can i put an altar in my bedroom
Kristina Davis

If you want a permanent altar at home, you’re probably wondering can I put an altar in my bedroom?

An altar is a spiritual area that humans have always used for meditation, spell work, or worship.

While people can use a table as an altar, others choose a dresser top. It is common to think that wood is best for the altar because it comes from earth.

You can put an altar in your bedroom. You can choose to make permanent bedroom altar or a temporary one. Decide what’s best for your lifestyle and decide if you’ll need to store the alter following each use or not.

The Basics of an Altar

basics of altar

Altars serve various purposes, from offerings to a place of worship and every spiritual thing in between. Offerings are often sacrificial.

These offerings may be small or large, simple or extravagant. Religions such as Greek and Norse religions have used altars for many centuries.

There are countless options for building your altar. While many people might find spiritual altars a daunting task, making one doesn’t need to be.

You can make it as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be, and the important thing is that it’s a representation of who you are and what is important to you.

Setting Up a Bedroom Altar

setting up

The debate on where to place an altar in your home has always been a long and endless one depending on who you’re engaging with.

Bedrooms are ideal for altars since they are private and controlled compared to other rooms in your house. A bedroom altar isn’t hard to set up.

Any material will work on an altar, and whichever one you choose, it should be purified before being used by rubbing it with salt water or sage.

Another option would be to expose your altar to the sun or moon, which will serve the same purifying effect as rubbing and sage.

Note: Altar space can be as nice or as simple as you want. It's all about what makes you feel most comfortable. There are altars for every budget, and for every lifestyle.

The Altar Space

consider altar space

You can turn any surface into a sacred altar with a piece of small fabric, like a scarf or cloth.

Go to any fabric store or thrift store, find a color that speaks to you and cover the surface.

A mini-cauldron is a space to perform spell work, which can also be for burning scraps, herbs, or incense through a ritual.

Chalices are vases or bowls filled with water, flowers, or herbs.

Partition your Altar

You may want to divide your bedroom altar into two sections, with the left part related to deities, with feminine tools related to Earth or Water.

On the other hand, the right is related to the deities and masculine tools to Fire and Air.

You can also include Runes, a Ritual Pen, a Book of Shadows, or a Pen used for inscribing.

Note: This is a great option for anyone who lives with other people and wants to keep their altar private or labeled. 

But for those who travel often, creating a bedroom altar that is small and movable is a good idea.


the candles

You should display a single candle on them. Different colors and scents of candles should be for different spells and rituals.

Women often have one candle for new moon sightings and another for the full moon. The appropriate thing you can do is go with what you are drawn to.

You can create your candles, or buy candles made of soy wax, but you can make your own for a more personalized candle for your space.

It’s not about the space. It’s about what you want.


Crystals play many different roles globally, including in new-age shops and environments.

Instead of knowing where crystals are everywhere for your heart to find you, it is recommended that you go with a type that immediately interests you, like one your heart chooses.

If you have a lot of crystals and not enough space on your altar, find another container to store them in. Store all your extra crystals and other objects.


the symbols

All altars have symbols, bedrooms altars included. The symbols you choose for your altar have to be as personalized as possible.

Always look for meaning through personal symbols. Your own life will help you pinpoint what personal symbols mean the most to you on any particular subject.

Here’s an example of how a personal symbol in your life can help you find meaning.

If you intend to attract more money into your life, think about what feels most abundant to you. 

Maybe there’s a physical object that helps you calm down, feel accomplished and create memories.

It might be a piece of jewelry or something from your childhood home.

Ornaments and Entities

the ornaments

Your bedroom altar is a place to have all your ornaments and entities.

You might put a candle to represent fire, a shell representing water, incense representing air, and salt representing earth.

First, you decide which tools best suit your needs and set them up on an altar with candles or other things that may help you in your devotions or rituals.


Incense is used to cleanse, purify and clear negative energy or spirits when it’s burned.

Sage and Palo Santo incense are the best for this purpose, and they’re widely popular because of it.

During meditation practice, you've often advised to light some incense before you start and keep it on throughout your stay at the altar.

Wands and Casting Spells

casting spells

Use implements that you like and personalize them to fit your own style. Knives and blades, are meant for ceremonies for rituals, and spells.

You can use it to cut herbs and other plants or write a spell.

Choose a wand that feels almost magical to you. If a wand doesn’t feel right, feel free to skip it.

You can choose a fallen branch or selenite wand.

Plants, Flowers, and Herbs

Having a plantar on your bedroom altar symbolizes the elements of health, vitality, and grounding.

Plants are filled with life and give oxygen to places you practice.

Therefore, the answer to can I put an altar in my bedroom should also factor in the necessities of keeping your altar plants healthy and thriving.

You can grow your organic herbs or forage in your local area. With a wide variety of herbs and spices, it is possible to heal and soothe diseases.

Altar Art

altar art

If you don’t have any art, you can include a drawing or quote from someone else.

Placing an altar with your intention is a way to honor yourself and transform your sacred space into the world you want to create.

You will find many interpretations of different artistic creations online or in books.

You’ll likely find a few different interpretations for one item, which often leaves you confused about the meaning it has for you.

When you're not sure of an objective meaning to you, it can have negative consequences in your life.

Basic Altar Practices

Don’t Neglect your Altar

When you don’t take care of your sacred bedroom altar, this will affect how well it serves you.

It needs regular attention and love to function properly.


the consistency

After you practice for a few weeks, remember that what you get may be different from what you have asked for, but it will be beneficial in the long term.

The Routines

Start your day by lighting candles on your bedroom altar and meditating.

The scent of the candles is a gentle reminder to follow my path and find peace throughout the day.

Note: It's important to show gratitude for the divine, giving thanks as you sit down at your altar.

You may show this gratitude at the end of each ritual or once a week–whatever feels right to you and creates a beautiful partnership.

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Final Thought

If you’re still on the fence and wondering can I put an altar in my bedroom, the answer is YES.

An altar is a place to go and re-calibrate your mind. It is used for prayer and affirmation, but it can be anywhere – your living room, field, or home. While setting up your altar, you should follow certain steps.

The only restriction to a bedroom spiritual altar is no rules. You can combine any elements and create an altar that suits you and your needs.