why is my air mattress bulging on one side
Kristina Davis

Why is my air mattress bulging on one side? It can be an extremely annoying situation, especially if you have just bought and inflated your new mattress.

The thing is that so many things can go wrong during manufacturing and while using your air mattress.

Leaks are quite common when you do not follow all the instructions from the manufacturer.

But it is often tricky to identify the cause when you see an air mattress bulge on one side. Well, you can blame it on many things actually.

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Overinflation, subpar bonding procedures during manufacturing, or frail seams are all potential causes of a bulge or bubble in an air mattress. 

Why Is My Air Mattress Bulging on One Side?

why my air mattress bulging on one side

Air mattresses are universally loved or praised, and their portability and convenience are undeniable benefits.

✅ For short-term usage such as camping, having visitors around, or accommodating athletes, air mattresses are a convenient option.

However, inflatable mattresses have the potential drawback of developing bumps over time, leading to leaks and eventual deflation. 

If it develops a bulge on one side, sleeping on it might also be unpleasant and annoying.

So, exactly what leads to this problem? Let’s discuss the potential causes of the bulging side of your air mattress and the steps you can take to fix it. 

Substandard Factory Bonding

a substandard factory bonding quality

New mattresses that start swelling after initial use frequently indicate faulty manufacturing.

Most mattress bumps can be traced back to poor seam bonding during production.

The seams of an air mattress should be strong enough to withstand the stress of inflation and the weight of a person without ripping or opening.   

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An Important Consideration

You may have a limited amount of time to submit a warranty claim if you discover a bulge in your air mattress and believe it is the result of a manufacturing flaw.

For instance, you have anything from ninety days to a year to claim a warranty on an Intex air mattress. 

Excessive Load

the excessive load

Never load more than the maximum allowed or you will damage your air mattress in the process.

✅ If you want to keep your air bed in good condition for as long as possible, it is important to know and stick to the recommended weight limit.

Understand that your inflatable mattress can easily be punctured or torn if you exert too much weight on it. 

Past Expiry Date

If you plan on using your air mattress for an extended amount of time, keep in mind that bubbles may form.

The truth is that though some air beds claim to last up to eight years, even the highest quality variants typically only last between one and two years of regular use.

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Due to the inevitable eventual degeneration of air bed seams, it may be time to either repair or look for a new airbed.   

Tip: In most cases, a regular mattress is designed to last for up to 2 months of continuous use before showing any significant signs of softening, so use it carefully. 


the over inflation

If your air mattress is sagging on one side, it may be due to overinflation.

There is a high chance of your mattress bulging on one side if you do not know how much air it truly needs.

What you need to understand is that localized accumulations of air can produce localized elevations in the mattress’s firmness. 

Both rapid pumping and excessive air pressure might lead to the mattress becoming overinflated. 

An Important Consideration

It is worth mentioning that the air mattress's built-in pump may inflate it to a preset hardness level, which may not be comfortable for your body type or sleeping preferences. 

Therefore, refer to the user manual but do not make it too hard or you will damage it in the process. 

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Improper Weight Distribution

the improper weight distribution

Uneven weight distribution is another potential cause of air mattress inflation issues.

When you or another person sleeps on the mattress, your weight may shift to one side, causing the mattress to bulge. 

This could be because you are not placing yourself in the middle of the mattress or because a heavier individual is sleeping on one side.

This causes localized regions of the mattress to become harder than others due to variations in the internal air pressure.

Overtime, it will cause the air mattress to bulge on the side of less weight. 

Material Defects

Material faults are also one of many potential causes of a sagging air mattress.

A manufacturing flaw or damage to the material could cause this, and it gets worse with over-inflation.

✅ It is possible that your mattress may have been punctured or leaked due to rough handling during shipping or storage. 

Temperature Variations

a temperature variations

The weather can affect the high air pressure inside the mattress, leading to lopsidedness.

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Mattresses can develop a bulge on one side if the air inside them condenses when the temperature drops.

On the other hand, an increase in temperature may cause the air pressure within the mattress to rise, causing it to over-inflate and bulge in one area. 

How to Prevent Air Mattress Bulging on One Side?

Identifying the root cause can help handle the issue of a bulging mattress.

But, you can also do a few things to prevent those bubbles from forming in the first place.

For instance: 

Avoid Over-Inflation

avoid an over inflation

Slowly and carefully inflating the mattress and checking the firmness level often during inflation are both recommended to prevent overinflation.

Just inflate a brand-new air mattress to 90 percent of its maximum volume, or as specified in the product manual.

Tip: If you go overboard, you can release air from the mattress with a separate pump or the built-in valve to customize the firmness. 

Avoid Improper Weight Distribution

Positioning your body in the middle of the mattress and spreading your weight out evenly is recommended to prevent pressure points.

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You can do this by:

  • Selecting a mattress with a more uniform surface
  • Increasing the mattress’s firmness
  • Employing pillows
  • Or using  a combination of all 

Identify Material Defects

Never leave your mattress on rough surfaces and make sure it passes a thorough inspection before use to reduce the likelihood of material faults.

Get a new mattress if it looks defective. Or, consider repairing it using a patch kit if you find any holes, tears, or other damage. 

Avoid Temperature Issues

try avoid temperature issues

It is best to inflate your mattress in a climate-controlled room.

Also, it is important to keep the mattress out of direct sunlight and hot rooms after it has been inflated.

When camping, it is best to find a sleeping area sheltered from the weather and provides some insulation.

Take the Right Care of Your Mattress

Finally, you need to maintain your air mattress so that it lasts as long as possible in pristine condition.

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✅ It should be kept clean and stored in a solid container away from direct sunlight and severe temperatures.

And of course, you should inspect it on a regular basis to ensure that there are no air bubbles or other signs of damage. 

How to Repair Air Mattress Bulging on One Side?

If you notice a bulge already forming on one side of your mattress, you can try repairing it yourself.

Here is what to do: 

Begin by Deflating It

If you notice a bulge on your mattress, it likely has too much air in it, so press on the bulge while slowly letting air out to deflate it.

The valve on your air mattress should be opened just a crack to enable air to slowly leave.

At the same time, you will need to press down on the air bubble or the bulge until it flattens out enough.

Tip: Without an internal pump, If you need assistance opening the blow hole, ask a friend to do so, and then have them hold a finger over the hole as you press the air bubble. 

Reinflate It

reinflate air mattress

Large bumps may disappear by deflating the mattress completely and then inflating it again.

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Slowly fill the mattress with air while keeping an eye on the expanding surface.

Once the bulge reappears, you should stop pumping.

Tip: Get a new mattress if no matter how much you inflate it, the bump always returns, as sleeping on a mattress with too little air in it is bad for your spine and lower back. 


Why is my air mattress bulging on one side? Overinflation, unequal weight distribution, material problems, and temperature variations are just a few of the potential causes of a sagging air mattress.

Be sure to adjust the firmness and pay attention to proper weight distribution to avoid this issue.

Sometimes, you can repair it yourself, but on other occasions, you have no choice but to get a new one.