do first floor apartments get robbed more
Kristina Davis

Do first floor apartments get robbed more? Are they most susceptible to break-ins?

Or are they the safest level in a building?

Before you decide to go that path and relocate, it’s imperative to understand the safety level of residing and being on the first floor of an apartment.

Yes, apartments located on the first floor or the ground floor get robbed more. This is because burglars don’t have to go up and down the stairs, both windows and doors could be accessed, and it’s noisier so these thieves can carry their plans out more successfully.

Are First Floor Apartment Break-Ins Common?

first floor apartment

Truth be told – and the answer is yes, break-ins are common in apartment units, especially those that are located on the first or the ground floor.

Statistics say that about 23% of robbers break in and climb through windows on the first floor.

What more if the door is not kept locked and secured?

This is a high chance considering the fact that this is from a window, not through a door or any type of vulnerable entry point to your home.

Now, let’s look at some of the reasons why first-floor apartments are more susceptible and more allowing for burglaries to happen, compared to other floors in a building.

Do First Floor Apartments Get Robbed More?

get robbed more

Yes – first-floor apartments get robbed more, especially if the burglar or thief knows that there aren’t many people in the area.

Apart from this, here are the reasons why first-floor apartments are a treat to the eyes of these culprits.

Easier Access (Both Doors and Windows)

If you think about convenience, then yes, they are convenient because it’s easily accessible – it won’t take time to get in!

However, that same thought is the risk imposed by being on the first floor.

Probably the biggest and most obvious reason why first-floor apartment units and rooms are robbed more is because of the fact that burglars and thieves have easier access to them.

NOTE: Most first-floor apartments have bigger windows, which really seem like treats for intruders and burglars.

What I mean is that people can use both doors and windows to be able to go inside.

Thieves Don’t Have to Travel Up and Down Stairs

travel up and down stairs

Another reason is that burglars and robbers don’t necessarily have to use the stairs for both their entrance and exit – it’s easier access, hence, it’s faster and more urgent.

Here’s a pretty concrete scenario.

Let’s say you have a 55-inch flatscreen TV. That thing is heavy, so transporting it from the 2nd floor down to the first floor, and vice versa would need time, right?

Compare that to moving a TV just to the first or the 2nd level.

NOTE: These criminals find it more attractive and more alluring to penetrate first-floor homes because of how fast they can get the job done.

It’s Generally Noisier On the First Floor

Last, and most definitely not least is because the first floor is typically noisier than the floors above it.

I know what you’re thinking, how does this relate to being robbed?

Simple – the sounds made by robbers will be masked by noise from the floors upstairs, noise from cars on the road, as well as sounds coming from people who are outside.

They can lay out their plan effectively because the auditory factor can easily be crossed out.

That being said, let me dive right in and discuss the easiest, best, and foolproof ways you can transform your first-floor apartment into a solid, tough, and impregnable fortress.

(And no, it’s not about thickening your walls and planting fences and rails).

How Can You Keep Your First Floor Apartment Safe From Robbers?

keep first floor

Now, even if you’re situated on the first floor of a building or an apartment, that doesn’t mean you’re a sure target.

In fact, there are a couple of things you can do to establish some type of barrier that can make robbers and burglars think twice about penetrating your unit.

TIP #1: Make Sure That Everything is Locked

First things first – you want to make sure that everything from your doors, windows, and even other entry and exit points are locked tightly and securely.

NOTE: This could seem a bit obvious, but, believe it or not, it is part of the major reasons why first-floor robberies are common.

This doesn’t mean people on the second, third, or fourth floor always keep their doors locked.

It’s just that, now that you know first-floor units are more susceptible to break-ins and robberies, you need to be more cautious.

  • Always double-check that everything is locked and sealed before going to bed
  • Install a secondary lock that functions as a backup lock in case you forget to do so

TIP #2: Change Up Keys and Locks

change keys

Then, the next thing you want to do is change up all the locks and knobs in your apartment.

You have a landlord you can trust, I understand, but remember, there’s still this chance that someone could possess a similar key to what you already have.

TIP: Change the knobs and locks on the front door EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU MOVE. You can ask your landlord about this, and it’ll usually be fine for them.

TIP #3: Install a Security System

Let me now dive deep into the more “technical” side of things.

Security systems aren’t installed in every home, and believe me when I say this, but only a fraction of the population considers this important.

You don’t have to have high-tech security systems.

You can install simple alarms, surveillance cameras, and other basic security regimens in your home to keep it free from burglars and robbers.

DID YOU KNOW: Out of 140 million homes in the U.S., only 21 million homes have security systems installed.

TIP #4: Cover Door Views and Windows

cover doors

Then, the next best thing to do is to make sure that your windows, doors, and other sight points are covered and concealed.

Robbers and burglars are impulsive – when they see an opening, they’ll immediately think of a way to penetrate it, no matter what it looks like inside.

Cover it with curtains, cloth barriers, and other things that can hide what your apartment or unit looks like inside.

TIP: My kitchen windows, which are about 6 to 7 feet high, are covered with glass paint. What this does is keep intruders from seeing through it, while I have a perfect view of the outside environment.

TIP #5: Invest in Stronger and More Reinforced Glass Doors and Windows

invest in stronger glass

Last, and most definitely not least is for you to invest in glass that is reinforced, tempered, or even break and shatter-resistant.

In most cases, you’ll need to ask permission about changing up some of the stuff inside your apartments from your landlord first.

But likely, if it’s going to be for the betterment of the security of the unit, you will unequivocally be granted that permission.

NOTE: Strong, durable, and shatterproof tempered glass units are perfect for windows, as well as the glass part of doors and walkways.

In case you were asking, are first-floor apartments less safe? By default, they are.

However, you can perform a couple of things to negate that fact and keep your space safe and secure.

Do You Live On the First Floor?

In case you wanted to know out of curiosity or you’re planning to relocate, do first floor apartments get robbed more? Yes, they do.

However, that does not erase your opportunity of reinforcing and developing the security of your home thoroughly.

 So, don’t be discouraged if you have plans on moving to the ground or first floors of apartments.

Know the right things to do, be aware of what YOU SHOULDN’T DO, and I can guarantee that your experience will just be like you weren’t on the ground floor.