What Color Curtains For Yellow Walls
Kristina Davis

Knowing what color curtain for yellow walls is necessary if you desire to revitalize your space.

Painting your walls yellow isn’t a bad decision. The yellow color easily brightens up a space where it is used because of its warm nature. 

Read on to see how to play around with colors to get the best combination you desire!!

The best color of curtains for your yellow walls includes navy blue, sheer white, sky blue, dark brown, green, or yellow color (for a monochrome look).

So, What Color Curtains For Yellow Walls?

You may have yellow walls, what color curtains go best then would be the next question.

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Well, we tried listing below what color curtains with yellow walls match.

These colors are:

Navy Blue Color

navy blue curtain

Navy blue and yellow are complementary colors, so they look great when combined.

They will definitely give your space a soft contrast. You may consider getting a navy blue color for your yellow walls.

It will give it an elegant and intricate look. Nonetheless, ensure that the yellow color used for your wall is pale yellow.

This will give it a more soft and polished look.

Tip: If the color of the wall is pale yellow, it'll help avoid creating a hard and forced look.

White Color (Sheer Curtain)

sheer white curtain

A neutral or patterned sheer white curtain would be a perfect match for your yellow wall! 

If you are looking for something unconventional, then this is it.

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A sheer white curtain for a yellow wall will create a light, refreshing, energizing, and motivating look.

It will simply give you something out of the ordinary, something unifying.

Sky Blue Color

sky blue curtain

You may actually desire to create a natural look or some kind of coastal feeling with your space. Then this is certainly the right bet for you!

Oh, yes, blue can easily be combined with yellow.

This is so because sky blue is a perfect color that can easily balance and accommodate the overwhelming vibe of yellow.

But you have to be cautious about the shade of blue you are using while also considering your yellow wall shade.

So, if you desire to create a coastal feel with your space, then you have got to select a less strong shade of yellow.

With that, you’ll create your desired coastal vibe.

Note: Don't use blue curtains that have patterns as it will make your room feel tinier.

Dark Brown Color

dark brown curtain

Dark brown curtains for yellow walls go well if you want to create a stylish space.

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This combination will give you a distinctive warm feeling that is delightful and exciting to look at.

But, you must consider your yellow wall shade, before using the brown color that would be a good match. 

Note: Light or bright yellow wall shade will be friendly with a dark brown curtain.

Green Color

Have you seen the sunny rays of the sun resting on the green leaves of a tree? What an amazing blend it creates!

If that sounds blank, you may want to be more observative next time. 

So, yes! You can use green curtains to complement your yellow walls. 

And this works even better when you have some green flowers decorating your space.

If you want to have the feel of nature in your house, then you just have to go with this option.

Yellow on Yellow For A Monochrome Look

yellow curtain

A monochrome look can be chic! So, if you desire your room to be chic, warm, and fashionable, then try going the monochromic way.

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And can you guess the interesting thing about going with a monochrome look? You can never go wrong with it! 

The only single principle is to play with the shades of it so you can create a sweet contrast using the yellow color. Amazing right?

A lighter yellow wall is complemented with a dark yellow curtain. Or, a dark yellow wall, complemented by a light yellow curtain. 

This would be such an amazing look to behold. Those lustrous yellow curtains will lighten the space, creating a good feeling within it.

What Color Curtains for Light Yellow Walls?

curtain for light yellow wall

So, when you have light yellow walls, what color curtains do you need?

Let’s get this straight, the color curtains you use on a dark yellow wall aren’t what you should use on a light yellow wall.

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The color tone of your wall matters a lot when choosing your color curtain. 

Even if you are creating a monochromatic look where you use the same color for decoration, you have to play around with the color hues.

You would achieve this using the light and dark shades of that color. 

So let’s look at some color curtains for light yellow walls.

  • Dark Blue Color
  • Thick Green Color
  • Dark Yellow (for a monochromatic look)

What Color Curtains For Yellow Walls In The Kitchen?

yellow kitchen walls

Why we thought it thoughtful to address this separately is because of the way the kitchen is structured. Well, we know the kitchen is a more delicate part of the house. 

Any design error can make it feel smaller, encumbered, or busy.

Here are some colors to consider if you desire to know the color curtain for your kitchen yellow wall:

  • Green color
  • Tangerine color
  • Blue color
  • Grey color
  • Sheer White color
  • Brown color
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Now, it’s up to you to choose. But do remember to consider the shades while choosing to avoid creating a forced look.

Choosing the right shade will give you the right vibe for your kitchen space.


green curtains

As we already know, yellow and green look perfectly good beside each other.

You can go for the olive green color, and be sure to embrace the peace this combination gives to your eyes and mind.


tangerine curtain

Have you considered using a tangerine color curtain? If not, then you have got to try it out, especially if you love Bohemian-style for your kitchen. 

Tangerine curtains create the perfect match alongside yellow walls.

It will leave your kitchen with a warm and cozy feeling but will give it a glamorous wild vibe that bohemian style gives. 

Tip: Tangerine color curtains go well for lighter yellow shades and darker shades.


This is another good combination for your kitchen yellow wall. But you must be careful when selecting the color shade.

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This is to avoid creating a dull and lifeless look in your kitchen space.


The grey color itself is a perfect color for your kitchen wall painted yellow, using a grey curtain will be an excellent complement.

Just like black and white, grey stands beautiful beside yellow.

It gives your kitchen this unexplainable feeling; not too bright and not too dull, just neutral.

Sheer White

sheer white

If you’re not in the mood of having more styles, you can always stick to basic options.

For a neutral sophisticated look, especially when you want to have enough air to breathe in while using your kitchen, then consider going for a sheer (transparent) white curtain. 

And the good thing is that it matches anything. So you don’t have to bother about the color of your cabinet. 

Also, a sheer white curtain leaves your kitchen with a delightful spacious look.

One little thing to bring your mind to is the fact that the interior may be observable from the outside. 

So, if you care about your privacy, thicker alternatives will be ideal.

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If you are a lover of style, then try this out in your kitchen space. Sea/Sky blue for yellow walls will give the best soft contrast you desire.


Yellow walls are cool to behold as yellow is one of the satisfying colors.

But it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to find the color of the curtain that complements it best!

Anyways, thanks to this article, right? By now, I am sure we have answered your question on what color curtains for yellow walls.

Yeah, I can feel your excitement.

Because now you are sure of the color of the curtain to purchase to create the right vibe that you desire. 

That’s cool! Go on and do just that. We are glad you got your questions answered!