what colors make a room look bigger and brighter
Kristina Davis

This article is dedicated to helping you figure out what colors make a room look bigger and brighter.

Your personal space or office is one that you should be most comfortable with, regardless of the size.

But as much as we want to negate the size factor, we find that smaller rooms don’t give us the excitement that we love. 

Luckily, here are some colors that make a small room look bigger. Check them out!

When trying to make a smaller room look a lot bigger and brighter, you can opt for light-shade colors. These include colors like cyan-green, sea blue, and a whole lot more. 

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How Do Colors Make A Room Look Bigger And Brighter?

colors for room bigger brighter

It is a known fact that wall colors do tend to have an impact on how a room looks. Using lighter color shades has been said to improve room size. 

Also, the use of some darker or dull colors does tend to decrease its size, but when you actually think of it, how does it work? 

Well, the size increment or reduction isn’t an actual size increment or reduction. It is more a measure of how the room is perceived. 

When you make use of lighter paint colors on your walls, you create a more reflective space that is amplified by natural lighting.

reflective space

This then provides an airy or open feel to your space, making you think the room is bigger, meanwhile it is all about perception. 

The opposite is the case for small rooms with darker colors.

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They tend to absorb more light than they reflect, which means your rooms feel a lot smaller than they are.

Choose a color that promotes the illusion you are trying to give off. 

Note: For the illusion of a large space choose a light color and vice versa.

Are Color Paints All You Need?

color paints

We now know the science or logic behind using a paint color to decrease or increase room size.

But is that all we need to have a large space? The answer is no. 

The chosen paint color does have a significant effect on the size perception it gives out. But that is not all you need to truly make a room look bigger.

Here are a few things to get right as well:


Lighting is another essential point of this discussion. Lighting helps amplify the effect of the illusion you are trying to give off.

So with more lighting that goes into a room with darker wall paints, the smaller the room looks and vice versa. 

Furniture Choice 

The choice of furniture is another great pairing when trying to complete the illusion.

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Putting a large bed in a small room with light walls does not help when trying to make the bedroom appear bigger. 

choice of furniture

Asides from size, the color of the furniture used also affects the illusion or effect the room gives off.

So when it comes to furniture, what colors make a room look brighter and bigger? 

The answer, is light colors, opt for a light yet complementary colors that complement or supplement the colors of the room. They should be easy on the eyes. 


A clean room is the biggest advantage, especially when it comes to size and its illusion.

Always maintain a living space that is free from excess junk or clutter. 

Keeping it clean allows for more lighting to come in which in turn allows for more reflection or absorption and hence a more prominent effect. 

Tip: Before choosing furniture for your space, ensure you consider the wall color and have a detailed understanding of what you are trying to achieve in the room.   

What Colors Make A Room Look Bigger and Brighter?

colors make room bigger and brighter

Here are a few actual colors to help you achieve your room size aim: 

  • Light or Pale Blue
  • White
  • Taupe
  • Cyan or Light Green 
  • Bright Orange 
  • Pink (Blush or light)
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Now that they have been listed, let’s have a proper explanation of how these colors are best used to maintain that size illusion.

We’d also discuss how they can be used effectively.

Color #1: Light Or Pale Blue

Pale blue is a fun color that definitely brings a lot of purity into your space.

It is quite relaxing as it is the color of the bright sky and can further portray this illusion of a vast sky in your small room.

pale blue

If you don’t seem to like a neutral color like white, you can opt for a pale or light blue wall instead.

It not only allows for much lighting in your room but also helps it look a lot more simple and free. 

You can pair your pale blue or light blue room with furniture of dove white or creamy white to help complement each other.

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You can also opt for a room filled with pale blue furniture and walls, either way, the color is a great option. 

Tip: Rooms with such light colors, would require that you completely avoid touching them, as they can easily get stained with dirt. 

Color #2: White 

The great neutral color! White is a powerful, yet simple color that adds a more sophisticated and mature look to your living spaces.

They can help accentuate the size of a room due to the amount of light they are known to reflect.


White walls can be used in any part of the house. They are quite friendly to other color choices. 

So you don’t necessarily have to worry about the choice of furniture when it comes to pairing with the walls. 

One perfect pairing that I truly love and recommend would be the white wall paired with some beautiful golden furniture or light brown.

This is often a wonderful choice. You should try it out.  

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Color #3: Taupe 

Taupe is another type of neutral color, it isn’t really popular like the other colors on our list, but it does offer beautiful hues to your living space. 

It is a simple color and is best when used as a wall decoration but it also makes a great option for the actual wall.


The taupe-painted wall can be paired with furniture and decorations from other light colors like white furniture or even pale blue.

You can also decide to leave everything as Taupe as it is quite easy on the eyes.

Taupe walls do not soak up as much dirt as white walls. 

So, you don’t necessarily have to worry as much about getting your walls dirty as you would with white or pale blue walls.

Note: However, you should always keep your walls clean.

Color #4: Cyan Or Light Green 

When looking for a gender-neutral color that still looks a little fun, light green or cyan is an excellent choice.

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It allows for much light to come in and offers a bright reflection of it to make the room size appear a lot bigger. 

light green

The color can be used in most room walls and can be used by both men and women.

It is also quite calming, just like the pale blue, as it gives you a natural feel of being in a serene, green environment.

Cyan or light green can be paired with white. It doesn’t really provide many options when it comes to what color furniture it can be paired with, so I recommend sticking to neutrals.

Note: Light green or cyan can be paired with some darker color shades or neutrals, like black. 

Color #5: Bright Orange 

If you are searching for a color that is much more daring and bold but still promotes the illusion you are after, the bright orange is it.

Your rooms don’t only look bigger with this color use, but they also look much brighter. 

bright orange

The bright orange adds a huge statement when it comes to how they fend in color codes.

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They provide a few pairing options like neutral colors (white and taupe). Blue is also a good pairing to try out. 

Color #5: Pink (Blush Or Light)  

Unfortunately, the pink or blush pink color isn’t gender-neutral, but it does still look great when paired the right way. 

Great pairings for wall colors of blush pink include white furniture or golden furniture. 


Taupe or light brown is also quite sweet when paired with a pink or blush-pink wall.

They can be used in almost every room in the house, from bathrooms to living rooms to bedrooms.


With all that has been said about these color choices, you should have no issues figuring out what colors make a room look bigger and brighter

That being said, remember to keep all rooms clean, if you would want to maintain such colors.

That’s all we have for you in this article, do check out the website for more engaging articles.