can you run hot water through a pressure washer
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This article will be tackling the question “can you run hot water through a pressure washer?

Pressure washers that are designed to use hot water are known to have high efficiency. Professional cleaners use them to get more work done in a short time. 

Let’s learn more about if you can run hot water through a pressure washer and when you can do so.

Yes, you can, if the pressure washer was made for using hot water. Just make sure the temperature of the water is suitable for the pressure washer you are using. Cleaning with hot water can easily remove stubborn stains like grease and oil.

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Can You Run Hot Water On Any Pressure Washer Type?

can you run hot water in pressure washer

Cold water and hot water pressure washers are the major types in the market. Both types can be used to clean most equipment.

However, either of them can be more suitable for running hot water through it.

Type #1: Cold Water Pressure Washer

This is mainly for doing pressure washing that involves cleaning dirt and dust.

Combining a cleaning solution like soap and detergents with a cold water pressure washer will suffice. 

Cold water pressure washers are less expensive than their hot water counterparts. They can also be used for cleaning a wider range of equipment.

When To Run Cold Water Through Pressure Washers

Below is a list of options on when to use cold water pressure washers.

Option #1: Washing Houses

wash houses

The siding of a house can look dirty from accumulated dust. This can easily be removed with a cold water pressure washer.

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To make this process easier, use a cleaning solution to make the dirt particles loose. 

Rinse and then remove any residue with the pressure washer. Many house cleaning agencies routinely use hot water washers to do all their cleaning because they can afford it. 

Note: You don't need to break the bank to get similar results if the stains are not grease or oil.

Option #2: Dirty Or Soiled Driveways

When the driveways in our homes are exposed to weather conditions for long, they accumulate dirt.

Leaves shed by surrounding trees clutter it too. Sweeping alone may not effectively remove all the dirt. 

cleaning driveways

Using a cold water pressure washer will clean it faster.

If the stains are sticky, you can use detergents or cleaning solutions specifically made to be used with pressure washers.

The pressure washers have tanks for containing cleaning solutions. 

They mix with pressurized water to make it more effective at removing stubborn stains.

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Cold water pressure washers still have limitations in cleaning walkways, and cannot be used for cleaning all types of dirt. 

Note: If the stains are greasy or oily, you will need a hot water pressure washer for such difficult stains.

Option #3: To Remove Dry Paint

When one wants to repaint a house, the first thing to do is to scrape off the old faded ones. 

This will enable the new paint to adhere more closely to the wall and shine brighter. Scraping the old paint manually is both stressful and time-consuming. 

A cold water pressure washer saves you from this. Applying a pressurized washer on the wall will easily remove the undesirable painting from the wall.

remove hard paint
Note: Paints used for painting houses before 1978 contained Lead, a poisonous chemical so make sure it does not contaminate drinking water.

Option #4: Cleaning Cars

Cold water pressure washers can be used to clean automobiles depending on the type of dirt it has. 

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If it is sand, dust, or dust, it can clean effectively. If the stain is oil or grease, then it won’t.

Note: Cold water can remove or fade the painting on the automobile. Don't use it if the painting is chipped, or do so carefully.

Option #5: Cleaning Windows

cleaning windows

Cold water pressure washers can safely remove dirt or dust from windows. It is not necessary to use a hot water pressure washer, which is more expensive.

Tip: You should only bother to use hot water if the windows have stubborn oil or grease stains, which is unlikely.

Option #6: Tight Budget

Hot water pressure washers are far more expensive than their cold water counterparts. 

If your small cleaning business is on a tight budget, cold water pressure washers will save costs.

Or maybe you just want to use it for household cleaning, then it’s a good option.

There are commercial and non-commercial variants of pressure washers.

The type you should buy will depend on how frequently you want to do pressure washing.

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on tight budget

The non-commercial types are cheaper.

Also, check if the machine is mostly powered by electricity and gasoline. The electric-powered types are cheaper.

Hot water pressure washers are powered by both powered by electricity and gasoline, which makes them even more expensive.

Note: You wouldn't need the more expensive hot water pressure washer if you don't have a big cleaning business.

Type #2: Hot Water Pressure Washer

hot water type

These are machines excellent for cleaning different types of dirt from a wide range of equipment.

They can be used for cleaning automobile engines, sidewalks, etc.

Below are a few factors you must consider before buying a hot water pressure washer.

Factor #1: Power Supply

You will notice that most of them use two sources of energy.

They have both a power cord for connecting to electric power and they also require kerosene or diesel. 

It needs two power types because electricity is used to power the pump that projects water under pressure. Diesel or kerosene is for heating the water.

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Factor #2: Water Inlet

The water inlet connects the machine to the source of water. Most times, you have to buy the hose separately.

water inlet in washer

Have a hose of sufficient length ready before you start cleaning. 

You don’t have to bother about getting a reinforced or heat-resistant hose since the machine heats the water and shoots it with pressure.

Factor #3: Water Pump

This is the most important part of the pressure washer. It generates the pressure required for pumping water at high pressure.

The stronger the pump, the higher the pressure it generates. 

Higher pressure makes the machine a more powerful cleaning equipment.

Most water pumps that can create pressure of up to 1,500 PSI will do a good cleaning job. Always confirm this before making a purchase. 

Factor #4: Gallons Per Minute

The second major quality the water pump determines is the water output, measured in gallons per minute (GPM). 

consider gallons per minute

The higher the volume of water it pumps at a time, the wider the area you can clean with it.

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The drawback is that it requires a much stronger pump. Stronger water pumps are typically more expensive. 

Pressure washers with high GPM use large quantities of water, which can shoot up your water bill.

Choose a machine with GPM high enough to get the job done without incurring a huge water bill. 

Factor #5: High-Pressure Hose

This part conducts water from the machine to the cleaning tip. Confirm if it’s durable and heat-resistant before making a purchase. 

The length is also important. A long hose will allow you to move freely and reach the crevices of the machine you are cleaning.

Some models of pressure washers allow you to replace the hose with one of the preferable lengths. 

high pressure water hose

While a longer hose makes movement easier, it reduces the pressure and temperature of the water at the cleaning tip.

Things You Can Use A Hot Water Pressure Washer On

  1. Cars and trucks
  2. Garage floors
  3. Tile or concrete patios
  4. Boats or trailers
  5. Driveways and walkways 
  6. Barbecue grills
  7. Carpets
  8. Rugs
  9. Outdoor furniture 
  10. Defrosting a windshield 
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Can You Run Hot Water Through A Pressure Washer?

run hot water through pressure washer

So if your question is still “can I use hot water in my pressure washer” by now you should be able to guess the answer. 

Yes! You can use hot water in your pressure washer if it was designed for it.

Using the wrong inappropriate temperature of water can damage the washer.

As long as you use hot water for the hot water pressure washer, and cold water for the cold water type, you are safe.


Wondering if can you run hot water through a pressure washer? This shows you are a careful person who wouldn’t want to ruin his equipment. This post did answer this question comprehensively. 

Know the type of pressure water you have; whether cold or hot water. If it was designed for cold water, then use only cold water.

The same applies to a hot water pressure washer. Not using the appropriate water temperature, as stated by the manufacturer, is inviting trouble.

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