how to remove hot glue from carpet
Kristina Davis

One of the crucial maintenance factors to consider while choosing a carpet is; how to remove hot glue from carpet. The importance of glue in our daily lives can not be overestimated.

Be it that you have kids or not, the use of hot glue and other adhesive is very common. Ranging from putting broken pieces back in place, to help your kids finish their school projects.

We apply hot glue and other adhesives for a variety of purposes. A common blunder is spilling it on our clothes, upholstery, or carpets.

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Glue stains on fabrics, furniture, and carpets can be difficult to remove, especially when dried.

There are numerous ways to remove adhesive stains from carpets. But for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on how to remove dried hot glue from carpets?

Hot Melt Adhesive And Its Effect On Carpets

hot melt effect on carpet

Hot melt adhesive or better known as hot glue is a type of adhesive that is made by combining thermostatic polymers with other additives which gives the polymer and adhesive effect.

Hot glue comes in solid cylindrical shapes and is applied with the aid of a hot glue gun.

The gun uses a technique of constantly heating the glue, so it is melted and comes out hot on application.

It is advisable to be careful with hot glue because it comes out very hot on application and can blister a person’s skin should it come in contact.

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Why We Often Use Hot Glue

Hot glue has a lot of benefits in terms of usage as compared to other adhesives, they bond easily, faster, and stronger than most adhesives.

They also have a longer hold on materials than most glues.

Since hot glue is applied in the form of a melted state, it will wrap around fibers before hardening, making it quite difficult to get off carpets.

why use hot glue

Be it Berber, textured, plush, frieze, cable, or cut-and-loop, carpets are known to give beauty but also a warm and cozy feeling to our homes.

However, cleaning carpets can be quite difficult as carpets are known to attract and retain dirt.

Due to the nature of their make, certain stains such as adhesive stains can be very difficult to remove from carpets.

Carpets are mostly made from fiber and as such are very responsive to glue.

Removal of Hot Glue From Carpet

It should be noted that one of the best ways to remove glue is to do so immediately when it gets on the carpet before it gets dried up.

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But hot glue is a fast drying adhesive and as such would require certain cleaning methods. Which we would be discussing in this article.

I believe by the end of this article you will have the answer to your question of “how to remove hot glue from my carpet”.

Methods For Removing Hot Glue From Carpets

methods to remove hot glue

There are various methods for the removal of hot glue from carpets, while some may be quite easy and straightforward some can be a bit extreme and would require proper care.

While most of the methods that will be discussed here will involve the use of certain home-based everyday products.

Note: It is a good practice to test out some of these products on hidden parts of the carpets and watch the carpet reactions to the products.

We will be discussing four different methods for cleaning hot glue from carpets, they are;

  1. Ice Cubes Or Blocks
  2. Acetone
  3. Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Steam Iron
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Use of Ice Cubes Or Blocks

This is one of the easiest methods for removing dried hot glue from carpets.

Usually when hot glue stains a garment, one could easily put the garment into a freezer which aids the easy removal of the glue.

But unfortunately, it is impossible to put a carpet into a freezer, and that is why we improvise and make use of ice cubes and blocks.

use ice cubes

The aim of this technique is to give the hot glue a cold feel which solidifies the glue and gives it a brittle feeling thereby, making it easy to peel off the glue from the carpet without any damage.

Note: This method is the least effective method and might require a combination with other cleaning methods.

Step #1: Apply Ice Cubes to the Affected Area

Start off by putting ice cubes into a ziplock bag, then place it on the affected area for about twenty to thirty minutes.

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Step #2: Peel off the Dried Glue from the Carpet

Remove the ice, either using your fingers or a bread knife and gently peel off the dried glue from the carpet.

Step #3: Dab the Carpet

Dab the carpet with a towel in case of any excess fluid from the ice.

Tip: This method is best used when they glue just freshly got onto the carpet

Use of Acetone

use an acetone

Acetone is a product widely known for the removal of glue. It is a major ingredient in artificial nail removal and other similar products.

The use of acetone in removing glue from carpet can be very effective but at the same time can also be risky depending on the type of carpet.

Although not every carpet is reactive to acetone, others made from synthetic can be affected.

As said earlier, ensure to test out the solution on an unseen area of the carpet before attempting to use it on the visible area.

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Step #1: Apply Acetone

Begin by applying the acetone onto the dried-up glue.

Step #2: Remove the Glue

remove the glue

After about ten minutes, use your fingers or a small knife to gently remove the glue

Step #3: Wash Off the Residue

Use a sponge and water to wash off the residue of the glue

Tip: This method can be used alongside ice for effective results.

Use of Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is a product that is widely used in general purpose cleaning.

Rubbing alcohol is also very important in the removal of adhesive from surfaces as the alcohol breaks the bonds of the glue from the surface.

For this method, you need isopropyl alcohol of at least 70%.

Step #1: Apply Alcohol to the Affected Area

use alcohol on surface

You begin by dipping a cotton swab into the alcohol or pouring the alcohol onto the affected area.

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Step #2: Scrape Off the Glue

After a few minutes use a bread knife to gently scrape the glue off the carpet in a manner so as to not damage the carpet.

Step #3: Rinse Off the Residue

Rinse off any residue with a sponge and water.

Tip: This is a better alternative to the use of acetone as it can be used on almost all carpets without any effect on the carpet. 

Use of Steam Iron

use a steam iron

Another very effective method is the use of steam iron, which applies heat to the glue and melts it enough to be peeled off the carpet.

Although effective it is a technique that should be done with enough care, as the iron can burn or melt the carpet if not done properly.

Step #1: Cover Affected Area

Cover the affected area with a fabric, ensure to cover the entire area properly to avoid burn

Step #2: Heat with Iron

use an iron

Adjust the iron to a reasonable enough heat, place it on the affected area and leave for thirty seconds to a minute, depending on the carpet fabric.

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Step #3: Repeat

Repeat the procedure until you can see the glue is removed from the carpet. At times the glue attaches to the fabric.

Step #4: Pull off the glue

Gently pull out the residue glue from the carpet and rinse off any leftovers

Tip: Avoid using fabric that can melt easily to cover the carpet, best to use a cotton based rag.

Thoughts on How to Remove Hot Glue from Carpet

Well done if you have made it this far into the article.

You should know that while these techniques are very effective, you can always consult a professional cleaner if the stain is too much and seems difficult to remove.

I hope you have found the right solution on how to remove hot glue from your carpet, and I hope you practice what you have learned.