do you dilute bona hardwood floor cleaner
Kristina Davis

How do you dilute bona hardwood floor cleaner appropriately? Are you sure you’re doing it the right way? 

Can you mix bona hardwood floor cleaner with water? All these questions must be asked if one is prepared to preserve his/ her cherished hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors make a great flooring option. They naturally add to your space the semblance of nature and a riveting decor.

Without a doubt, hardwood floors are lately the most appreciated whether for public or residential places.

Since dirt will always be there, from dust or spills, it is necessary that the dirt is cleaned effectively and efficiently.

Bona hardwood floor cleaner is the most vibrant hardwood floor, cleaning agent. However, most people dilute it while others use it as it comes.

So, do you dilute the bona hardwood floor cleaner? Unless it has been indicated on the can, bona is best used without dilution.

Do You Dilute Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

bona hardwood floor cleaner

If you are looking to clean your wooden floor, and in mind have the bona floor cleaner, then you nailed it.

However, you might be tempted to dilute your bona wooden floor cleaner because of its slipperiness.

If used the way it is, the slipperiness tends to stick to your hands. Thereby compelling you to wash your hands post-cleaning.

However, it is best that you do not dilute bona cleaners.

Tip: Use them as they are unless the container indicates that they are to be diluted.

Why Shouldn’t We Dilute It?

why you shouldn't dilute it?

Bona cleaners are manufactured ready to go and you won’t have to dilute them at all. They have been processed with a lot of skill and care.

They are the best bet for you!

They are not only for cleaning your floors but also for protecting the environment and the floor.

Undoubtedly, there are no better cleaners that will leave your floors shining like a bona cleaner will.

Note: It can sometimes get hard. And for the love of your floor,  only the right things have to be done. So do not dilute your bona cleaner solution.

Bona’s Cleaning Performance

the cleaning performance

For decades, bona cleaners have been used widely to turn around homes. They have also been used to reignite the shine on hardwood floors.

They have everything anyone could be looking for in a cleaning agent. Although their price tends to be a little bit higher.

Regardless, bona cleaners are easy to use, with no strong or awful scent. They have even been certified as low chemical emitters.

Bona cleaners have proved over time to rebrand the finish of wooden floors.

It didn’t matter whether the wooden floors were dulled or not, bona cleaners would give them that glossy look.

Tip: You can use these floor cleaners anywhere on hardwood floors, especially where high traffic is a problem.

What Makes Bona Exceptional?

what make it exceptional

It is a water-based agent of cleaning, but you will hardly spot any streaks or residues left on the floor after it has dried.

Bona is quick to dry, and you do not need to use a lot of cleaning energy while using it.

It leaves no scent behind after cleaning. And then, you are left with a clean bright floor when you are done cleaning.

In the simplest of words, bona is the best and greatest hardwood floor cleaner of all time.  It comes in varieties, loaded with entire cleaning kits.

These kits include cleaning pads, mop heads, and even the dry mop

Tip: The dry mop aids you in making your floor sparkling clean.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors Using Bona Cleaners

how to clean

Do you add water to bona floor cleaner? If you still do that, then stop it. 

We have already indicated that you should use bona floor cleaners without diluting them in water. Except if it is directed that way on the container.

Now, how you clean your hardwood floor with the bona cleaner is another important part. You can clean them in very easy and simple steps.

Below are the procedures to follow while cleaning your hardwood floors with bona anytime.

Step #1. Sweep Or Vacuum The Floor

vacuum floors

First, you need to sweep and vacuum your floor. You have to do this to remove all debris and dust from the surface.

Sweeping and vacuuming the floor should be done at least daily.

By mere sweeping and vacuuming, you will realize a huge change in the gloss of the surface.

You should use intense cleaning only when there is a need.

Tip: Hardwoods aren't prone to a lot of dirt especially if handled with care. This is unlike other laminate floorings.

Step #2. Remove Any Water From The Floor

remove water

Using a piece of clean damp cloth, dry out any water or liquid spills on the hardwood floor.

You should never leave liquids to rest on the floor longer than half an hour.

This can begin to stain or can seriously destroy the wood permanently.

So, always make sure you are prompt with removing spills from the floor.

Step #3. Sprinkle Your Floor With Bona Cleaning Agent

sprinkle with bona cleaner

At this point sprinkle the bona cleaning agents on your floor.

Do not have it diluted in water unless it has been indicated that way on your product.

It is okay and best to use bona cleaners undiluted.

So, sprinkle it on your floor in small volumes at a time. Then cautiously use your mop to mop the area hence and forth.

Step #4.  Leave To Dry

You won’t have to wait for so long before your surface has dried off.

Then you carefully tread on your floor to make sure that your feet are clean at all times.

How Regularly Should You Clean Your Hardwood Floors With Bona Cleaners?

how often should clean floor

Hardwood floors are meant to be highly dirt resistant. If taken care of well, they can last for over twenty years before you ever think of a replacement.

Hardwood floors installed in high-traffic areas are the most complicated to deal with, especially by cleaning.

People are ever on the run. They’ll be constantly moving in with dirt and dust at all times. Door rags may not even help adequately.

In high-traffic areas, there may be the need to clean hardwood floors on a daily basis with bona. But in certain areas, there isn’t much traffic.

Note: It is necessary that the floors are cleaned at least once every week using a bona floor cleaner.

The Do’s And Don’t s For Hardwood Floors

do's and don'ts

Remember that you are trying to protect your floor for as long as you can. Only using bona cleaners may not be enough.

You need to keenly ensure that your floor is safe, clean, and always intact.

Below are the dos and don’ts geared towards helping you preserve your floor:

The Don’ts

  • Don’t walk on the floor in high heels.
  • Don’t let pets with untrimmed claws on the floor.
  • Don’t sand and dust the floor while cleaning.
  • Don’t use water, vinegar, wax, soap oils, or any other household items in cleaning the floors.
  • Don’t use a damp cloth to wipe the floor.

The Dos

the dos
  • Sweep and vacuum the floor often.
  • Using bona microfiber cleaning pads and agents, remove spills from the floor as soon as they occur.
  • Place mats at the entrance and area rugs all over in places with high traffic.
  • Clean the floor with bona at least once each week.


This brief blog post of ours has certainly given answers to the question ‘Do you Dilute Bona Hardwood floor cleaner?

It is unnecessary to dilute bona hardwood floor cleaner unless there is an indication that calls for it on the container of the bona. 

There totally is no need to dilute bona hardwood floor cleaner when it is best used that way.

Bona cleaner can be vouched for to be the best and greatest hardwood floor cleaner of all times

Don’t be shy! Go ahead and use undiluted bona today to make your floor sparkling clean.

Thank you for reading our article. Hope to get feedback from you soon.