what color hardwood floor is best for resale
Kristina Davis

Looking to purchase a new set of hardwood floors for your home?

Then I’m guessing one of the major considerations on your mind would be; what color hardwood floor is best for resale?

Fret not, for this article aims to delve at the best color of hardwood floors that are best for resale.

And also the colors which lose value easily and the trending colors which are most sorted.

Selecting the right hardwood floor color has a lot of factors to be considered. 

Ranging from our well it matches with our furniture to the general feel it gives to our home.

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But when making your choice for hardwood, a major factor you might want to consider is, what wood floor color is best for resale? 

Generally, dark-stained hardwood is considered to have a higher resale value and popularity compared to light-colored and other colored hardwood. There are factors to be noted which will guide you in selecting the right color. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Hardwood Floor Color

Choosing the right color for your hardwood floor could be much of a hassle.

Below are some of the key factors to consider when selecting the color for our hardwood floors:

Consider Your Existing Color Palette And Aesthetics

This is probably the most important factor to consider when selecting the right color for our hardwood.

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When choosing your hardwood, you want to ensure that the color is a suitable match for the rest of your furniture and upholstery.

It would be off-putting to select a color that doesn’t match the already existing home aesthetics. Now it doesn’t have to be a completely matching color.

It just has to be a color that is suitably accommodating to your walls, your furniture, and other home decorations.

Usually, in a new house, the color of the floor would most likely determine the rest of the home design.

But if you want a change of floor, you have to consider the already existing color palette.

The Size Of Your Space

The size of your space is another factor to be put into consideration.

Certain floor colors such as black and dark-themed colors are known to make your room appear smaller. Mostly because they absorb light.  

While light-themed colors give you the impression of a bigger room. Hence, when purchasing hardwood. Ensure to bear in mind the overall size of your space.

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If you have a smaller space, you would want to purchase a floor that will make the room appear bigger. 

The Lighting Of The Space

A good rule of thumb when selecting your hardwood floor is to observe the floor under different types of artificial and natural lights.

Light is a major factor in bringing out the beauty of color.

Hence, selecting a color that looks good under both artificial and natural light conditions is an extra bonus. 

Another thing to bear in mind is how much natural light gets into your home. Excess sunlight is a major deterrent for hardwood floors as they cause the colors to fade easily

Room Purpose 

Another important factor to be considering is what is the purpose of the room for which you are installing the floor.

Having a light-colored floor in a place that easily gets stained isn’t much of a good idea. 

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Also, when purchasing your wood floor, putting into consideration the areas of your home where wood flooring isn’t a good option.  Such as the bathroom.

A tip is to purchase artificial wood-like floorings such as vinyl or laminate. Make sure that the colors of your hardwood match the wood-like synthetic options.

Overall Personality And Lifestyle 

Ultimately, after all, that has to be considered, the final consideration all falls down to the user’s personality and lifestyle.

As I believe, a person’s space has a non-verbal way of telling about the person’s personality. Go for whatever suits you personally. 

Another thing to consider is how often you clean and if you have pets.

Dark-colored woods are known to easily show off scratches more than lighter colors.

While lighter-colored floors show off more dirt than darker colors.

So, What Color Hardwood Floor Is Best For Resale?

Hardwood floors are a pioneer floor type as it has been the leading floor type for homes for so many years.

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With the advent of new and more versatile floor types widely accepted in most homes. One might begin to wonder if installing a wood floor is a good option. 

Hardwood floors are regarded as one of the best types of home flooring majorly because of the beauty and solid feel that they give.

Also, they are very durable as a wood floor that is maintained properly will very much last for years.

Tip: They can be refined, repolished, and easily reusable. Hence why they tend to be very expensive. 

Should We Consider Resale Value While Purchasing Hardwood?

Therefore when purchasing a hardwood floor to be installed in our home.

We often tend to consider the resale value should we decide to sell it later on in the future.

This gets us wondering, which hardwood color is the best wood floor color for resale?

Dark Stained Hardwood

dark stained hardwood floor

Dark stained hardwood has the highest resale value. Dark hardwood floors make a statement in literally any home.

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They match with most home designs and give the home an interesting visual.

There are a wide variety of color shades and designs for dark floors.

Tip: The best and most popular dark color designs are espresso, walnut, or ebony.

Light Colored Hardwood

light colored hardwood

Light-colored hardwoods also have high resale value. The natural look and ambiance of light-colored wood floors make them a go-to.

This means that there are no stains on the wood floor, it gets a natural finish and therefore looks.

Light-colored floors reflect light and hence give the room a very appealing ambiance. They are also good for making smaller rooms appear bigger.

Note: The natural feature with the appealing look it gives is why they have a high resale value. 

Colors To Avoid When Selecting Hardwood

Now we know what colors of hardwood are best for resale but what if we decide not to go for either of those colors.

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Maybe we want to go for something more unique, which is fine. There is a wide range of hardwood colors we can select when looking to purchase a wood floor.

A good example is a gray or whitewashed color. 

Sadly there are some colors that are not a great idea for a purchase. An example of such colors is yellow and orange.

Yellow & Orange Colors

yellow hardwood

These colors aren’t only dated, they have very low resale value. It is also very difficult to remove these colors or change them.

The best you can do is to cover such colors in an extremely dark color. And even afterward doesn’t bring out the beauty in the wood floor.

Black Hardwoods

black hardwood floor

Black hardwood floors are also another such type of floor that you should consider not buying.

Black wood floors, just like orange and yellow, lose resale value because people who buy such colors tend to do so based on personal preference.

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This means that not a lot of people buy such colors. Also, black color is totally difficult to remove from wood.

Note: They tend to show dust easily and are difficult to clean.


So if you desire to purchase a hardwood floor for your apartment, with the intention of reselling it. Now you know what color hardwood floor is best for resale. 

A final tip to know if you intend on reselling your hardwood is that it is best to maintain the quality.

Like any form of defect, either scratches, water damage, or fire would reduce its resale value.

So don’t just buy your wood, ensure to care for it diligently. 

I hope this article has been of great value to you. If so, do well to read through the rest of our article, for more knowledge on your home care.