what color floors go with gray walls
Kristina Davis

While finishing up your homemaking and you pick the gray color for the walls, you must be interested to figure out what color floors go with gray walls.

Flooring is an important aspect of home building, one approached with a lot of care and consideration.

Everyone wants to have a good-looking home, the interior always has to be elegant.

It is everyone's home-making dream. - a beautiful, lovely interior, well decorated, breathtaking, and appealing.

And as a matter of fact, other than the type of flooring, the color also plays a significant role in endorsing this beauty, especially if it has to match well with the painting on the wall.

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Lately, more than ever, gray walls are the talk in town, but what color floors go with gray walls?

In this article, we will share with you our topic picks on what color floors go with gray walls?

Gray walls blend well with a myriad of floor colors, from gray stone tiles, light brown wood floors, and white marble tiles to dark wood floors.

Our Ten Top Picks

top ten

Gray Stone Tiles

This color blends effectively and amazingly with a gray wall. 

Especially the dark gray stone tile, for all those who wish to get their houses an industrial appearance, then this is the color you should opt for.

Its uniform, bright appearance is appealing to the eye.

Gray stone tiles and Gray walls are a match made in heaven. Gray and Gray, A sight to behold.

These colors touch your rooms with a fragrance you have never imagined of. Try gray floors on gray walls and see how you like them.

Light Brown Wood Floor

light brown wood

Looks a lot like these colors were meant for each other in home decor. Light brown for wood floors and gray for the walls.

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Light brown wood floors are one of the best options to match up with gray floors.

They have got a thing in common, they are both lights, showering your room with immersive glory.

Do not hesitate to get your home light brown wood floors on that gray wall, it is worth the moment.

Light Natural Wood

the light natural wood

This is the next wood floor with a light color that blends perfectly with gray walls.

It leaves your room brighter, giving your room a fresh and natural sensation. Light natural wood color floors add warmth to your gray-walled room.

With several varieties of woods with this kind of color, the most popular one remains to be pine wood, a revered flooring option, with a stint on gray floors.

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And away from blending so well, they are easy to clean floors and durable.

You are yet to run out of options on what color floors go with gray walls, if this light natural wood doesn’t work out well with you, then we got a couple of other options to check out.

Black Marble Floors

black matble

By blending with almost all types of wall colors and other interior accomplishments black marble floors have mastered the art.

These are elegant floors, and while they match well with many other colors in your room, the real deal happens when you get this floor color with a gray wall for your room.

Nothing has ever been as lovely as a blend of both. Black is magical, and marble floors are exotic, added to gray walls, then the entire scene is a stunning work of art.

Black marble floors qualify for the run-up to gray floors.

White Marble Tiles

a white marble tiles

Although white marble tiled floors might be tiring, especially when they have to be washed, that doesn’t stop them from matching so well with gray walls.

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And when the gray marble tiles are clean, you will be amused at how well these two work hand in hand with each other.

White marble tiles give your room a reflection of light, they make it lively and beautiful. The power of white colors can never be underrated.

And when marble tiles meet up with gray walls, that is an embellishment that remains unmatched.

Dark Gray Wood Floor

If you are planning to get a dark gray wood floor on that gray wall, then, you aren’t going wrong.

Dark gray wood floors go well with gray walls, these two are inviting and thrilling, one a bit darker and the other standard, these ones are a perfect match, one you really may want to try.

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Brown Tiles Floor

the brown tiles

Are you up for a flawless view in your room?  Then you should try the blend curated by a brown tiles floor on a gray floor.

Most probably, it is going to sit well with you. Brown tiles floors are apt and work out well with several other wall colors, gray wouldn’t be an exemption.

Light Gray Tiles

If you are looking to brighten up your room with that gray, beautiful wall, then light gray tiles have all it takes. They were suited for one another.

These two are elegant, blessing the room with a monochromatic shine, leaving you with an appealing, and glowing room to rest in, read, meditate or sleep in.

The advantage of the light gray tiles in a room with gray walls is that you won't have to stress trying to fit in furniture with colors that blend well.

All furniture colors, regardless of red, blue, yellow, black, gray, or whatever are a perfect match, so long as they are spread out and arranged properly.

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Dark Wood Floors

dark wood

The gray wall will look great with the dark wood floor. It will undoubtedly reveal all similarities and differences between the floor and the wall.

The dark brown color is one of the dark wood colors recommended by experts.

Using this color on your floor will thus leave an elegant appearance inside your room.

The dark brown color will also go well with any color of furniture you choose.

Similarly, the dark brown color can effectively match or blend with white furniture. This will make your room appear brighter, and as a result, it will be fantastic.

White Wood Flooring

white wood

Last on our list of best matches is the wood flooring with gray walls.

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This color can be achieved by painting any type of wood or by installing white engineered wood parquet flooring.

The white floor makes the room appear brighter and more natural.

This is usually advantageous in small rooms. When dealing with a white floor, dark-colored furniture should be avoided.

Tip: Cleaning should be done on a regular basis to keep the room clean and tidy.

How to Pick Floors for That Gray Wall

how to pick

With all these colors, how do you plan to pick a flooring color for that room with the gray wall? It is easy, most of these colors work so well in whichever room.

However, there are other factors to consider. One, is, do you like how they blend, you can scroll the internet and see how each of these floor colors march with the gray wall.

Your opinion is King. So if you detest it, drop it. Then, the color of your furniture and all other home appliances and assets in the rooms.

These floor colors would match well with the gray wall, but become totally awful with the furniture.

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So, always ensure they all blend well, mix here and there but mix well. Then lastly, it is the purpose of the room.

You wouldn’t need floors in a gray walled bedroom that reflect lots of light or dark floors in the living room.

Would you?


With you, what color floors go with gray walls? In this article, we highlighted the best floor colors for gray walls.

The decision is now yours to make, on which one you opt to go for. Meanwhile, opt to have a thrilling room, one that reignites how you feel, and promotes the experience you get in that room.

The way to a relaxing room is a gray wall, with floor colors to match.