washer smells like rotten eggs
Kristina Davis

There are times when our washer smells like rotten eggs and it is certainly a huge turnoff.

I mean, no one likes the smell of rotten eggs, it is distasteful and irritating. 

The worst part about the smell is it doesn’t go away even after washing the washer.

You are in luck, as this writer understands the distress that comes from having that smell in your washer.

Hence, I would be basing this article mainly on how to get rid of the rotten egg smell in your washer.

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Fixing the awful egg smell your washer has would require knowing what causes the smell in the first place. After knowing the source, getting rid of it is pretty much easy.

Why Does My Washer Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

why my washer smell rotten eggs

As I said earlier, we have to discover the source of the problem before knowing how to eliminate it. 

So why does my washer machine smell like rotten eggs? The main cause of any rotten egg smell is hydrogen sulfide. 

And it is found in places where bacteria metabolism occurs, like in the sewer or trash can.

But what could cause the presence of hydrogen sulfide is what we are going to look into. 

Well, there are several reasons why your washer smells like rotten eggs due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide. 

But do not fear, for we shall discuss them all.

Reason #1: Blocked Drain

Every washing machine has a water outlet that allows water to leave the washing machine.

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There are times when washing your clothes, there are things in the pocket of the clothes like paper that could accumulate over time in the outlet. 

blocked washer drain

This, in turn, can lead to a partial or full blockage in the outlet. Since the water doesn’t go out at all or fully, it can give rise to hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.

The combination of these two is the best recipe for a rotten egg smell.

Reason #2: Buildups

Sometimes you lose the other pair of a sock or a tiny handkerchief and you don’t know where it could be.

Well, sometimes, it could be in your washer stuck in a corner or in the door seal of your washer.

These clothes, when stuck in those places, can cause a buildup of other tiny particles, bacteria, and mold. 

dirt buildup

And you know what bacteria metabolism causes? Yes, you are right, hydrogen sulfide, the smell of rotten eggs.

Tip: Door seal is a large rubber gasket in front of your washer to keep water from coming out when washing or spinning.

Reason #3: Dirty Washing Machine

The reason why your washing machine smells like rotten eggs might not be because of all the reasons listed above.

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It could simply be that it needs to be cleaned properly.

After checking all the reasons listed above, if you can’t find the reason for the egg smell in your washer, this could be the most likely cause.

dirty washer

It could simply be because the washer is dirty.

Reason #4: Clogged Sewer

This is the last possible cause of the rotten egg smell in your washing machine. It is probably a far stretch but it is one that should be taken seriously. 

A clogged sewer can result in your washing machine smelling like a rotten egg and your whole house.

A clogged sewer is basically self-explanatory, it is a sewer that has been clogged by some buildup.

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A clogged sewer can lead to a sewer gas explosion, it can cause a lot of health issues and, in the worst case, death.

If the sewer is clogged, the gasses in it, like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, would not have a chance to dissipate.

clogged pipe or sewer

This would lead to the gasses going into the available pipe since most of them lead back to the house.

This could also be the source of the rotten egg smell in your washing machine.

Note: If the clogged sewer is not looked into on time, it can lead to even more damage than a smelling washing machine.

How To Fix It

Now that we are all aware of why our washing machine smells like rotten eggs, we can now move on to the next step.

The next stage of this article is knowing how to fix it.

The methods required to get rid of the smell depend on what causes it. Here are the methods based on the causes.

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Method #1: Clearing The Drain

clear the drain

Step #1: Access The Drain

To be able to clear the drain, you have to locate where the drain pipe or plug is. Sometimes the drain might have a cover so you remove it.

After accessing the drain plug, you turn off the cap to detach it from the washing machine.

Tip: Make sure to have a rag cloth with you because there could be water leaking out of it.

Step #2: Clean The Filter And Drain

After the drain plug has been removed, you should be able to access the filter.

Once both are separate, you can then wash them both with a solution of soap and warm water. 

You should also wash the areas surrounding the drain and the filter to have a better result.

washer drain

Step #3: Clear The Drain With Hot Water

After washing the drains and filter, you make a mixture of hot water and vinegar.

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The solution should be poured into the washer and spun twice before draining it out. 

Doing this will help to clear out any dirt or grime stuck there too.

After clearing out the hose, you can place your drain back in the washing machine.

Method #2: Clear Buildups

This is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is look inside the washer after you have opened the door seal to see if there is anything stuck there. 

If there is, carefully remove it and wash that area with a solution of soap and water. 

clear the buildups

After washing the area, the door should be left open to let air in and let it dry.

To avoid such buildups in the future, it is best to leave the door of the washer open after washing clothes in it.

Tip: By allowing air to enter the machine, it would reduce the chances of mold developing in the washing machine.

Method #3: Wash The Washing Machine

As I said earlier, the rotten egg smell your washing machine has might be a result of the machine being dirty.

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Here are some easy steps on how to wash a dirty washing machine.

All you have to do is set the washing machine to the highest capacity and allow water to fill it up.

After that, you add some bleach and soap and put the machine on spin. 

wash the washing machine

After it has completed the cycle, change the water and add some cups of vinegar and baking soda and wash again by putting it on a spin.

After washing the machine and you are satisfied with the outcome, the washing machine should be left for some hours to dry before making use of it again.

Note: If after all this, the rotten egg smell still persists in your washing machine, then we move to method 4.

Method #4: Check The Sewer

You would have to make use of a professional in this method to assist you in clearing out the sewer and whatever is blocking it in the first place. 

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call a professional

After having your sewer checked and clearing the blockage, you still have to wash the washing machine.

You will therefore be getting rid of the smell the hydrogen sulfide is sure to leave behind.


Whenever you notice that your washer is like rotten eggs, you should take it very seriously because you can never be too safe.

So wash your machine when necessary and have your sewer checked now and then. 

Now that we have discussed all there is to discuss, I hope we know what to do when your washer smells like rotten eggs.

We have finally gotten to the end of this article and I hope it was as much a blast to you as it was to me. I hope the information given has been helpful.