can you wash grey and black together
Kristina Davis

Can you wash grey and black together? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the laundry world and I’m sure we all know why.

Doing the laundry can be really exhausting because you are always thinking of different things all at once.

What color is compatible, what color isn’t, and so many similar questions. Combining the wrong color is not something anyone would want to go through and I’m sure those who have can testify.

This writer understands and would be basing this article on avoiding or at least making it easier.

Yes, you can wash grey and black together. The reason is that black and grey are quite similar. Black is the darkest shade of every color, and grey is a combination of black and white.

Why Separate The Colors When Washing

separate colors

I know the whole separation thing sounds exhausting and if you think that, there is no judgment because I wonder the same. 

The thing about laundry is that even though it is to help clean up stuff, if not handled well, it can create a whole new mess of its own.

This is why it is important to pay proper attention when doing the laundry. 

Reason #1: Dye In The Clothes

Most clothes have dye in them and sometimes, they come off when placed in a wet place like your washer. 

If you are one to handle your laundry with carelessness, you would find those clothes staining other lighter or different shades of clothes. 

This has happened to the best of us on several occasions. It has also been used in so many movies just to show you how often and easily it happens.

A lot of people believe that only white-coloured fabrics have to separate from other colored fabrics but it doesn’t work like that. 

dye in clothes
Note: Any colored fabric, especially that of a lighter shade, can get dye stains when washing.

Reason #2: To Control Bleeding 

This concept is commonly known as bleeding or, in some cases, transference, and you never truly know if a cloth bleeds or not until you wash them. 

This is why it is important to separate your laundry so as not to get dye stains on lighter clothes in the process of discovery.

It is better to be safe than sorry and do everything in your power to avoid your clothes bleeding into each other.

Besides, it is always too complicated to get dye stains out of clothes, so that should be enough motivation.

Note: If you can't very much control bleeding in fabrics, you might as well control what fabric bleeds on what and how it affects the laundry in general.

On that note, we move on to the next part of this article.

washing grey and black together

Can You Wash Grey And Black Together?

So, can you wash grey with black? Well, as I said earlier, you can wash grey and black together now and then. The reason is that black and grey are quite similar. 

Black is the darkest shade of every color, and grey is a combination of black and white. 

If the black clothes stain the other fabric, the effects of the stain on a grey fabric wouldn’t be obvious since grey is a combination of black and white. 

But why are all these colors and separations important?

What Other Color Can Be Washed Together 

colors to wash together

Since we all know how important it is to be diligent with our laundry, we would be discussing the colors of clothes that can and can’t be washed together in the laundry. 

Because fabrics are highly transference and tend to bleed on other clothes, we have to be careful of the colors we wash together.

So here are the colors that can be washed together generally.

Dark Colors

With the concept of bleeding, it is understandable that you would want to control what color bleeds on each other and how to minimize its effect on other clothes. 

This is why there is a general law of washing dark-colored fabrics together.

If they eventually bleed, the other fabrics would be too dark that the dye stains wouldn’t show on them. 

dark colored clothes

That is why it is possible to wash black and grey and occasionally red, navy blue, dark purple, and the like together without having any issues.

Even though you can wash dark colors together, there are certain dark colors that aren’t necessarily dark enough to hide dye stains.

These include royal blue, purple, and the like, so be careful of those when washing.

Light Colors 

Clothes with light colors are best washed together to get the best laundry effects. 

Since you are already washing dark-colored fabrics together, it is only normal that the clothes with lighter colors are washed together.

They might bleed but the chances of them bleeding on each other are low and close to none.

Another thing about washing light-colored fabrics together is that some colors are lighter than others like pink and white. In cases like that, the pink would bleed on the white fabric if care is not taken. 

light colored clothes

So when washing light-colored fabrics, make sure the level of lightness matches one another.

For example, sky blue, nude, baby pink, and lilac can be washed together with no feared outcome of bleeding or transference.

White Color

White-colored fabrics should always be washed separately from any other color including light-colored fabrics.

White-colored fabrics are more susceptible to stains than any other colored fabrics, which is why they should be washed separately in a different pile. 

Tip: Whites get dyed easily no matter how light the color it is being washed with is. 

Precautions For Washing Grey & Black Together

precautions for washing

After the two guides stated above, one would think that is all there is to know but that’s not true.

There are so many things to take into consideration when doing the laundry that would help in avoiding transference or bleeding.

There are other tips and things you need to take into account when washing different colored laundry together.

Consider The Temperature Of the Water

The first thing to take note of is the temperature of the water you are using for your laundry.

If you make use of hot water for your fabrics, it is more likely to bleed into each other because hot water tends to loosen the pores of the fabric, letting the colors seep out.

This is why it is best to make use of cold water when doing color-sensitive laundry. 

Note: With cold water, the pores of the fabric are less likely to open and let the color seep out.

Use Of Vinegar 

using vinegar

Using vinegar while doing your laundry reduces the chances of fabric colors bleeding into each other.

As good as using vinegar for your laundry is, you have to be careful when making use of it. 

Too much vinegar can reduce the quality of the fabric, making it tear easily, and too little would barely have an effect on the cloth. 

Turn Clothes Inside Out

When washing your clothes, it is best to turn them inside out. Turning the clothes inside out reduces the chances of the clothes bleeding on each other. 

Although it is not in all cases, you can turn clothes inside out. Some clothes have stains on the outside so it is best to leave them be.

Avoid Hard Water

This is an issue that would affect your household in general.

Hard water makes laundry hard because it doesn’t let soap latter properly, which in turn results in you using too much detergent. 

use of hard water

The use of too much detergent alone is bad for your fabrics and increases the chances of the clothes bleeding out. 

Note: Do well and avoid hard water in your household; you may decide to use a water softener 

Type Of Detergent Or Soap

Using heavy-duty detergents is bad for some types of clothes. So are bleach and harsh cleaning products.

When doing your laundry, avoid them and go for a better and softer cleaning agent.

Wash Softly

Laundry is not a heavy-duty job. It seems like it is but it is not. Your laundry should be done with care at all times, which is why you shouldn’t wash it in large bulk. 

Aside from the fact that it defeats the purpose of washing, it would increase the chances of color transference between fabrics. 

wash clothes softly

Also, wash the clothes on soft rather than hard or standard, this would also go a long way not just in the color transference but also in maintaining the quality of the cloth.


Laundry is no doubt a stressful chore but it is best to do it well or else the outcome would be more stressful.

So, be attentive when mixing different fabric colors to wash together. 

Take into consideration the tips given and you shouldn’t have a problem with your laundry color-wise.

And now I ask you, my dear readers, the same question you asked me: can you wash grey and black together?

We have finally gotten to the end of this article and I hope all the information given so far has been helpful.