does air purifier make room cold
Kristina Davis

I’ve always wondered, does air purifier make room cold?

Sure, it’s capable of enhancing the feel and the overall ambiance of the space, but does it contribute to lessening a room’s temperature?

And although I already had a hunch about it, I needed to learn and read it from people who were able to experience it firsthand.

No, an air purifier does not function as a cooler; it does not have a cooling mechanism. However, there are air purifiers that have forward airflow directions and oscillating features.

The best and most accurate way to understand this whole scenario is to look at what an air purifier is and how it functions.

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How Do Air Purifiers Function?

how air purifier function

Now that we know and understand what air purifiers are, let me discuss with you the function and workability of these air purifiers.

Traditional air purifiers are made up of layers and layers of filters that air goes through and comes out from.

The process starts at the back of the air purifier with a fan, sucking air and directing it to filters, removing particles of dirt, smoke, dust, allergens, and contaminants, as well as VOCs or volatile organic compounds.

After going through all these filters, the air then gets released back into the air for you to breathe.

So, do air purifiers cool down a room? Can you use them for the purpose of enhancing and reinforcing the ambiance of the room?

Does Air Purifier Make Room Cold?

Today, I will be answering probably the most common question about air purifiers – can they make my room cold?

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To answer this briefly and simply, no, it does not. “Purifying” does not actually directly translate to “cooling.”

air purifiers make the room cold?

If you think of it, clean air does not always mean “cool” air. The air could be clean, but it can be warm and humid, too.

The long answer is yes, it can give you comfort, but not by cooling the air down using its own mechanisms.

There are situations where air purifiers can make you feel “more comfortable” because of the enhancement of the air and the ambiance you’re in.

Air Purifiers: Direction of Airflow

Airflow is not something that can meddle with the temperature in the area, but I was able to find out that it can help prevent the buildup of heat and cold.

Air purifiers with fans usually have two airflow directions: upward airflow direction and forward airflow direction.

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Upward Airflow Direction

upward airflow

The majority of air purifiers have an upward air delivery method to allow air to circulate within the room.

What these do is they pull air from all angles of the purifier and push and produce clean and fresh air.

Looking at it analytically, these air purifiers wouldn’t make the room colder.

Instead, it will do the opposite because it can pull warmth down from the ceiling to the mid-part of the room.

Forward Airflow Direction

On the other end of the spectrum, air purifiers at forwarding airflow directions draw air from the backside, delivering it to the front end of the purifier.

You can also find air purifiers that have features like stand fans, which can direct the airflow horizontally, giving a breeze of fresh air at a perfect level.

This linear blow of air can allow the temperature to remain constant and not pull heat from the ceiling or upper part of the room.

Note: Air purifiers can’t make your room colder, but they can help maintain the temperature, especially those that blow out linear air or those that have oscillating features.

Why Air Purifiers Won’t Make Your Room Colder

air purifier wont make room cold

Now, for me to help you with this even further, here are the reasons why air purifiers won’t actually make your room chiller and cooler.

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They Do Not Have Fans or Cooling Units

First and foremost, air purifiers do not have cooling units like air-conditioning (AC) units, and fans that blow out cool air.

They have a fan at the back of each unit, but the function of these fans is to suck up the air that’s already circulating.

I tried positioning it with the fan facing me, and yes, it produced air, but not at the temperature I wanted. The air was warm and humid.

Their Main Function is to Filter

The primary use of an air purifier is to filter the air.

What this means simply is to get rid of the particles of dust, dirt, and other pollutants and contaminants that could be in the air.

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A lot of people, especially those that do not have air purifiers, imagine that air purifiers can make the air colder and cooler, but that’s not actually entirely true.

Their main use is to filter dirty and contaminated air to clean and fresh air.

They Don’t Create Cold Air

can't create cold air

And last, but most definitely not least, is that they do not create cool air.

This is in line with the first reason for them not having any cooling units or fans, per see.

Don’t expect your air purifier to produce cool air because it won’t.

Note: The clean air that goes out of it could feel cool and cold, but that’s just clean air.

These are the answers to your questions! The very reasons why air purifiers don’t make the room colder and cooler, contrary to what you think!

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Are There Hybrid Air Purifiers?

Yes, I was able to find a couple of air purifiers that are built with other devices such as humidifiers, coolers, and fans.

One of which is Quilo’s Aviance 4-in-1 Air Climatizer. It’s an all-in-one device that acts as an air purifier, humidifier, cooler, and fan.

I know – it’s an all-in-one product, and it’s as wonderful as it gets. This is a good example of an air purifier that can make your room feel cooler and colder.

You’ll find many other models of hybrid air purifiers or air purifiers that function more than just a regular or a traditional air purifier. 
hybrid purifiers

Companies and businesses are making different types and models of air purifiers today, so, be sure to look through the market!

In case you’re ever so curious and asking, can air purifier cool my room? In essence, it won’t, and it can’t!

Unless, of course, you’re using an air purifier with a fan, or a cooler installed with it!

Are Air Purifiers Similar to Humidifiers?

The second-most common question about air purifiers is if they are similar to air humidifiers, to which the answer is no, they are not.

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Air purifiers and diffusers are not the same. The simplest and easiest explanation for that is air purifiers function to clean and freshen the air,

while diffusers add moisture to the air, preventing dryness and humidity, which can cause allergies, irritation, and even dry skin to the people who are in the area.


Still confused? Don’t worry, I’ve arranged the most asked questions about air purifiers that are imperative to your learning and understanding!

questions about air purifiers

Can You Have a Fan On With an Air Purifier?

Yes, you can turn a fan on while your air purifier is working or functioning, but this would not have a significant impact on contributing to the room’s temperature.

It could, however, be beneficial in directing airflow for better, healthier, and fresher air. 

Do We Need Air Purifier in Winter?

Yes, air purifiers are essential during the winter because they can get rid of allergens, contaminants, as well as germs, bacteria, and viruses caused by low temperatures.

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Do Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry?

No, air purifiers do not make the air dry as they do not have mechanisms that neither add nor remove moisture from the air.

Similarly, you can’t expect your air purifier to draw out moisture from the air so don’t purchase one if you’re looking to dehumidify your space.

The Bottom Line

So, does an air purifier make the room cold? No, it could not, but it can, however, improve the air you breathe and make it seem like it’s cooler than before.

And although my purpose in purchasing an air purifier is to ensure that my children will be free from the harsh polluted air of the city, I tried looking for other benefits and thus leading me to think that it produces cool air.