can you put an air purifier on the floor
Kristina Davis

Getting air purifiers is wonderful, but it only really works if you get them in the right spot; so, can you put an air purifier on the floor?

In this article, we’ll not only answer this question but also give options in terms of the appropriate placement of air purifiers that are ideal for your home.

NO, you can’t put your air purifier on the floor. You should set up your air purifier between 3-5 feet from the floor to increase airflow and maximize coverage.

Placing it lower on the ground will work, but you’ll get better results if you keep it within 3 to 5 feet from the floor.

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Why You Should Keep Air Purifier off the Ground

why keep off the ground

To find the best placement of your air purifier, you should start with the basics. Calculate how much area is within reach of the purifier.

Place it at least 3 to 5 feet from the ground and make sure it is clear of anything that might hinder its performance.

If furniture or other objects are in the way, it will take away from the purifier’s effectiveness because it can’t work properly.

Most people will become confused in selecting and placing their air purifiers in their homes.

They should make sure that their room has enough air purifiers so all the rooms are humid and have good air quality.

Note: Keeping your air purifier 3-5 feet above ground keeps it from sucking up dust particles that may clog it and reduce its effectiveness.

Large Air Purifiers

a large air purifiers

If you’re wondering should I put an air purifier on the floor or table, the answer varies depending on the size of your air purifier.

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Small-sized purifiers work best at fairly small heights above the floor, preferably a table.

Bigger air purifiers often perform well when placed on the ground, but it still won’t provide the best value. With air purifiers, efficiency is primary.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a spot between the ceiling and floor that is midway, so keep it within this range to get better results.

The air purifier will work faster when it’s at table height, which provides higher quality clean air.

Note: If it is too high, the air purifier may not be as effective, and if it is too low, it may be inefficient.

Even Airflow

Placing it on the floor means hot air will go up from the floor and go through the device quickly, but placing it higher makes sure airflow is even across all surfaces.

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For best results, your air purifier should be slightly above the ground.

an even airflow

You can also place it in an area with lots of circulating surface area with minimal obstructions to flow.

One concern to keep in mind is the size of your room and things like windows which may affect the evenness of airflow.

Note that purifiers come in three different sizes, so make sure you purchase the right one.

Large purifiers like the LEVOIT LV-PUR131 can clean up to 900ft² an hour in a room with even air flow and are great at getting rid of bad odors and pollen.

Note: The optimal placement of your device depends on your home and its unique needs (lots of windows, an older house with leaky ducts, etc.).

Humidity and Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are most effective when all the doors and windows are shut.

Fully closing these openings allows your air purifier to do its job without outside interference.

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This can seem counterintuitive, as people often open doors and windows to get a fresh air change.

If it’s snowing outside, your air purifier will try to clear your house of snow.

But with open windows, more snow will enter the home and create a snow carpet that won't disappear.

Dense Humid Air

cause humid air

Humid air is denser, so it settles on the ground. Does this perfectly answer the question should an air purifier be on the floor?

Another reason you shouldn’t be placing your air purifier on the floor is that it will be sucking up dense air.

This will be a much more daunting task for it to get the job done compared to less dense air. It’s also why you should keep the humidifier away from your stove and kettle.

If you place it near a tap or toilet, switch off the unit whenever water is running.

Alternatively, you may place it in an area outside where there are taps or toilets to reduce strain on the unit.

Note: It is best to put the air purifier in an area where it can 'breathe' rather than behind your sofa, living room, or TV.

Capture Air Vertically and Horizontally

Air circulates through your home in two patterns:

  • Uup-drafts (air moving vertically from the floor to the ceiling because of temperature changes)
  • Cross-drafts (air moving horizontally, such as from door to door).
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Hot air moves up, so if you place your purifier on a piece of furniture or a wall, it can capture both air movements.

Air purifiers should be 3 to 5 feet from the ground and within 3 feet of an entry or exit.

Keep it Functioning for Longer

keep functioning

If you don’t want to be replacing your air purifier frequently, you should always keep it off the floor. Here is why:

Floors harbor dust and kitten fur that, when sucked up, wall clock the filters.

When filters clog, they get faulty quicker, which may mean replacement or buying an entirely new air purifier.

This is a problem most companies face with their large air purifiers which gobble up lots of particulate matter in industrial environments.

But unlike companies that have budgets, you may not have the financial flexibility to get a new air purifier every few months.

Type of Filter and Air Purifier Placement

types of filters

The type of filter and your ceiling height are other factors that determine the best placement.

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With filters, it’s a trial-and-error kind of thing.

HEPA filters trap particles in the air, so they need to be closer to the source (like your bed) for maximum efficiency.

Carbon Filters

If you have an old house with drafty windows/doors or lots of pets/children tracked in from outside, you’ll want to use a carbon filter further from the source.

This is because it sucks up odors and smoke particles and dust mites, and other allergens.

Therefore, the answer to can you put an air purifier on the floor sometimes depends on the filter you're using.

In general, filters are most efficient in a central location that is not under the sink, on the floor, or near another pollutant (bathroom exhaust fan, kitchen oven fan, etc.).

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Placing them too close to windows or doors can cause noise issues with neighbors.


popular questions

Should I Place My Air Purifier at a Central Location or on a Corner?

You would want the air purifier to be as easy as possible. It is when the air purifier would provide the value you wanted.

You should install the air purifier in a central location with full airflow to maximize air purification.

How Does Placing the Air Purifier near the Windows Affect Efficiency?

The air purifier should be placed away from the windows. The purpose is to ensure the air being purified stays within the room.

What Would Be the Ideal Air Purifier for My Household?

You need to know that many factors determine what kind of cleaner will work for you.

Three factors play the most important role in determining your purifier’s quality: the price of the cleaner, the filter type, and the HEPA type.

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Do I Have to Enclose My Room for My Air Purifier to Work Optimally?

If your air purifier can purify 100ft² and you put it in a big, open room, you’re wasting clean air because the unit isn’t efficient in that space.

The best way to use your air purifier is to put it in a small area, preventing it from re-purifying cleaned air.

Final Thought

So can you put an air purifier on the floor? As explained in the article, the answer is a resounding NO.

Having clean, fresh air in your home is as simple as buying air purifier and figuring out where to place it.

Indoor air is not filtered as well as outdoor air. Breathing in polluted, stale air can make you feel ill and raise your chances of catching a virus (such as the flu).

A functioning air purifier can reduce odors, such as smoke and mold. Your air purifier is also beneficial for rooms with pets, babies, or asthmatic people.