What Color Flooring With Cherry Cabinets
Kristina Davis

Cherry cabinets are stunning but having them compliment the best floor color gives your house a gorgeous, delightful look.

So the big question is – What color flooring with cherry cabinets? 

Relax and read on because we are not just going to be taking you through any casual choices but top choices that are invariant with the style and warmth created by a cherry cabinet.

A choice that will leave your home in a glamorous state having taken our time into researching.

Cherry cabinet can go well for your basement, kitchen, sitting room, library, or bathroom. 

Yeah, it can easily fit into any arrangement but ensuring your flooring with a cherry cabinet is the main deal.

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Understanding the relationship between your cherry cabinet with the flooring is the first consideration to make before any installation.

Colors such as; White, Gray, Beige, Light brown, Yellow/Red, and Light cherry can go with Cherry cabinets.

The Beauty of Cherry

beauty of cherry wood

Cherry cabinets are a great option if you’re modernizing your kitchen or maybe you are putting together a new structure.

Cherry cabinets, since their timeless beauty, will go with several numerous color ideas.

What if you already have a cherry cabinet, but you’re looking for the perfect color combination to freshen up your kitchen outlook?

That’s simple also because there are a lot of color options that can easily blend with your cherry cabinet, giving your space an amazing look.

It's just a question of agreeing on the perfect look for your kitchen using our guidelines.

Combining Dark Colours to Dark Colors: A Design Blunder?

dark to dark color design blunder

It’s important to know some color rules. Avoid a dull and dark feeling when entering your kitchen or any other space.

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Also, you need to avoid complimenting a dark color with another dark color unless that is what you desire.

Should Floors Be Darker Or Lighter Than Cabinets?

This is a common question most people ask. Dark cabinet, whether the cherry cabinet will look perfect beside a lighter floor.

A dark color flooring with a dark cabinet will leave your space dull and give it a pale feeling.

Once you understand the color relationship, you won’t necessarily use colors that don’t give room for color cohesion. 

Tip: Use colors that can complement each other and stay in style even with the passing of time.

Is Cherry Out of Date?

cherry wood out of date

Cherry is a wood that most people sometimes see as outdated, but with the right colors complementing it, it gives one a rich, gallant, and bold look.

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Cherry Wood A Perfect Choice For Kitchen Cabinets

No matter the wonderful look a cherry wood gives to your other space in your house, it can’t be compared to the look it gives to your kitchen.

There are a few selections when it comes to cabinets, so what makes cherry a good option for your kitchen? 

Primarily, let us look at the color, which is very flexible with its thick reddish-brown tints. Also, It’s a timeless choice, giving your kitchen a distinctive feeling.

So, What Color Flooring With Cherry Cabinets?

floor colors cherry cabinet

There are different tones of cherry, therefore your flooring option must strongly depend on the cherry cabinet shade you are using, although generally, cherry is known for its outstanding reddish-brown color.

Most people believe that finding the right flooring option for their cherry cabinet is a big nut to crack.

Most times, others are left confused as every color seems to be a good match for it. 

Since cherry woods are built with amazing shades of red, it can be a bit confusing.

That’s why you need a guide like this to put you through into making the right choices.

To help you through your flooring decision-making.

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We have put together these top choices for your flooring:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Light brown
  • Yellow/Red
  • Light cherry
Note: These colors are our top picks, we made thorough research before picking them.

Are There Processes in Choosing a Color?

choosing a color

The process of selecting flooring wouldn’t be a hard process when you have flexible furniture like cherry cabinets, especially in your kitchen since that is where the use of it is indispensable.

Keep reading to find out how to combine the above top choice color to make beautiful pairs.

Before we dive into blending those color choices, this is one thing you must get right!

This is to – avoid using a flooring color that is darker than your cabinet and doesn’t use the same flooring color for your cabinet, this is one rule that professionals in flooring and design agree on.

Note: If you desire to go with style and avoid color cohesion blunders, then you just have to keep to this rule.

Our Top Choice For Colour Flooring with Cherry Cabinet

top floor color choices


Did you know that white expresses all colors, and helps to brighten up your space?

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Yeah! That’s why white color is one of the amazing colors that you must consider for your flooring option with a cherry cabinet.

It simply has a way of agreeing with anything within your space, and when you have a cabinet as flexible as cherry.

A little light of white goes a very long way in brightening up your space. To make it more amazing, white is a neutral color that, once adopted into a structure, makes it feel more spacious and airy.

If you will agree with the truth, you need such a feeling for your kitchen, which most times are occupied with cabinets and other structures.

Yet, this flooring option isn’t one with a minor con as its nature will display damages and dirt easily, therefore will require consistent upkeep to maintain.

Note: With your cherry cabinet being darker than your floor, the cabinet is more probable to become the main focal point.

Light Grey

light gray floors

Light grey is another amazing blend with your cherry cabinet that you must try out for your kitchen outlook.

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Grey color, which is also neutral, will establish a vital connection with your cherry cabinets although it may also give your kitchen a smaller look, it is certainly an amazing blend with your cherry cabinet.

Even though grey is mostly associated with a metal look but the lighter shade of it has some knot with nature, like a rock or the cloudy sky.


Beige, just like white, is a neutral color making it more flexible to easily blend with your cherry cabinet.

It gives your kitchen a warm look and can bring out the richness of your cherry cabinets.

Light Brown

light brown floor

There is this softness that light brown color adds to a kitchen, especially when it is complementing a cherry cabinet.

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It picks out the brown color in your cherry cabinet without swallowing it up in it because the color flooring is lighter.


Have you thought about using wood shades to alter the conditions and feel of your floor completely?

If you haven’t, then we are recommending that you try it out, especially when you are planning on installing warm colors like yellow or red.

Consider using mahogany which has natural red or pine wood which usually has thin yellow shades scattered on it, with your cherry cabinet.

This will surely give your kitchen that perfect look you're looking for.

Light Cherry

light cherry floor option

If you’re an individual who completely loves uniformity, then you have to do it right to avoid design gaffes.

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Using cherry as your flooring color with a cherry cabinet is not a bad choice as far as you are using the lighter color of your cherry cabinet.

Using a lighter shade of cherry color for your flooring when your cherry cabinet is darker will give your kitchen a warm look that you will love.


Can I paint my Cherry Wood Cabinet?

Yeah! If that’s your choice, it is possible. It’s okay to paint a finished wood, but you may need the help of an expert to help you through this.

In Conclusion

Cherry cabinets are flexible and when properly combined with the right color flooring, they can give your kitchen a relaxed look and feel.

Now that you have understood what color flooring goes with a cherry cabinet, you can go on and install the perfect color flooring of your choice.

Give that kitchen or space the perfect look it deserves!