What happens if I leave furniture in my apartment?
Kristina Davis

What happens if I leave furniture in my apartment? Although relocating and changing environments can be really exciting, have you asked yourself the above question?

It’s quite adventurous having to embrace a new environment with a different lifestyle and culture.

While the act of moving to a new place may be all fun and games, deciding what to do with your old furniture can become a dilemma. Dampness in the already charged atmosphere of excitement.

You are stuck with the choice of moving with the furniture or simply leaving them behind. So what have you decided to do with your furniture?

Furniture can be really expensive and the thought of having to leave them is almost always a hard decision to make for most people.

As a tenant, you get worked up because your landlord might not grant you your security deposit.

To avoid issues, make sure you find out the local laws on moving out of an apartment. On the other hand, your furniture might be damaged, and you might be charged by your landlord if you fail to inform him/her.

Why Leave Furniture?

why leave the furniture

Oftentimes, moving furniture can be quite tasking and expensive. Most people prefer to sell it to the new tenants that are moving in.

Personally, I always let the cost of my old furniture be the deciding factor for me to determine if it’s worth taking along with me to my new place.

Or I simply leave it behind for the good old fellas moving into my old house.

If it's cheap, we sell it! If it's expensive, we take it along. This winning formula always works for me.

But then again, not every piece of furniture is salvageable. Whether cheap or expensive, some, sadly, always get left behind (or have to be left behind).

Why Do People Leave Their Furniture Behind?

Some other people happen to leave their furniture behind due to their standard of living.

why people leave furniture behind

When most people move out of their apartments to other states or countries, as the owners of the apartment, they could feel the need to take their furniture along with them.

This is because they don’t want it to go bad before they return.

Also, because they met the house with the Furniture there, taking it along with them is prohibited.

As we all know that most homes come with furniture that suits the design and color of the apartment.

It could also be the reason why they got them attracted. Furniture is the beauty of a home.

Tip: Get to inspect the Furniture before leaving them behind

Damaged Furniture

Let’s talk about it. When it comes to Furniture. The damaged ones are not due to misuse.

The quality life span of furniture depends on the type of material and wood that was used to construct and design it.

furniture is damaged

Most good leathers or materials used for designs don’t damage without someone tearing them with sharp objects. E.g razor blades. 

Strong woods tend to last 6-10yrs without having termites eat them up.

State of the Furniture

In most cases where tenants are being compelled to let go of their furniture, it’s due to the state of the furniture.

Some furniture that is left in an apartment ends up deteriorating if no one moves in soon enough.

The state of the furniture determines if it’s worth selling or trashing. When the state of the Furniture is bad, and it is left in an apartment for too long, it becomes dangerous. 

As a tenant one could be emotionally unstable moving out, reasons because of the standard of living, decrease or increase in income, and also the state of the furniture.

When it comes to the standard of living, most people feel the need to replace their furniture, not minding the pressure because they have got it financially covered.

Most people do not mind the cost of removal and disposal.

When it comes to an increase or decrease in income, some may consider reselling their furniture.

This is because they feel they have no use for it anymore, they rather discuss with their landlords to either trash and throw it away or resell it.

Reasons Why People Consider Leaving Their Furniture.

reason people leave furniture

Many would wonder why anyone would ever choose to leave their old furniture behind when moving out?

Also, what would happen if they eventually leave the furniture back in their old place.

Quite a lot of factors must be considered and understood as to why people move out and choose to not take their precious sofas, tables, chairs, and every other piece of furniture they treasure.

Tenants may easily opt to take their furniture along when moving to a new home but for anyone leaving their personal house to a new city (a new home), then selling off their furniture would appeal to them most.

This is one of the major deciding factors for most people. So are you a tenant or a homeowner?

What Happens If You Leave Furniture In An Apartment As A Tenant?

You may still be wondering about What happens if I leave furniture in my apartment.

Well, there are so many factors that you need to note before leaving your furniture behind. They include;

what will happen
Tip: Be sure that your Landlords don’t consider it as illegal leaving your properties behind.

Freedom Granted By The Landlord

Furniture comprises the kitchen table, the couch in the living room, children’s crib down to the bed in the bedroom.

They are considered permanent fixtures that beautify the home unlike every other property in a home that is temporal in due time.

So the question comes in.

freedom given by owner

Does your landlord have a ground rule that states that you can’t leave any of your property behind?

In most rented apartments the Landlords set rules that the tenants must follow. There are apartments that come with furniture while there are apartments that don’t.

The apartments already furnished will be left behind because the tenants met the furniture there.

And if as a tenant you came in with your properties and you leave your furniture behind it could be considered trash.

Tip: It's advisable to go with your furniture to avoid being charged

To Avoid Being Charged

avoid charges

Let’s talk about charges for leaving your furniture.

Most Tenants do not notify their landlords when moving out, and they end up leaving furniture of no value in the apartment.

It’s either the landlord charges you or the abandoned furniture becomes the property of the landlord.

Tip: Beware of laws about vacating an apartment.

Laws about Moving Out of an Apartment

Everything we do in this life has rules and regulations. When it’s not adhered to, consequences follow suit.

Moving out of your apartment as a tenant requires that you remove all your personal belongings.

Then leave the apartment in a good and clean condition as you met it when moving in an inspection is being done by the landlord.

Most tenants leave their furniture behind because they don’t need it anymore and however granted the landlord owner of the property.

Tip: selling your furniture before leaving is vital to avoid any future complications from landlords.

Selling your Furniture

sell furniture

Selling your furniture before leaving your apartment is one of the best options you have.

This is because, if the state of the furniture is second-hand old and you are going away for a long time it is advisable to sell it.

Or you can also hire a staging company so you don’t have to worry about what happens when you leave your furniture behind.


You’ve reached the end so now you know the answer to “what happens if I leave furniture in my apartment?”

Here’s a quick recap!

Some people are good with moving heavy stuff around even though there is emotional stress involved in moving out.

If you are a tenant leaving your apartment and changing environment may be due to a job or as a single spouse you decide to get married moving is definitely certain.

So, leaving your furniture won't be much of a problem because there is a probability you met them in the apartment when you moved in.

The only time you think about what will happen to the furniture in your apartment is when you own the place.

And as a tenant you are worried and left with questions, will you get your security deposit back? Will you be charged by your landlord?

Some illegal issues are likely to come. I’m certain that this article answers the obvious question; What happens if I leave furniture in my apartment?