how to prevent shower curtain hooks from falling off
Kristina Davis

Do you want to learn how to prevent shower curtain hooks from falling off? Is it bothering you that the anchors of your shower curtains are constantly coming off?

I’ve had the same dilemma, so I did what I needed to do and resolved it as urgently as possible.

You can stop your shower curtain hooks from coming off by adding weight at the hems of the curtain, ensuring that all holes of the curtain have hooks, and installing new hooks that have a snap feature. You can also install some type of lock on both ends of the hook.

Before discussing this, let me first go over a few of the common reasons why shower curtain hooks keep coming off.

This will allow us to prevent it better and easier.

Why Do My Shower Curtain Hooks Fall Off?

why shower curtain hook falls

Your shower curtain hooks falling or coming off is not something that’s caused by a single culprit.

Honestly, I thought so, too.

In checking and reviewing it further, though, there are a couple of reasons why this is happening.

Bad Hooks

I won’t sugarcoat it – not all curtain hooks are made equally. You’ll find some that are good, while some aren’t, and it’s perfectly normal.

I even had an experience of purchasing a hook that was too close to the edge of the rod – it didn’t last a week and I replaced it.

Larger-Sized Hooks Than the Rod

You might not notice it, but rods and hooks have sizes.

Your hook sizes need to be in conjunction with the size of the rod so that it wouldn’t be too big or too small.

Note: If you’re purchasing hooks for the first time, it’ll be best to purchase a new rod together with it.

Otherwise, you’ll have to bring the rod so that it’ll get measured in the store you’re purchasing your hooks from.

Lightweight Curtain

a lightweight curtain

Lightweight curtains can also be a culprit. Try imagining your hooks with a lightweight curtain, wouldn’t that be like having no curtains at all?

Then, when you slide or move the curtain, there’s a big chance they fall off because of how raw and light they are.

Insufficient Hooks

Last, but most definitely not least is the number of hooks you’re using. Naturally, a single pack of curtain hooks wouldn’t be enough to fill the entire curtain.

So, what you’re most likely doing now is you are skipping 1 to 2 holes just to fill both ends of the shower curtain. And don’t worry, I tend to do that too.

What I didn’t know before, though, is that insufficient hooks cause imbalance, where one end is too heavy, and one end will be too light.

The weight distribution wouldn’t be equal.

Note: You can purchase additional or extra hooks to suffice and cover the entire curtain.

How to Prevent Shower Curtain Hooks From Falling Off?

prevent shower curtain hook falling

Upon doing research, I’ve found various ways how we can prevent shower curtain hooks from coming off.

For you to have flexibility, here are a few of the best ways of preventing your shower curtain hooks from detaching and falling off the rod.

Method #1: Adding Weight to the Curtain

Probably the fastest way to go is to add weight to the curtain. To do this, you simply need to add pebbles or sand to the seams and hems of the curtain.

Of course, you’ll need to add these at the hems of the bottom part of the curtain, not at the top.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest this method if you have pets or kids at home who can swallow it when they somehow get out.

Note: You can also use a link chain that is heavy enough for the same purpose, in case you’re worried about it getting out.

How to Put Weights on the Bottom of a Shower Curtain?

put weights on bottom of shower curtains

If your curtain has hems and crevices, then you simply need to insert pebbles, sand, or chains inside.

Otherwise, you’ll need to sew up hems manually, and then use them as a pocket for the weights you will use.

A 1 to 2-inch opening would be sufficient for you to be able to add weights inside.

Method #2: Filling All Holes With Hooks

One of the major reasons why shower curtains fall off is because of insufficient hooks, and yes, it’s normal.

A regular pack of hooks would typically lack 2 or 3 holes, and this is because these holes are just backups.

What they’re not telling you is that most shower curtains would be better and more presentable if you fill all the holes with hooks.

So, if the package usually lacks a few hooks, how do you resolve it? Easy – by purchasing an additional set of hooks. 

You would have 10+ hooks that you wouldn’t use, but hey, it’s always good to have a replacement, right?

DIY Additional Hooks

diy hooks

In case you just need 1 or 2 hooks, there are a few homemade or DIY hooks you can create.

Here are 3 of the best alternatives to shower curtain hooks you can use:

  • String
  • Ribbon
  • Hair Tie

You just need to make sure that you pull it at the exact height of the other hooks so that it’s aligned.

Not doing so runs the risk of some falling because of unequal weight distribution.

Method #3: Installing New and Better Hooks

Common shower curtain hooks are open-ended hooks that are large enough to fit a rod inside.

And even though this is common, you can buy hooks that have close ends or those that have thin openings.

This can help prevent them from falling off the rod no matter how strong or how forceful it is.

Note: if you can’t find close-ended hooks, push one end so that it kisses or somehow touches the other end. 

It does not have to be closed, as long as the space is too narrow for the rod, it’s good.

Method #4: Adding Locks to the Hooks

adding some locks

This method was something I got from another person.

Apparently, they had the idea of adding some type of locking mechanism on the hook to prevent it from falling off.

Now, this locking mechanism is not perfect, in fact, it’s just a simple material that has 2 holes on each end. Confused? Don’t worry, I was as confused as you.

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can do this.

  1. Install the curtain to the hooks, and then the hooks to the rod.
  2. Once done, place the lock on the neck of the hook.
  3. Take the other end and place it at the topmost part of the hook or at the other end.
  4. It should look like the lock is placed at the other end, hindering it from sliding.
  5. Do this to all the hooks to ensure that not a single hook will fall or slide off.

This is what I recommend doing because it’s easy, and it wouldn’t really need you to exert force by bending or folding the hook.

Other than usual locks, you can also use ribbons, hair ties, strings, as well as tapes to lock the curtain hooks in place.

These are the 4 methods you can do in case your shower curtain hooks keep coming off.


Here are a few related questions about preventing your shower curtain hooks from falling off the rod.

questions about curtain hooks

Should I Use Plastic or Metal Curtain Hooks?

Choosing between metal and plastic curtain hooks will depend on the type and weight of your curtain fabric.

Generally, the heavier the curtain is, the heavier, sturdier, and stronger your hooks should be.

If the curtain is heavy, use metal hooks. Plastic hooks could break up and become damaged with the constant shifting of weight.

How Do I Stop My Curtain Rod From Sliding?

Your curtain rod sliding is another problem you need to resolve if you’ve already done keeping your shower curtain hooks in place.

You can stop this from happening by tightening the screws, using rubber bands, strengthening the rod, and of course, using duct tape.

Final Words

Knowing how to prevent shower curtain hooks from falling off is something you can do without the help of a professional.

I know that at first, it can be pretty intimidating, but once you’ve done it, it will be a walk in the park.