how much do tile installers make
Kristina Davis

Has it ever occurred to you to know how much do tile installers make?

Or has it occurred to you that you could venture into tile installation and make a living out of it? 

Then if it did, you must be wondering whether the pay would sustain you and your family.

If this is what you want to know, and what you really want to do, then follow this article closely.

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Salaries for tile installers differ from country to country and town to town. Averagely, these salaries range from 31,500$ to 121, 600$

What Does A Tiles Installer Do?

what tiles installer do

Does it seem to be a simple occupation being a tile installer?  No, it’s not.

Not without the right drive, the required skills, and the vigor to practice. You need to love it, live it and do it.

So, tile installers do not just install tiles as floors, there is more to that. They are charged with a wide array of duties.

It is hands-on stuff, one you will sweat to achieve, with the very little indulgence of machines. 

We have seen people start out as flooring experts and installers to company owners. You could make a living out of flooring, starting out with the installation.

And with the right drive, you can make a fortune people will live to admire and revere you for. 

To cut the long story short, below are some of the responsibilities of a tile installer. This is what you are likely to see in a tile installer job description. 

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Installation Of Tiles

This is a tile installer’s main responsibility. In the recent past, tiles have been taken up as a loved and admired flooring solution.

They are reliable, cost-effective, beautiful, and durable. Any home builder is likely to settle on them as their preferred flooring solution.

 Note: Tile installers come in the last stages of construction to lay down tiles.

Determining The Right Amount Of Tiles And Their Sizes For A Surface Area

amount of tiles

Tile installers determine the right amount of tiles and the right sizes needed to fit a specific floor area.

They do this by accurately measuring the floor space and making a quotation. 

Remove Old Tiles

Even though durable, tiles with time, or when exposed to the wrong treatment can be damaged.

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Like when they are bruised and heavy objects dropped on them, tiles tend to break, lose their shine and wear out.

So then, tile installers are engaged to do away with them, carefully and replace them with newer ones.

Away from these three, common duties, tile installers are also charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Apply grout to hold tiles together. 
  • Polish them to retain their shine
  • Cleaning the tiles.
  • Spreading mortar throughout the floors
  • Place the tiles on top of the mortar.

Is Tile Installation A Good Career?

tile installation good career

Finding, loving, and settling on one career might not be a walk in the park.

We have seen people walk out of their courses, due to one reason or the other.

With tile installation, one might not be very sure whether or not it could make a good career.

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But before you discern whether or not tile installation is a good career, you need to understand what tile installers do. 

Above, we have outlined some and the main duties of a tiles installer. How do you see it?

Is it a good career? Would you venture into it?

Personally, had I not been a writer, and tile installation occurred along the way, then I would take it up joyfully and give it my best. 

Tiles installation has turned around lives. It provides daily bread for families out there. It is worth the time and the hard work. 

Tip: Tile installation is such a good career. 

Requirements Needed To Qualify As A Tile Installer

tile installer requirements

In all professional fields, there are requirements an individual must meet to qualify for the post.

Tile installation is not exempted. Even as you desire to know how much tile installers make?

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Whatever you are about to learn that they make, does not come without a set of qualifications.

Tile setting and installation is quite a technical career.

It might not need lots of technical and educational background. A little experience and training can help you land the job. 

To qualify as a tile installer, below are some of the commonest requirements you should meet.

A Diploma In A Relevant Field

One of the most compulsory requirements, one has to meet before being taken up as a tile installer is a diploma in a relevant field.

It must be a field where one must prove that they acquired the right knowledge and skills in tile installation and related.

A Diploma in Building and Construction suits well as a requirement. 

Relevant Experience


Most employers look out for relevant experience in tile and marble settings.

Although it might be difficult for starters who wouldn’t have the relevant experience.

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It is necessary that as a visionary and hopeful tile installer, you have the necessary experience that places you as a cut over the rest. 

Good Communication Skills

carpentry communication skills

I haven’t had a place where communication skills were not considered a requirement to qualify for a post.

It is no less in tile installation. A tiles installer must yield good communication skills.

This is so he/she can pass information reliably while making quotations. 

Tip: A tile setter must be a good communicator. 

Other requirements necessary to become a tiles installer are as follows.

  • Carpentry skills
  • Prowess in handling construction machines
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • One should be able to withstand long hours of crouching and kneeling

How Much Do Tile Installers Make?

how much do tile installers make

How much does a tile installer make per hour? What is the average pay for tile installer? Tag along as we find the answers to these questions.

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How much a tile installer makes is dictated by several factors. It varies from the location or country you are operating.

To the economic situation, type and size of companies, and surface areas covered while filling the tiles.

However, we reached the figures by establishing an hourly rate an average tile installer earns anywhere in the world. 

On trajectory, the lowest tile installer earns 39, 923$ per year. A middle-level tile installer takes home 48, 750$ per year. 

While the highest earning installer pockets about 62, 500$ each year. 

How About In Developing Countries?

developing countries tiles

In countries with low pay rates, the lowest installer earns about 300$ per month, while the highest makes up to 1000$ monthly

Looking at the figures, it is now clear that tile installation is a hub for money-making. Tiling could make you some good money. 

Note: These figures are extremely relevant in the United States.

Challenges Faced By Tile Installers

challenges by tiles installers

Even though tile installers make good money, they like all other people are faced with challenges.

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These challenges might make tile installation as a career a nightmare.

These challenges are:

  • Difficulties in finding well-paying jobs, 
  • Handling poor quality tiles that lead up to breakages.
  • Inaccurate estimates
  • Increased taxes and revenues.

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How much do tile installers make? Tile installers make just enough.

However, the earnings generated from being a tile installer are dictated by a few factors. 

I would tell anyone that it is a good career. And l would ask them to walk its route if they asked me to.

Do not hesitate, get the relevant skills today. Get out and work on your career and build a profile out of it.

Get the experience, and against all odds, steer yourself to greater heights as a tile installer.