can you wash cedar mop head
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The big question that obviously brought you to this page is; can you wash cedar mop head? There are convoluted opinions about whether the cedar mop head can be washed.

The cleanliness of your mop is essential if it has to remain in good condition and clean effectively.

Leaving the mop dirty will make the water you clean with the next time you attempt to clean dirty. Keeping the mop head clean and sanitary shouldn’t be a big hassle for you.

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Mop heads are essential in cleaning floors. They are made from soft material that can scrub dirt and stains from the floor without peeling them off.

But how do we keep them clean, especially the cedar mop heads? Can you wash the cedar mop head, and if you can, what are the best ways to do it?

Due to their light nature and elasticity, most people tend to avoid washing the cedar mop. However, that is uncalled for. Yes! You can wash the cedar mop head

What is the Cedar Mop Head?

cedar mop head

The cedar mop head is one of the most famed and common mop heads today.

It is a microfiber cleaner that has been tried, tested, and approved for use on multiple flooring styles, be it tiles, ceramics, or laminate; the cedar mop is suitable for use on any surface.

It is made from a softwood tree, also known as cedar, which is a coniferous one.

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The cedar mop head is attached to a washing stick, and when handled with good care, which includes regular washing and not leaving it out in extreme conditions.

The cedar mop can last for three months or more. However, the standard period for replacing a cedar mop head is three months.

Why the Cedar Mop Head?

Ask around on some of the best options there are for mop heads, and pundits in the cleaning industry will refer you to this one.

The cedar mop head is adored by all sundry for a couple of reasons.

why cedar mop head
  • For its popularity.
  • It cleans much better than competitor mop heads.
  • Floors dry a lot much more quickly when cleaned with a cedar mop head.
  • It cost less
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to clean.

For these reasons, the cedar mop head becomes your ultimate mop companion. You do not have to strain or worry about weekly replacements with it.

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Can You Wash Cedar Mop Head?

Do you wash your cedar mop head? If you are wary of whether or not this mop head is washed, then this article gives you the go-to to do it.

You can wash cedar mop heads. Cedar mop heads are made from light yet durable and tough material to clean your floors properly.

Due to their light nature and elasticity, most people tend to avoid washing the cedar mop.

However, that is uncalled for. You can wash a cedar mop, and in this article, we will explain how.

How to Wash Cedar Mop Head

to wash cedar mop

Now that the cedar mop head can be washed, do you know any approaches to do that?

Know it or not, stay with me, for I will in this blog explain how to best wash your cedar mop head, but will also reveal the many options there are in cleaning this mop head.

There are best practices to adhere to while cleaning it to ensure it is not spoilt in the process.

There are innumerable washing options for the cedar mop. Choose the one that is convenient and easy for you. 

Below, we look at some of the best options to clean the cedar mop head.

Wash the Cedar Mop Head in a Washing Machine

One of the most effective ways of washing the cedar mop head is using the washing machine. This method is simple, easier, and faster and yields the best results.

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Since it may be unnecessary to power up the washing machine to wash the mop head alone, you can wash it whenever you wash other non-essential items such as rags and old towels. 


soaking mop head

Soaking the cedar mop head is another way you can wash to clean the mop head.

You may not need to soak it every time you use it but at least once every four to five times.

Soaking it helps ease the dirt that may be held in it and prepare it for eventual cleaning.

While soaking the cedar mop head in water mixed with a washing detergent works best, you can as well use the following methods.

  1. Soak it in a gallon of hot water mixed with a cup of vinegar.
  2. Add hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of hot water and soak the mop head.
  3. Using any bleaching agent with fair bleaching effects, mix the bleaching agent in a gallon of water and immerse the cedar mop head for soaking.
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In all these solutions, it is best to allow the cedar mop head to soak for at least ten minutes before removing it.

After it has been fully soaked, bring it out, rinse it very well, then leave it to dry before use.

Be very selective on the bleaching agents you use. Most bleaching solutions tend to cause the synthetic cedar fibers to wear out, which may have you replace them earlier than expected.

Tip: Soak the cedar mop in water solutions and let it rest for at least ten minutes.

The Dishwasher

a dishwasher

It may appear futile and needless to have your dishwasher do the cedar mop head cleaning but believe it or not, just like the washing machine, the dishwasher can help you clean your mop head.

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Most brands of cedar mop heads have been justified to be washable in the dishwasher.

To do this, put the cedar mop head in an empty dishwasher. You may add some cleaning agents and a cup of vinegar.

Run the machine the same way you do with the dishes, and once done, let out the water and leave it to dry before fixing it back to the holding stick.

Tip: Do not leave the cedar mop head to dry in the machine wash or the dishwasher. Instead, dry it outside.

But! Don’t forget to clean your dishwasher after using it!

Hand-Washing the Cedar Mop Head

hand wash cedar mop

You do not have to worry if you do not have access to or if you happen not to have the dishwasher or washing machine.

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You have the soaking option, and here is another hand washing option.

Using fairly warm water will work best in hand washing. Add a cup of vinegar to the water and leave it to soak for fifteen minutes beforehand washing.

Now, washing the cedar mop head isn't as difficult as it may appear. You may choose to wash fiber after fiber or scrub it using a soft hand brush.

Drying the Cedar Mop Head

Washing the cedar mop head and storing it without letting it dry is detrimental to its lifespan and effectiveness.

Do not dry this mop head commercially; instead, sun drying is the most preferred method.

drying cedar mop

We do not dry the mop head in the dishwasher or machine washer since the temperatures in these machines may destroy the mop fiber.

Tip: Let the cedar mop dry outside in the sun, or hang it in a ventilated room.


So, now you’ve read to this point, I want to ask again; can you machine wash cedar mop head? Whatever you feel at this point should be your answer.

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This article has provided you with the yes answer, and yes, you can wash the cedar mop head.

You can either do it commercially through machine washing or in the dishwasher or use other conventional methods such as hand washing or soaking.

Cedar mops represent value and quality. They are one of the best mop head solutions in their industry, but how you treat them determines if they will serve you for a while or if you will be replacing them often.

Tip: Do not use any fabric softeners in the entire process of washing the mop head.