does lavender purify the air
Kristina Davis

Does lavender purify the air? Do these oils really help remove contaminants and pollutants from the air you breathe?

Being someone with asthma, learning this was crucial. So, I did what I had to do – I researched and tried finding information about it.

Yes, lavender can effectively cleanse and purify the air. Whether you are using the real lavender plant or the lavender essential oil, it can get rid of contaminants, germs, and bacteria in the given atmosphere.

In understanding this further, you’ll need to understand what lavender plants are, as well as how essential oils came to be.

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What is the Lavender Plant?

the lavender plant

Lavender is a type of plant that is part of the mint family and is native to the Mediterranean.

Treated as a medicinal plant by our ancestors, it’s a plant that’s always sought after by health practitioners, as well as those who want to design either their interior or exterior properties.

The lavender plant is among the few types of plants known to have an extremely pleasant scent, as well as a calming and tranquilizing ambiance.

NOTE: Healthline claims that the oil in lavender is used as an effective healer of burns. 

Not only that, but it also is an excellent natural pain reliever, inflammation-reducing agent, and an anti-bacterial ingredient.

If that’s so, do you know where essential oils come from?

Where Do Essential Oils Come From?

the essential oil

My initial thought of it was simple – they’re extracted and pulled from plants! But what does the “extracting” in this context mean exactly?

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Plants are made up of different parts and components – from the stems, flowers, leaves, fruits, and roots.

These are where the oils of the plant are pulled from.

How Essential Oils Are Extracted

The extraction process of essential oils is not as simple as many of you might think.

In all honesty, I thought that the oils are just taken from the stems and resins of the plant, but that’s not everything.

Essential oils extraction is done in a few different processes, the most common ones include regular steam or water distillation and cold pressing.

Steam or Water Distillation

start simulation

The plant is suspended over boiling water, and then, the steam pulls out the oils from different parts of the plant.

The steam is concentrated through the material of the plant, and, in turn, the steam returns and releases the molecules turned into vapor.

It then goes into a flask with 2 pipes for the exiting of hot water and entering of cold water, transforming the gas state back to its liquid form.

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Cold Pressing

Water or steam distillation is the newer and more advanced process, while cold pressing is the classic or more traditional extraction procedure.

For this process, the plant’s seed is crushed, nutted, and forced to release the oils that are inside the plant.

This is done by first grinding the plant into a viscous paste, and then pressing it down using a stone mill.

It’ll be pressurized until the juices of oil come out.

NOTE: The majority of essential oils that are cold-pressed are citrus fruits – lime, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, and oranges.

There are a lot of essential oils out there, but lavender is considered by many their favorite.

Lavender has been a household name in the essential oils group, but can lavender really purify the air?

Does Lavender Purify the Air?

lavender air pufier

I’ve always wondered whether lavender is an effective ingredient in purifying the air we breathe, and luckily, I found useful and beneficial information about it.

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Whether you’re using lavender or lavender oil, it can purify and thoroughly cleanse the air.

Lavender purifies and decontaminates the air by absorbing dirt, dust, and other types of pollutants that could be circulating.

In addition to that, it also helps lower the levels of carbon dioxide in a given atmosphere.

The lavender plant is a known plant that promotes relaxation by releasing both dopamine and serotonin inside the brain.

So, does lavender oil purify the air? Yes, this is true for both the lavender plant and lavender oil.

Since then, I always looked at lavender as an additive botanical medium inside and outside my home.

Benefits of Having Lavender Plants in Your Property

Apart from its ability to depollute and decontaminate air, you’ll also be able to enjoy a couple of other advantages and benefits of using lavender, they include:

It Can Repel Bugs, Pests, and Insects

insect repellant

Mosquitoes, flies, and other known pests are attracted to unpleasant, strong, and musty scents.

And since lavender emits a strong, powerful, and fragrant scent, it can effectively repel and deflect the presence of pests.

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It Has Health Benefits and Advantages

I’m sure you have at least heard of it, but lavender is an exceptional health ingredient.

Everyday Health states that lavender alone has a ton of health benefits, some of the most important ones include:

  • The quality of sleep will significantly improve 
  • It can reduce blood pressure
  • It’s an effective remedy for asthma symptoms
  • It promotes hair growth
  • It contains antioxidant properties, which can cleanse the respiratory system

Just by inhaling the scent of lavender, you can expect better health!

It Can Help Fight Against the Growth of Fungus

fight against fungus

Lavender can help eliminate fungus by damaging and destroying its cell membrane.

Yes, you read that right.

The aromatic scent and presence of lavender in the air not only decreases the fungal growth rate but also eradicates the presence of many hazardous microbial properties.

It’s a Natural Pain Reliever

Lavender, as an essential oil or when applied, can act as a natural pain reliever, too.

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Thanks to its relaxation properties, you will find it the most effective when you mix and combine it with water. I recall a time when I was having an extreme migraine.

The combination of lavender in the air, as well as applying it topically on the areas of my head where I feel the most pain worked like magic.

It Grows at a Fast Rate

Unlike other plants that you have to purchase every now and then, lavender is self-sustaining.

grows at fast rate

This means that the lavender plant can reach maturity between 90 and 200 days. Take note, this is the typical journey from seed.

It Can Help Fight Acne

Last, but most definitely not least is that it can help fight acne.

Lavender, when let out in the air, can exterminate germs, viruses, and bacteria – it can cleanse, purify, and detoxify the air.

This simply means that if you apply it to your skin, it can help you take care of acne, too.

Is Lavender as an Essential Oil Effective?

Whether you’re going to use it for its scent or if you’re eager to take advantage of all the beneficial factors it has, you will be able to consider it effective.

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The oil in the plant is enough for you to reap the benefits it has – that actually has a little-to-no difference from its oil form.

What’s even better if it’s extracted as an essential oil is that you can use it as a topical substance rather than using its presence alone.

If you’re eager to know whether lavender works as an air purifier or not, then this should be enough evidence of how effective and efficient it is.


questions about lavender

Here are a couple of some of the most asked questions about lavender as a plant and as an essential oil purifying the air.

Is Lavender an Indoor Plant?

Yes and no – let me explain. Naturally, lavender is a type of plant that loves heat. It breeds warmth and humidity.

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So, yes, it can be an indoor plant if you position and place it inside the house where it can get a sufficient amount of sunlight.

NOTE: During the winter season, though, it’s best to set it indoors because the coldness of the atmosphere can wither faster than the normal timeframe.

Can Lavender Disinfect the Air? 

If it’s an effective ingredient in purifying and cleansing the air, can it also act as a disinfectant?

Yes, both lavender and lavender oil have been found to be effective disinfectants. Lavender is naturally a plant that has antimicrobial properties.

Use Lavender or Lavender Oils to the Fullest!

So, does lavender purify the air? Yes, it does! In fact, it doesn’t just purify, it can disinfect and decontaminate the atmosphere you are in, too!

I was dumbfounded when I found out about all the benefits and positive effects it can have for you and your health!

If you have a lavender plant or lavender essential oil, take advantage of it as best as you can.