are all elongated toilet seats the same
Kristina Davis

Are all elongated toilet seats the same size? Buying the best toilet seat is important but can be tricky, as you have to consider various factors.

Toilet seats are now available in different designs and shapes, and what works best for you depends on the design of your bathroom.

But lately, many people have put their money on elongated toilet seats. They are great, but first-time buyers often feel confused and ask, “Are there different size elongated toilet seats?”

Yes, you can find elongated toilet seats in different sizes, including standard, large, and small. 

Understanding More about Elongated Toilet Seats

understand more about elongated toilet seat

Unlike standard circular toilet seats, elongated toilet seats are specifically constructed to fit elongated toilet bowls. Popular in today’s toilets, these seats provide extra space and may even be more relaxing to sit on. 

Are All Elongated Toilet Seats the Same Size?

Not really!

In fact, you can get elongated toilet seats in different sizes, mainly:

  • Standard
  • Small
  • Larger

Getting an elongated toilet seat that is either too small or too big for your toilet bowl can lead to pain, instability, and even damage to the bowl itself.

Too small and the bowl will not be adequately covered, while too big and it will not fit securely, leading to wobbling or shifting.

An Important Consideration

When purchasing an elongated toilet seat, it is a good idea to measure the inside diameter and length of your toilet bowl to be sure it will fit. 

You can select a seat that fits your toilet bowl by comparing the seat’s dimensions with those provided by the manufacturer.

Fact: Choosing a seat that fits your needs and preferences is important, so consider the design, construction, and extra features (such as soft-closing hinges or wipe-clean surfaces). 

What is Considered a Standard Elongated Toilet Seat?

standard elongated toilet seat

The standard elongated toilet seat is considered the latest in modern toilet design. Rather than the bowl being circular, it is an elongated oval.

The shape offers the user a greater surface area to make themselves feel comfortable and secure.

Although toilets with an elongated pan take up more space in the bathroom, many people find the sleeker design more aesthetically pleasing. Both seats work the same way.

Just as with toilets that have circular seats, each manufacturer adds variation so there are many styles of elongated toilets.

Some custom-made seats are decorated statement pieces in their own right. 

Dimensions of Standard Elongated Toilet Seats

standard elongated toilet seat dimensions

There is no standard elongated shape and no industry-wide standard size.

Standard elongated seats have a typical depth of 18.5 inches when measured from the center of hinge posts to the front of the bowl.

Most toilet seats are around 14 inches wide with the seat at a chair height, of 17.5 inches. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Standard Elongated Toilet Seats

Modern manufacturing methods have made new bathrooms affordable. Besides its contemporary shape and comfortable seat design.

Installing a standard elongated toilet has other advantages:

  • A smart modern bathroom adds value to a house.
  • Those with restricted mobility find longer bowls easier to use.
  • A longer bowl improves accuracy in young users.

The disadvantages are few. Units can cost more than a round seat toilet and finding replacement seats could be challenging with so many standard models of seats on the market.

Fact: The flappers and flush valve replacements might be standard in elongated seats, but replacing the seat lid requires careful measuring. 

What is Considered a Small Elongated Toilet Seat?

small elongated toilet seat

The elongated seat is now so much sought after as part of the fresh modern look, that they also come in smaller sizes.

Even those with limited bathroom space can enjoy the look and comfort of the elongated bowl.

They create extra space in any bathroom and being as easy on the eye as the standard models, the small, elongated toilet is perfect for occasional use in a guest cloakroom.

All some need is a nearby water supply, making these smaller models even more versatile. To save even more space, several of the models can be wall-mounted.   

The Dimensions of Small Elongated Toilet Seats

The small, elongated toilet seat model fits neatly into the space left by a round toilet.

They are often designed and manufactured as one single unit with a depth of 16.5 inches.

Compacts at 14-inch seat depths are at the lower end of the range considered functional in seat sizes.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Elongated Toilet Seats

easy cleaning small elongated toilet seat

Installing a toilet with a small, elongated toilet seat is often just more practical. Apart from gaining a few extra inches in the smallest room, the advantages far outnumber the disadvantages.

For instance:

  • You get the same level of safety and comfort as with a standard elongated seat. 
  • The smaller footprint is less than a round toilet but the seat height is good.
  • The small, elongated seats are made from durable materials.
  • They are made from stain-resistant plastics for easy cleaning.

Although the elongated seat is a bonus, it may be too small and uncomfortable for larger adults. 

What is Considered a Large Elongated Toilet Seat?

large elongated toilet seat

A large, elongated toilet seat is designed for large adult toilets located in a larger bathroom.

They take up space but are practical and comfortable for those with mobility issues or adults who need help toileting. The seat is a mix of strong, sturdy plastics and has an extra wide back with secure supports at the hinges.

The long, elongated seat is designed to offer additional back support and the extra 2 inches of depth helps make sitting and rising a little easier.

Some install toilets with large, elongated seats because they see them as attractive bathroom furniture. 

Dimensions of Large Elongated Toilet Seats

Large, elongated toilet seats can have a seat depth of 19.5 inches. Although for adult use, these toilets must at least be chair height, units taller than 17.5 inches are available.

Tall people find this particularly useful. The toilet and the seat are designed to be comfortable for an average adult. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Elongated Toilet Seats 

Apart from being a solid investment in your home, a toilet with a large, elongated seat makes it easier to use and rise from.

  • They are extremely strong and can withstand more than the average weight.
  • The bigger bowl is easier to clean and keep clean.
  • There is slightly more power to the flush.

The disadvantages have to do with the overall size of the unit. They look good and are comfortable but unlike the standard elongated, they are not suitable for all bathrooms.

They can crowd it and although they last, they are generally more expensive.

Fact: Maximum bowl distance for elongated fixtures is 31 inches, while for round fixtures it is 28 inches. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Size Elongated Toilet Seat 

elongated toilet seat choosing right size

For most people, which elongated seat they will be spending their time on, comes down to considering how much space is available and the color scheme of the bathroom.

However, whether you are installing a new bathroom or maintaining one, there are factors to consider when choosing the right size elongated toilet seat

Consider Manufacturer’s Guidelines

When replacing the seat, it is always best to replace it with one the manufacturers recommend.

Therefore, the most obvious thing to consider is where to find the seat designed to fit your particular toilet.

Thankfully, modern toilets have model numbers stamped into them, and in the main, their specifications and replacement part numbers can be found online.

Armed with the correct model number, it is simple to buy one online. 

Consider Your Needs

correct elongated toilet seat for you

If you are replacing the toilet and considering whether to go for a standard, small, or large elongated bowl model, what seat to include becomes more subjective.

A lot depends on who the main users will be. Older, less agile people may prefer a bigger toilet with a large seat, whereas a family would appreciate an extra toilet even with a smaller seat.  

With small growing children, the standard models are probably more suitable.

The standard seats are simple to clean even around the rims and hinges and can be replaced at a low cost as needed.

Fact: Elongated bowls are preferred over their round-front counterparts for both aesthetic and ergonomic reasons. 


Are all elongated toilet seats the same size? No, they are not, and you can notice a degree of variation in sizes.

You can find standard, large, and small seats as per your requirements. Moreover, there is a wide variety of standard elongated seats on the market.

Many are fun-themed or decorated to add panache to even the busiest bathroom.