers and dealers near wherever these tanning beds are found.

Tip: When using a conditioner, coat your hair completely. Begin at the top and work your way down.

Step #4. Use Bandana Or A Scarf

If you’ve pulled your hair back into a bun or ponytail, this piece of headwear is ideal.

Then you can wrap the bandana around your head. It is an excellent way to completely cover your hair.

Although a bandana is more stylish when compared to a beanie, it covers your hair better than the headband.

It is okay to inquire about the types of headgear available at the tanning salon.

Most of them wear headgear that appears to be a replica of a bathing cap. These caps are specifically made to protect hair from UV rays.

How Often Can One Visit The Tan Bed?

how often to visit

You shouldn’t visit the tan bed more often, in general. Every average person can visit the tan bed two times a week. 3 to 6 total visits are enough for anyone.

Always give a minimum allowance of 72 hours between one session and the other. By doing so, you allow your skin to relax and regenerate.

This will help avoid burns and brown spots that come with frequent visits to the sun bed.

The Do’s And Don’ts While Using The Tan Bed


  1. Exfoliate, shower, and shave before the sessions.
  2. Use non-moisturized oils right after showering.
  3. If you are on medication, look up the side effects for sensitivity to UV light.
  4. Tuck all of your hair in a showering cap or towel before moving in.


  • Don’t go in with wet hair.
  • Don’t go in with uncovered hair.
  • Don’t wear makeup, jewelry, and other heavy perfumes.
  • Don’t tan regularly before the close of 72 hours


You now know the answer to the question ‘Can I turn in a turning bed with wet hair?  The color of the skin is an impact factor in life.

Skin darkening helps in protection against disastrous UV lights.

It forms a stronger barrier to body water loss and a better antimicrobial defense. Surprisingly it also makes one less prone to sunburns.

Using the tanning bed is a great, effective and faster way to tan your skin. However, it all depends on how you do it.

In this article, you have learned what you are required to do for better-darkened skin.

In addition, just be courteous with the tan bed. Follow the regulations and ensure you don’t go in with wet, uncovered hair.

Shall we?